Ranakpur Jain Temple in Rajasthan

Ranakpur is best known for its Jain temples, and one of the very famous temples in this town is the Ranakpur Jain Temple in Rajasthan. It’s a symbolic place for the Jains, and pilgrims from around the world visit this temple throughout the year. The brilliant architecture of this temple is not the only reason why pilgrims are attracted to this place but also because it is known to be the greatest temple dedicated to Jainism. The stunning architecture has earned the structure to be the 77 wonders of the world and it is spread over the area of 4,500 square yards.

You will love to visit this eye-catching destination that vibrates with spiritual harmony and famous historic stories.

Important Details

Ranakpur Jain Temple, India
Ranakpur Jain Temple
Location: Ranakpur, Rajasthan

Established in: 1437 CE

Architecture: This temple is built in Māru-Gurjara architecture.

Entry Fee: Free

Camera: You might need a permit to carry the camera

Restrictions: All items made of leather, drinking water, food items are not allowed

Best time to Visit:

Since Ranakpur is located in Rajasthan, the weather is always hot and humid. The average temperature they receive is a minimum of around 22°C and a maximum of 42°C. Keeping the temperature under consideration, you must visit this place during the winter season to avoid any sunstroke. The weather is comparatively pleasant than any other season. The months between (October - March) will be a suitable time to visit.

History of Ranakpur Jain Temple in Rajasthan

The folklores states that the porwal from Ghenarao named Dhanna Shah dreamed of a celestial vehicle and it inspired him to build a temple. He was searching for a region or a piece of land, and in the middle of his search, he approached Rana Kumbha to give him a part of the land to start the construction of the temple. But in return Rana Kumbha wanted his name to be a part of the temple. Based on his term, the temple site came to be known as Ranakpur.

The construction of the temple continued till 1458 CE under the command of Deepaka. This stunning temple has been damaged several times and renovated back again. Some of the facilities supported in the renovation work of the Mandaps and Devakulikas inside the temple. The intricate carvings and creatively perfect structure in the interior will be a visual treat to your eyes.
Ranakpur Jain Temple, India
Facade of Ranakpur Jain Temple

Architecture of Ranakpur Jain Temple in Rajasthan

The temple has the main temple known as the Chaumukha Temple, and two other temples called the Amba Mata Temple, Surya temple, and Parsavanath. This temple is well-known among all the others and receives countless tourists from around the world. The place is dedicated to the first Tirthankara, Adinath.

The exterior of this temple has over 29 halls, 1,444 pillars, and 80 domes. This temple consists of 4 gates for the entrance from four different sides. The construction of this temple and the image symbolizes the Tirthankaras. You will admire the stunning architecture of this temple; the inner structure has stone carvings which are again inspired by the Mirpur Jain temple.

The Ranakpur Jain Temple consists of four shrines in total and all of them are a brilliant piece of architecture, it is mentioned earlier as well, that all the structure stands strong with around 1,444 intricate carved columns, and the interesting part is that no pillar has a similar design carved on it. You will also come across the brackets that are connected with the top of the dome with several figures of deities.

Ranakpur Jain Temple
Thousands of Pillars, Ranakpur Jain Temple
When it comes to the foundation of the temple, it is made of three levels and several pavilions can be accommodated along. The roof looks beautifully made with 20 cupolas and five spires. The temple also has a bell that weighs around 108 kilograms located in the prayer hall. You will not forget the beauty and architecture of these intricate designs.

The Main Temple

The best and the main temple among all the others is the Chaturmukha temple built in the 15th century by using the white marble. This temple is dedicated to Adinatha, the moments spend in the main temple are precious as reported by the devotees.

Surrounding Attractions

The first surrounding place that you will love visiting is Kumbhalgarh. It is at a very close distance to Ranakpur and can be reached easily with any public transport, or cab. The place is an important site in the Mewar region, and upon visiting this place you are suggested to visit the wildlife sanctuary.

Sadri is around 8km (5mi) away from the Ranakpur Jain Temple in Rajasthan. Two of the temples named Chintamani Parsvanath temple, and Varahavtar temple is the oldest here.

There are three famous temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Navi Mata, and Lord Hanuman around 16km (10mi) from Ranakpur. These temples are famous around the area and receive many tourists every single day.

These places are some of the famous locations that tourists prefer visiting in and around Ranakpur. If you ever happen to plan this region, don’t miss out on these places. Here is a way how you can reach Ranakpur easily.

How to Reach Ranakpur Jain Temple?

The temple in Ranakpur is located in around 90km (56mi) from the Udaipur. This place is also well connected with famous air routes, roadways, and railways. You will easily be able to reach Ranakpur from any surrounding metro cities.

This location is preferred by tourists for its brilliant architecture and spiritual vibes. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture the stunning beauty of this place.

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