How to Get from Delhi to Agra – Bus vs. Train

The distance between Delhi to Agra, via Taj Expressway, is around 235 km (146 mi). The road passes through the greater Noida highway and would take around 4 hours to reach through the road route without stops. The reaching time may vary depending on stops and traffic. People can reach Agra easily through cars or taxis. However, several public modes of transport are also available. The most commonly used public transports to reach Agra from Delhi are bus and train. Both these means of transportation are pocket-friendly for traveling from Delhi to Agra. Depending on the budget, travelers can choose any of these public transports. The transportation is available in AC and Non-AC variants.

Delhi to Agra by Bus

The bus route for Delhi to Agra is widely preferred by many travelers due to the advancement in the bus services and the development of National Highways. Both government and non-government buses are available, with over 100 trips from Delhi to Agra. The busses are available in various variants such as AC and Non-AC, sleeper, semi-sleeper, seater, etc. The timings of trips of these busses from Delhi to Agra are different. Hence, customers can choose the buses and timings based on their preference.

The government buses tend to take many stops. Hence, private buses can be opted by customers to reach the destination on time. The rates of private buses are comparatively higher as compared to government buses, as the private ones take a lesser number of stops and provide more comfort. The distance via bus route is roughly 240 km (149 mi) and the reaching time differs depending on stops, traffic, etc.

Bus, Agra
Seater Bus in Agra

City Bus Agra
Agra City Bus

There are numerous bus services from Delhi to Agra, available even at midnight. The fare of the buses differs based on luxury. The state buses that are run by the government would cost around 400-700 rupees, whereas the private buses are available in both pocket-friendly and higher fares, depending on the luxury they provide. The tickets for the government buses are available at the SRTC bus stands, whereas the tickets for private buses are available in their agencies.

Buses take a stop at a restaurant for food. Food, if not carried along is not a problem, since buses do take a stop on their way to Agra from Delhi. Since washroom facilities are not available on buses, customers can use the washrooms in the restaurant.

Some of the major boarding points in Delhi are Khan Market, Kashmiri Gate, Anand Vihar, etc. These areas have the most number of buses leaving from Delhi to Agra.

Delhi to Agra by Train

There is a train route available from Delhi to Agra and is widely preferred by travelers. The trains are considered to be the most economical means of public transportation as they are available at comparatively low prices when compared with buses and flights. The train route is roughly 200 km (124 mi). The distance is less as compared to the bus route. The time taken to reach Agra from Delhi by train is more as compared to the bus. There are options of express, non-express, sleeper, AC, General, etc in trains. There are 4 to 5 trains from Delhi to Agra daily, at different times. Customers can customize the timings, variants as per their comfort. A washroom facility is available on trains.

Food facilities are available on trains. Hence, carrying food and snacks becomes optional. There are several vendors who serve various varieties of both veg and non-veg (chicken, mutton, and eggs only) food products. Also, there are many stores at the stops. Hence, there is no shortage of food on trains.

Delhi to Agra Train
Delhi to Agra Train

Interior Facilities of Train
Interior facilities of Train

Train tickets can be collected from the railway stations and can also be easily booked online. Reservations are mandatory for trains as it is not easy to get a seat in non-general compartments. There is a Tatkal facility offered by Indian Railways, through which tickets (if available), can be booked instantly. Tatkal tickets can be availed both online and offline.

People with a flexible budget tend to prefer express trains, as the reaching time would be lesser, due to a lesser number of stops. The train from Delhi to Agra takes a mandatory stop at Noida, as it is one of the major stations with a large number of travelers.

Bus vs. Train

Both buses and trains are pocket-friendly, and both different levels of comforts and benefits to travelers. The travelers in a small group can prefer the bus as it is best suited for small groups. The travelers with a large group may opt for the train as the cost of traveling can be reduced to a great extent. The tickets for both buses and trains are available online and can also be purchased offline. Both of these services offer ticket booking and cancellation facilities. However, a certain amount of fine is charged for cancellation as per the rules and the remaining amount is refunded.

Also, it must be noted that buses, especially AC variants, are best suited in summer seasons as the climate in these cities is hot. Trains provide more comfort in the winters as compared to the summers.

Things to Remember

Many people at the bus or railway stations claim to be agents, selling instant tickets. These people may be scammers or the ones who sell tickets in black for a higher price. Hence, people must avoid buying tickets from on-spot agents.

People should buy tickets online or directly from the platform, or reputed travel agencies, as they provide original tickets of the buses or trains. Online and travel agencies charge some amount of commission for their service. Railway platforms and bus stations do not charge any commission as they offer tickets directly at the window.

The safety of luggage must be ensured by the travelers. Also, it is recommended to carry water bottles and snacks, especially while traveling on the bus, as the bus operators tend to stop at a place where they receive a commission.

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