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Where to Stay in India: 5 Most Popular Accommodation Styles

There has been a drastic change in the accommodation style in India in the recent times. Earlier, tourists could think of booking only hotels when they visit India, but the concept has modified and changed over the years. The accommodation can be classified based on location, weather type, preference, etc. Any other kind of lodging style other than the hotels is called supplementary accommodation. Before visiting the country, if your first thought is where to stay in India? Then here’s all you need to know about it. Some establishments might have minimal services, while some may exceed the standard of your expectations. However, in any way, you will feel at home.

1. Hotels

This establishment is the most common preference for all tourists. In metropolitan cities, you will find extended hotels of all budgets and facilities. People select from the long list of, luxury hotels, 5-star hotels, 5-star deluxe hotels, 3-star hotels, 2-star hotels, heritage hotels and more. However, the prices of these hotels are relatively high.

Four-star Hotel Room in India
Four-star Hotel Room in Agra

Resort away from the Main City, India
Resort away from the Main City, India

2. Non-star hotels

This kind of hotel is mostly budget-friendly and can’t be found under the classified hotel category. But you will be able to easily spot them without much trouble because they are always available in tourist locations. It highly contributes to budget accommodation for tourists. However, the level of comfort and facility might defer from that of the star hotels.

3. Resorts

This establishment can be mostly found a little away from the main city, and are exclusively made for relaxation and luxury purposes. There is often a pool, or a hot bath in resorts to intensify the relaxing experience. However, you will get a very severe pinch in your pocket for staying in resorts. It’s a good option if you are planning for a luxurious getaway in India. Resorts also have a lot of indoor games, food arrangements, and well-maintained amenities.

4. Lodges and Tented Camps

If you reached this far, then you entered the budget-friendly section of the accommodation style. Where to stay in India can be a confusing question, but once you organize your budget and prioritize your stay, you will be able to select the right kind of accommodation. Lodges and guest houses have well-maintained facilities but depending on which city you are staying in, you may or may not get the food facility.

Tented camps are a new kind of establishment that are open for tourists recently. It is mostly set up in the remote parts of the city near the forest reserve, wildlife sanctuary, and dense forest sides to bring you close to nature.

5. Home Stay in India

Home Stay, India
Home Stay, India
Where to stay in India can be easily summarized by home stay. If you are looking for a traditional and cultural experience in every step of the way when you visit India, then take the suggestion and go for a Home stay in India. Indians consider it a huge honor to welcome guests at home. They can go out of the way for their comfort. You get a lot of advantages in home stay over any other establishments, home-cooked traditional food, clean environment, personalized service, traditional festivals, and most of all safety.

These accommodation styles can help you get a taste of India in the most subtle way possible. However, the establishment list has a few more options. Places from the heart of the city to the remotest corners have possibility for all kind of travelers. Here are some honorable mentions to help you understand better.

Honorable Mentions

The post would be incomplete without mentioning some of the other options that you can choose. The five listed accommodation style are the priority but deciding over where to stay in India is still a lengthy procedure. You can also take your chances with,

•    Boarding houses

•    Tourist camps

•    Guest houses

•    Dharamshalas

•    Dorms

•    Hostels

•    Old quarters

When you are all set for accommodation, you must know certain tips before you finally make the booking. These will help you get the idea of how and where you can use the patience to deal with the complicated task of budget booking. Wait for some tips on how you can select the right accommodations.

Useful Tips before Booking

1.   Metropolitan areas cost more

Booking your accommodation in the heart of the city will cost you more for all the right reasons. Those places are mostly closer to the local market, tourist spots, and historical sites. If you want to touch the affordable slot of the pricing then you can move further away from the center of the city.

2.   Book just for the first night

Learn this smart trick of booking only for the first night. You are mostly unaware of the environment of the place your hotel is in, so it’s safe to just book for the first night and renew if things go well.

3.   Don’t take upgrade seriously

If some budget-friendly lodge or guest house offers an upgrade, you must have an idea that an upgrade in the price doesn’t necessarily mean an upgrade in the accommodation style. The facilities remain the same and you will notice that quite easily. So, prepare to negotiate.

4.   Share a room in upgrade with a reliable traveler

This option will save you from claustrophobic single rooms. You can find a reliable partner and get the big upgrade room to share. The benefits are quite understood and you will also save a lot of money.

5.   Pack and travel light

This should be a global tip and advice for tourists traveling to different parts of the world. Traveling light is always the best thing because it saves you from worrying about your luggage; it takes less space, and most of all, you will not break your back and shoulders by carrying your luggage around the city.

You must have been half prepared by now after reading about the tips and accommodation options. Now, if you wonder where to stay in India, just follow the trail of these options and you will find your way. These establishments that are mentioned above have several options for you to choose, based on your budget, purpose, and people you are accompanied with.

Enjoy your stay!

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