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Rajwada Palace, Indore

The Rajwada Palace, Indore is built over 200 years ago. The palace is located in Indore and it was constructed by the Holkars in a close distance to the Chhatris. This structure is seven-storey architecture and as the tourists suggest, this place is a perfect example of ancient history and royal architecture of the craftsmanship of the artisans in the olden days. Once you visit the location, the mesmerizing beauty of its exterior will completely spellbind you.

The palace is a great place to visit when you are in Indore; the best part of this place is that it is also very close to the Kajuri Market. You will easily be able to buy souvenirs as the market is filled with specialties of Indore. However, You will be able to see two parts to this architectural attraction - The newer one is located in the northern part of the city while the older one is located in the older town place.

The Rajwada Palace is parallel to a beautiful looking garden which also has a statue of Queen Ahilya Bai, along with an artificial waterfall and stunning fountains. Centuries passed by, but you can consider this palace to still be one of the most visited locations in Indore.

Quick Glance:

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

Entry Fee: INR 250

Photography: Allowed

Timing: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

The Time Required: 2 hours

Type: Maratha Style City Palace

Light & Sound Show: 7:00 pm (45 minutes)


The architecture of the Rajwada palace is a perfect blend of Mughal, Maratha, and the French style of structures. This place looks stunning from the southern side and it portrays a Mughal style of architecture and it looks European from the eastern side. The throne of Rani Ahilya, Darbar Hall, and Ganesha Hall are constructed in a French fashion. Here are some of the brilliant facts about this palace.

•  The interior of the palace starts with the entrance which has a very high archway and a giant wooden door with specialized iron studs for a rustic look.
•  The monument is made up of wood and stones, while the remaining lower floor is made up of stones and is painted in dark-brown color with the wooden construction done on the upper floor.
•  The Rajwada palace has stunning windows, balconies, and corridors with a huge courtyard led by the entrance gate. The spot is surrounded by galleried rooms which were used as the gathering hall for religious celebrations.
•  The structure did stand the test of time, but certain damages still required some repair and reconstruction. The process of reconstruction took about a year to make it look as good as it previously looked.
•  The windows of this palace are designed in a unique way that reflects the vision of the onlooker right back at them.
•  The structure if the Rajwada palace at present is rectangular in shape with circular bastions on the four corners of this architecture.
•  The palace also has an office for the Joint Director of Archeology and a souvenir shop, this place is managed by the Archeology Department of the state.
•  It is considered as the first structure that is reconstructed in the same style as it previously was, and more interesting thing is that it was done with the same method and same material.

Historical Background

This palace was constructed in 1747 AD by the ruler named Malhar Rao Holkar from the Holkar Dynasty. This palace has been set on fire three times since the final construction, and restored back again. It was also considered an appropriate place for trading activities in the city in the early days. The tragic reason why this architecture caught fire is the weak material that was used for its construction. Also, because the lower three floors were made with stones while the top levels were constructed using wood. This kind of planning made the structure vulnerable to fire and the incident took place several time with great destruction.

The reconstruction of this palace was made between 1818 and 1826. The renovation took some time and five floors were added during that time. The second fire didn’t damage much but the third fire made severe damage and maximum destructions were made.

At present, only the front part of this architecture is the original structure of the ancient time, rests are reconstructed in the same style. The Rajwada Palace is frequently renovated to bring back the glory and charm of this palace. You will also be able to find many interesting things like fountains, gardens, artificial waterfalls, and some brilliant 11th-century sculptures. At present times, the palace is used for exhibitions, and concerts for classical music.

Light and Sound Show

This palace also has a well-planned light and sound show from Tuesday to Sundays around 6:30 pm. If you love exploring the history, then you will love to visit this show.

Travel Tips

•    Don’t plan your trips for the Rajwada palace on Monday, it’s an off day.
•    Wear Light and comfortable clothes.
•    Keep your schedule clear for one hour if you want to explore the palace well.
•    Do not litter or write on the palace or you will be penalized.
•    Wear comfortable shoes to take a hike.

How to Reach?

Since the Rajwada palace is located on a road that is easily accessible from most of the surrounding places easily, it receives a huge crowd of tourists. The place is well-connected with the entire transportation platform for long-distance and regular transport facilities for people traveling from close by distance.

To Be Noted:

You will not be able to take any pets along inside the palace, make sure you are carrying your camera. You will be charged a nominal amount to take the camera inside.
Now that you have all the basic information about this brilliant location, plan your trip accordingly with friends and family for a memorable trip. Follow the traveling tips and don’t forget to carry your camera to capture the heritage of Indore.

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