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Trip Planning FAQs

What to see in India for first time travelers?
India is a large country with extensive tourism resources. For first time travelers, the most recommended destinations are the golden triangle cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur for best tour packages in India. As the heart of India, Delhi is the most visited city for its grand and beautiful monuments, such as Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Humayun's Tomb and so on. While the Taj Mahal in Agra is one of the global bucket lists as a symbol of love. Jaipur, the Pink City, is famous for the historical forts and palaces. Some travelers also visit Varanasi the sacred city in their trip to see the River Ganges, ancient Hindu temples and the unique Aarti Ceremony.
For a second time traveler, what are the recommended destinations?
If you wish to explore further on your second trip, you may consider visiting Rajasthan in depth, one of the most visited states in India. Besides Jaipur - the capital, other cities including Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Ranakpur, Udaipur, Pushkar and Ranthambore are all worth seeing. You can find almost everything that you can think of India in Rajasthan: forts, palaces, deserts, wildlife safari, lakes, camels, elephants, paintings, arts, colorful costumes, folk dances etc. If you wish romance and relaxation, Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches while Kerala has distinctive backwater and houseboat vacation; If you wish to experience metropolitan city of India, Mumbai and Kolkata can't be missed for your best tour in India.
How many days are needed for a trip to India?
It mainly depends on your destinations and pace of the trip. For single city tour, two to three days are suggested. If you want to visit two to three cities, basically one week is required. A two-week best India tour packages would cover five to six cities. We are ready to help you to work out a perfect itinerary based on your travel plan.
When is the best time to travel to India?
Basically the best time to visit India is in winter period from October to March when the weather is dry and cool, making the comfortable conditions to enjoy the highlights of India. To best plan the best escorted tours of india, one also needs to consider different regions or cultural festivals. The popular Holi Festival is usually held in March and Dev Diwali festival in November in Varanasi.
What are the major cities to enter India?
New Delhi is the busiest global transport hub and has frequent flights to all parts of the world. Besides, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai also have international flights to major cities of the world.
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