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Get Close to Nature and Wildlife at Indore Zoo

Indore Zoo is one of the earliest formed zoos in the central India state of Madhya Pradesh. This zoo is built in a huge area with several departments inside to give visitors complete access to a perfect recreation. This place is visited by tourists for not just one but many reasons, this zoo is a mini world of its own and you will be lost in the interesting sections and places it has for you to explore. The maintenance and preservation of the zoo are supervised by the Municipal Corporation of Indore. Along with the large quality of wild animals, there are many attractive recreations to follow.

Quick Glance  

Entry Fee: INR 500

Timing: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Days: Tuesday to Sunday

Established: 1974

Camera- Allowed with additional charges

History of Indore Zoo

Let’s not give you a long read about the history of Indore zoo because there many other interesting things in store for you. The zoo is built in the area of around 17 acres and in the later years after establishment, 32 acres were added to the total area of the zoo. The total area that stands available for exploration today is around 51 acres with lush greenery and beautiful beasts. The area contains a large number of flora and wide varieties of animals inside the zoo. Imagine exploring this unbelievable site in bright daylight.

The Incredible Animal Collection

You will be able to explore around 57 species of animal, and 628 specimens at the zoo. Here are some number of species to give you a rough count.

Birds – 28
Herbivores – 07
Reptiles – 07
Canids – 04
Felids – 04
Mammals / Omnivores – 06

Fauna of Indore Zoo

The Indore zoo is currently filled with beautiful beasts like Tigers, Ghariyal, Leopard, Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Bengal Tiger, Cheetah, and many others. There are latest equipment in the zoo to carry out the conservation plan for the wild animals and important flora of the area. The conservation plans are mostly guided by the Central Zoo Authority of India. The best part about the zoo is that the animals are all displayed in their natural habitat which is perfectly preserved and well-maintained.

Tourist Facilities at Indore Zoo

If you are expecting the Indore zoo visit to be boring and generic, then it won’t take long for you to change that perception. As mentioned earlier, the Indore zoo is built over a huge area where you don’t just explore but also take a ride of many animals like horse cart riding, elephant ride, camel ride, pony ride, and many others. You can also take part in many events and functions related to nature and art, Indore zoo organizes functions like fancy dress contests, photo exhibitions, quiz shows, dance competitions, drawing competitions, snake shows, magic shows, and others.

Some of the shows are recently introduced to attract a younger crowd to take part in conservation and awareness. There are other facilities in the zoo that are really interesting for any age group. Some of them are as follows:

Children’s Park

Apart from exploring the wild animals and interesting events inside, your kids can also have some fun time at the children’s park with swings, rides and many other games. The dedicated children park zone is one of the best attractions in the Indore zoo.


A cloakroom is added to the facilities so that you can easily enjoy your tour and have a good time without having to carry anything around. You can easily leave your luggage in the cloakroom in exchange for a very little amount.


The Indore zoo museum is maintained to boost the education and conservation module, this section includes some of the interesting things like shedding of reptiles, trophies for animals, scat segregation and many others.

Food Court

All the roaming around in this huge area will make you hungry and tired. You can enjoy delicious and fresh food to recharge and get going.

Butterfly Park

The area is located inside near the STP zone and it is truly mesmerizing. This small place looks colorful with various species of butterflies. This place is perfect for photography, so don’t forget your camera.

Mirror House

Another addition to the interesting places inside, if you’re visiting with your family and friends, then mirror house will be a lot of fun.

Education and Conservation Plans

Guided wildlife tour

The Indore zoo is a part of an organization working for ex-situ conservation and education all over the country, the zoo serves as the network member and provides additional volunteers in the zoo to assist the management and serve as a guide to help the visitors. This means you can easily get a guided tour for family or friends group at any point and experience a real picture of wildlife.

Zoo outreach and education

The outreach program of the zoo is available for ages 3 and above. It’s a smart way to reach out to people to spread knowledge and awareness. It helps in churning out information and in keeping the wildlife education at a spin. It is available from Monday to Saturday between the working hours of the zoo.

Zoo education

The management has always offered interesting conservation and educational plans. These small gestures have largely helped the tourists to connect with nature and wildlife of this place. It not just connects them with nature but also motivates them to take part in wildlife preservation plans.

They have programs for all age group and throughout the year, it makes boring learning about wildlife into an interesting subject. This program attracts thousands of youngsters from around the country to take part in the workshop, special events and more.

Wildlife education workshops

You can gain precious knowledge about wildlife and conservation plans through simple workshops from time to time. It also helps students build networks that are interested in photography and other related professions. There are conference rooms dedicated to educating the crowd with some exceptional knowledge about wildlife.

Visit the zoo library

Don’t just visually explore but you can also have a good time reading some of the important research works in the Library inside Indore zoo. It is accessible by teachers, students, and visitors.

Your visit to the Indore zoo will be a memorable one with uncountable things to explore and beautiful memories to cherish. Don’t forget to capture the beauty of wild animals in their natural habitat.

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