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Krishna Pura Chhatri, Indore

The Famous Krishna Pura Chhatri in Indore is situated in a peaceful place away from the noises of the city. It is known as one of the popular destinations for tourists in Indore because of its rich history and preserved heritage. The architecture of the place is brilliantly done in a Maratha Style structure, these served as cenotaphs for the royal families in the past. These Chhatris are constructed in the honor of the rulers of the Holkar Dynasty who ruled in Indore for a long period. The three Chhatris are located in a little distance of about half a kilometer away from Rajwada palace-city built by the Holkar Dynasty itself. There is more to this historic place and before you plan a visit, take a look at some important details.

Quick Glance

Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road, Rajwada, Madhya Pradesh 452007, India

Timing: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Days: All days

Photography: Allowed

Entry Fee: None

How to reach:

Indore is well-connected with a lot of major surrounding cities and it also has numerous transport facilities. The Indore Krishna Pura Chhatri is located a little away in a place called Sneh Nagar and is very much accessible by several different modes of transport like cabs, cycle rickshaws, and others.

Details about Krishna Pura Chhatri

The monument of Krishna Pura Chhatri, Indore is a symbol of courage and bravery of the Holkar Dynasty. It was built in the later years of the 1800s in the honor and memory of the Holkar rulers. The Chhatris are located on the bank of River Khan, and due to the brilliant view of the river and the surrounding places, this location is known for its brilliant architecture and heritage. It receives countless tourists throughout the year, and especially during the festive season.

Architectural Background

The Indore Krishna Pura Chhatri was built by the powerful family of the ancient times; the Holkars were the minor clan of the Maratha community called the Dhangar caste. However, they were dedicated to fighting against the British East Indian Company and the Mughal Empire. The Holkar Dynasty ruled Indore for a long time until Indian Independence in 1948. The structure of this monument is built over the cremated area where rulers of Indore are buried.


The complex of this monument looks stunning due to the surrounding. The structure is located at the bank of River Khan and it’s around half a kilometer away from the Rajwada Palace. The structure is built by various stones which make the exterior look even more attractive. The monument is regularly maintained to keep it safe from any further damage. Some parts of the monument have previously fallen due to some natural calamity, but the structure is retained later on. In the year 2018, serious attempts were made to deep clean the area, and the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board announced that this site will be included in the walking tour of the historic sites of Indore.

Interesting Facts about the Chhatris

This place doesn’t just look beautiful or visited by tourists in large quantities, but also because this place has some interesting facts to its name. Here are five such interesting things about this place.

1. The Architectural Beauty

From the brilliant display of architecture of Krishna Pura Chhatri in Indore, the taste of the Maratha rulers are revealed. They had an exquisite choice in architecture and the Chhatris is a great example of that.

2. The Triplet Krishna Pura Chhatri

The triplet Chhatris are referred to the three Chhatris in different direction dedicated to different rulers. The one Chhatris in the west is dedicated to the Maharani Krishnabai Holkar, the other two Chhatris is joined by a passage dedicated to the Maharaja Tukoji Rao Holkar II and his son Shivaji Rao Holkar. The monument also has a Krishna temple built for the queen.

3. Statues of the Soldiers

If you love exploring some ancient statues, then you will love this place as it displays the status of musicians, rulers fighting in the way, courtiers and more.

4. Carving on the Exteriors

You will love the site because the exterior of this monument is sculpted with god and goddesses. These figures are brilliantly carved on the walls of the Chhatris, and it’s quite impressive.

5. Restoration

The restoration programs are a recent addition to the authority and it is initiated by the Indore Gaurav foundation, it’s a group of concerned citizens who took a serious step towards preserving the heritage.

Why Are Chhatris Popular?

The Chhatris is popular for its architectural beauty and the valiant tales of the brave Maratha rulers. The selfless dedication of the people from the Holkar Dynasty is worth knowing about, and the brilliant surrounding location also made this place into a famous tourist destination.

Explore the place during the daylight to capture the real beauty of the architecture of the monument. Prepare an itinerary before visiting Indore because there are many places in the city which demands a visit.

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