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Lal Bagh Palace, Indore

If you want to experience the royalty of the ancient era, then you are suggested to visit the Indore Lal Bagh Palace. This palace is a perfect amalgamation of class and grandeur; it was known to be the resident of the ruler from the Holkar Dynasty in the older days. The entire area of Indore Lal Bagh Palace is spread in 28 acres and every spot in the area reflects the taste of that dynasty. The palace is located around 3.2 km (1.9 miles) away from the bank of the River Khan. The magnificent architecture is a well-known attraction, and it also has one of the best rose gardens of the country.

The construction started in the year 1886 during the rule of Tukoji Rao Holkar and took around 35 years to complete the architecture of this palace. It was completed by the successor in the year 1921, who ruled the dynasty till 1978. This royal palace is now turned into a museum which retains some of the brilliant artifacts from the Maratha Empire and the Holkar Dynasty. The collection of the art displayed dates back to the Mughal period.

Important Details

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

Timing: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm, Tuesday through Sunday (Closed on Monday)

Ticket Price: INR 100

Camera: Allowed at minimum charges

Timing Required: 1-2 Hours

The Incredible Architecture Palace

The palace was known as one of the royal residences of India due to its brilliant architecture and stylish residence. Here are some of the incredible things about the architecture and interior.

•  The heavy-duty gates of the palace are iron cast and also a replica of the Buckingham palace London, it was imported from England at that time.
•  The additions that make this place more stylish are the marble columns, stained-glasses windows, Bohemian Chandeliers, and the spring-mounted floors in the ballroom adds the next level of beauty to this place.
•  The architecture of this place is believed to be a perfect blend of Palladian, Renaissance, and Baroque style of the architecture.
•  The architecture and art of this palace are modeled after the Palace of Versailles in Paris, which is said to be the famous palace of the world.
•  The interior also has a kitchen that reflects the interesting features of the Lal Bagh Palace in Indore. The kitchen faces the side of the river Saraswati that is linked with an underground tunnel.
•  It also has a small lift to transport the food upstairs; and a horizontally-moving cart used for cleaning the ceiling which is considered to be one of the best inventions.

Amazing Facts about Lal Bagh Palace, Indore

The palace is said to have some of the brilliant architectures for all the right reasons. Apart from the architecture, you will also be able to explore the coin collection that dates back to the Muslim rule. If you want to know some incredible facts about Lal Bagh Palace, then you will be amazed with some of these details.

1. The Red Rose Velvet Carpet

The palace is said to have a huge garden of roses that looks beautiful and is also known as one of the best in the country.

2. The Regal Artwork

It’s not just famous for architecture, but also exhibits some of the contemporary Italian and Indian paintings and sculptures.

3. The Magnificent Decor

The decorations of this palace are a beautiful example of art from the Versailles Palace. The interior looks stunning with Italian marble columns, Persian carpets, grand chandelier, and flying nymphs that will completely amaze you.

4. The Exquisite Ballroom

The ballroom of this palace is famous for its beautiful wooden floors, specially mounted on springs to bring in extra bounce.

5. Adding Life to the Palace

The palace has furnished rooms with beautiful carvings which make it be the best attractions. These beautiful rooms are now changed into museums and most of the furniture in this place is known as the ornamentation in the Georgian style.

Important Tips

•    Don’t forget to carry your water bottle, as it won’t be available inside the palace
•    Avoid littering around or throwing any waste in the complex as you can be penalized
•    Avoid doing anything that harms the palace complex or the authorities
•    You can also hire a guide to know the details and history of the palace

How to Reach?

The Lal Bagh Palace in Indore is located 4km (2.4miles) from the main bus stand and Indore railway station. Being in the near distance to the center of the city, it’s easier to reach Lal Bagh Palace. You can take any taxi or a cab which is easily available at both- the bus stand, and the railway station.

Taking a rickshaw can also be an appropriate option as it is easily available and very comfortable to travel.

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