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10 Most Beautiful Villages in Kerala

If you are planning to visit Kerala, then we suggest you accommodate a trip to the beautiful Kerala villages too, because it will definitely be a one-time opportunity. Beyond the beautiful backwater, intriguing valleys, and rich biodiversity are off the beaten villages in Kerala. The villages are serene and quiet, that is the place where you will find the purest type of nature. Villages are barely touched by commercial industries and other enhancement as compared to the cities.

On the trip to the villages in Kerala, you will be able to unfold some of the brilliant surrounding and a very different picture of Kerala, a picture you will never be able to forget. Let us share 10 of the most stunning villages in Kerala and some amazing things about them.

1. Alappuzha

Alappuzha speared over in 81165 hectares and have a total village population of 979,643. This village is also known as the Venice of the East, today this location is quite famous for boat races (See also Boat Races in Kerala), beautiful beaches, pristine backwaters and amazing marine life. This village is a favorite picnic spot for the natives and the travelers and is enough entertainment opportunity for the visitors in this place. The best will be beach attraction and simple yet delicious food. The close by lighthouse just enhances the beauty of these villages and most of the tourist are intrigued and attracted for the same reason.

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2. Kannur

Kannur is another district in Kerala with amazing attraction, it is spread over 196,362 hectares and has a total village population of 882,017. The place holds amazing sunset locations and also known as the commercial hub for Mangalore. You will love exploring the clean village roadways and the flourishing nature in this village.

3. Ernakulam

Ernakulam is speared over in 190,845 hectares and has a total village population of 1,048,025; the village is known to be quickly packing growth and development in the area. The village is one-step ahead in housing the cinema complexes, shopping malls, several industries, amusement parks and much more. The place is known for making great progress in introducing fashion; they also have a prime IT industry in line and started developing the techno industries.

4. Idukki

Idukki speeds over in 462,174 hectares and has a total village population of 1,056,929, Idukki is a landlocked district of Kerala, and it is one of the most beauty-rich regions of Kerala as almost more than half of the area dominated by trees. This rocky hill resort is renowned for its nature preserves, stunning bungalows, rubber plantations, tea industries, and forests.

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5. Kasaragod

Kasaragod spread over in 167,113 hectares and has a total village population of 798,328. Kasaragod is the northernmost district of Kerala, and it is famous for its hills, forts and rivers. Around the globe, the coir and handloom industry of this village is popular and they are actually is highly successful. The ancient temples and abundant wildlife of this area are also very popular. Kasaragod is also a significant frontier district that governs commerce with several nearby states.

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6. Kottayam

Kottayam speared over in 192,172 hectares and has a total village population of 1,409,158. The district of Kottayam is renowned for its rich heritage and legacy of literature. It is known for its trade in spices and rubber. The village is nuzzled by the backwaters and the Western Ghats, it tracts of expansive evergreen surrounding, rice paddies and immense rubber plantations. Kottayam is the home of over five of the state's top media publications; these are just a few of the amazing things about this village.  

7. Kozhikode

Kozhikode speared over in 139,461 hectares and has total village population of 1,013,721. This is another village that has some amazing attraction for tourists, and if you are a person who loves exploring history, then these villages will have amazing things for you. Kozhikode still has a unique spot in Kerala's legacy, since Vasco-da-Gama first arrived here and the famed Spice Route came into being. The traditional beauty of this area is what that attracts the tourists.  The various features that make this village extremely special are personified by Kozhikode Beach. Now, that is something you need to visit when you are in Kozhikode if you do not want to miss the beauty of the sunset.

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8. Palakkad

Palakkad is speared over in 407,611 hectares and has a total village population of 2,133,124. The place of Palmyras and paddy fields is known as Palakkad. When you visit the village, you will find out that it is Kerala's principal granary, and it is also called the gateway to Kerala for all the right reasons. You will find this village at the foot of the massive Western Ghats, on the frontier of Kerala.  This town is rich in biodiversity, surrounded by hills, trees, lakes, lush valleys, and mountain streams.

9. Wayanad

Wayanad speared over 208,573 hectares and have a total village population of 785,840. The town is nestled amid the mountains of the Western Ghats, you will come across a lush paradise of greenery around the region. Wayanad is a lovely hilly area that is situated in the southern province of the Deccan plateau. The town is more like a dream and the beauty of the woodland converge to form the outback trails and other sports trails for amazing fun activities. If you love adventure, you are going to enjoy the trip to this town.

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10. Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram spread over in 160,845 hectares and has a total village population of 1,529,831. Trivandrum is a fairly tiny but vibrant town spread over low-lying mountains and is a simple gateway to urban life in the south.

These villages have a picturesque location and an amazing nature vibe that is missing in most of southern India, Kerala is called the God’s own country for a reason and Kerala Villages are one of the most important parts contributing in this statement.