Chand Baori at Abhineri - Explore the Architectural Gem of India

People with a taste to visit unique locations would love this place. Chand Baori, Abhaneri is the deepest stepwell in India, situated in Rajasthan. It has earned the title of being the most photogenic stepwell of India for all the right reasons. Tourists from all around the world gather in this UNESCO World Heritage Site to absorb the beauty and architecture of this place. Chand Baori, Abhaneri is also considered stunning in terms of photography because of its brilliantly defined stairs. This giant structure is crowded in the peak as well as in the off-peak season because of these interesting facts. There are many fascinating stories about Chand Baori to amaze you once you visit. However, knowing a location before visiting is always helpful.

Chand Baori at Abhineri
Chand Baori at Abhineri

What makes it unique?

Chand Baori, Abhaneri is unique in every possible way. The upper storeys of the well were rebuilt by the Mughals in the eighteenth century. The construction has kept the architecture from going through any major changes over the years. The addition of the four-sided arcade offers a brilliant and unbroken view of the Harshat Mata Temple situated in the area.  These additional places also add to the amazement and attraction of this place.

The well is segregated into the upper and the lower part and they both are very different to look at. The ornamentation of the well looks splendid due to the regular renovation work; it’s one of the most visited attractions in Abhineri. Let’s give you some insight into the two sections in Chand Baori-The upper section-Muslim Column, and the lower section-Hindu Column, differs from each other in a lot of ways.

Hindu Column

According to the Livingston, the short Hindu column is beautifully crafted, and the depictions are somewhat dark, simple and very well-proportioned. The stones used in the construction are of unknown origin, and it’s extremely hard and black. The features are pretty crisp to look at and the railing has a similar kind of structure.

Muslim Column

The depiction in the Muslim column is complex and beautiful. It is crafted with unidentified green stones, the beauty of these carvings are something to look at because it’s hard to describe with words.

The Wow factor of Chand Baori

You will get to step on 3,500 steps on 13 levels at the stepwell. The Baori looks beautiful from all the angles. There’s no doubt that the water at the bottom of the well reflects the beauty of the architecture around. You will enjoy going through the history of vividly carved artifacts. To give you a small glimpse, you will find some of these stone sculptures and carvings on the wall.  You will be able to find

Sculptures on Chand Baori
Exquisite Stone Sculptures on the Wall
•    Karthikeyan
•    Vishnu as Kalki Avatar, as Parashurama
•    Mahishasurmardini – a very finely carved one
•    Shiva Head in Red Sandstone, Shiva meditating, Shiva with Parvati
•    Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh Panel
•    Jain Images
•    Laxmi
•    Yaksha Statues
•    Harshat or Harsiddhi Mata Temple
•    Some exquisitely carved pillars

These carvings make the Chand Baori one of a kind, and an interesting tourists spot. However, the amazement doesn’t end here. If you inquire about the haunted stories of Chand Baori from the locals, you will get to hear many unusual and unbelievable things. Here are some interesting facts about this place.

Interesting haunted fact about Chand Baori

Before you visit this amazing place, you must know some of the very interesting yet debatable facts. The old folk tales describe this place to be built in just one night. Well, yes, that is impossible to believe. The old stories also mention that the entire structure is the work of Djinn. These spooky tales seem to have no evidence, but after looking at the mammoth structure, you would definitely wonder if this is really a structure built by humans.

Rumors have it, that no one till now has been able to take the same stairs to climb down, and then climb up. The people go to extents by saying that people won’t be able to set their foot in the same step twice. Though these stories are hard to believe, you can always explore to find out on your own.

Now that you know some of the interesting things about this historic structure, you will require more basic information and tips to conclude this memorable visit. Some of the tips are as follows:

Travel tips to visit Chand Baori

A Temple nearby Chand Baori
A Temple nearby Chand Baori
•  Once you want to put your plans in action, make sure you are visiting between October to March. This location in Rajasthan gets really hot, so pack your belongings accordingly.

•  Chand Baori also has a temple in a very close distance to the stepwell, so avoid wearing body cod dresses, or anything that reveals your shoulder and legs if you are planning to visit the temple. Visiting religious places in India will require you to cover your head and arms.

•  Photography is allowed, however, you will be charged a symbolic amount to film a video in Chand Baori.

•  There are many guides available at the location; they might approach you as you enter Chand Baori and you can decide on your own over that.

•  Since Abhaneri is only 90km (56 mi) from Jaipur, you can always plan to visit Chand Baori when you are in Jaipur. There are many suitable routes to this place; you can take buses or trains as per your convenience.

These tips will help you to plan your tour. The beauty of this location is praiseworthy and astonishing. It’s brilliant how the artisans managed to build this giant structure century ago without any help of electricity or technology.

India indeed has some of the architectural gems, and Chand Baori is one of the stunning examples. Now that you know more than enough about the place, words can’t truly describe the wonder of this place. The location is pretty convenient to travel from the capital city, Jaipur, and you are sure to enjoy each and every minute spent in exploring Chand Baori. Don’t forget to keep your camera handy to get a close-up snap of the deepest stepwell in India.

Don’t trip over the stepwell!

Pun intended!

Timings: 8:30 am. – 6:00 pm.
Entrance fee:  No entrance fee is needed.

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