Jagdish Temple, Udaipur

Jagdish Temple, one famous Jain temple, is located in old town in Udaipur. Standing about 150 meters away north of the entrance to City Palace, Jagdish Temple is considered to be the largest temple in Udapur. Usually it works as a religious site for religious activities. Being built in 1651 to commemorate Vishnu, the god who guarding the whole universe, it enjoys a high status in the temple complex architecture.              

Aryans Architectural Features of Jagdish Temple

Built on a high terrace, Jagdish Temple has the features of Aryans buildings. There are two tall and imposing elephant-shaped statues standing on the two sides of the terrace. Although located in residential areas, covering a small area and is not a tourism attraction, Jagdish Temple also attracts many tourists here to experience the religions and faiths. Jagdish Temple belongs to pointed top temple of pyramidal shape, and exquisite anaglyphs scatter everywhere on the exterior wall of the temple, especially the horse-shaped and elephant-shaped anaglyphs sculptured around the temple foot. With distinctive design, Jagdish Temple is built in a spire shape, and there stands stone columns between each two floors, decorated with beautiful carvings. In the main hall of Jagdish Temple commemorates a black stone statue, it is said to be Jagannath, God of the universe. A half-man and half-eagled statue stands in front of the temple, actually it is the statue of Vishnu, who guards Jagdish Temple.        

Jagdish Temple, Udaipur
Jagdish Temple
Jagdish Temple, Udaipur
Elephant-shaped Statue

What to Do in Jagdish Temple

Participate in Worship Activities
As a religious site, many people come here to worship or pray. The best time to participate worship activities is during Navaratri. At that period, local residents would hold multiform worship activities at early mornings, including singing and dancing. Tourists may also be dotted with auspicious moles which presenting luckiness and accept blessings from warm-hearted local residents.

Appreciate the Exquisite Sculptures

Same as other Indian temples, Jagdish Temple are full of Indian ethnic features. The buildings inside Jagdish Temple and walls of the temple are full of carvings and anaglyphs. In the bottom of the tower, horse-shaped and elephant-shaped carvings can be seen. The main statues of the god with religious color are also carefully sculptured. 

Exquisite Sculptures
Exquisite Sculptures
Exquisite Sculptures
Elephant-shaped Carvings

Pray and Worship      
Every morning and night, pious Hindus would come Jagdish Temple to worship, finishing a series of rites, touching the statues, worshiping on bended knees, drinking holy water, then pouring water from head. For pious believers, even passing by the temple, they would stop and pray with two palms together devoutly. Tourists can also come and pray here, enjoying the strong atmosphere of religious faith.

How to get to Jagdish Temple

Located 150 meters north of City Palace, passengers can walk there directly.

Entry fee
5:00-14:00 & 16:00-22:00
Suggest Duration of a Visit
1 - 3 hours

1. Out of respect to local religion, please don’t take photos of statues and shrines in the temple.
2. Tourists are supposed to enter the temple with bare foots, and female tourists should dress in pants or dresses.

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