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Top 10 Scenic Rivers in Kerala

There are certain things that need to be in order before you head out for your trip. As far as the trip to Kerala is concerned, you are going to come across some astonishing things in God’s own country, and scenic rivers in Kerala are one of them. The rivers in Kerala have astonishing beauty and pleasant weather to offer you a lifetime. Since you are willing to explore the rivers in Kerala, you must visit in between September and March, one of the peak seasons to explore the treehouses, rivers, and other popular destinations in Kerala.

Your holiday to one of the best places in India can be enhanced with the addition of a tour to some of the amazing rivers. We selected 10 of the most popular rivers in Kerala the tourists are going to love. Enjoy the soothing vibes of nature and calm surrounding of these rivers.

1. Chaliyar River

The Chaliyar River is also known as the Chulika and Beypore River and the vibe of this place is brilliant enough to make people plan a second trip. In terms of the length, this river is the fourth largest in Kerala. Chaliyar River is beautiful from both sides touching the boundaries of Lakshadweep in the south, and on the other hand extending to the northern park called the Beypore. The river is something to explore because it doesn’t even dry up during any drought.

2. Periyar River

This river is one of the most powerful rivers flowing across Tamil Nadu and Kerala, it actually extends to forming the history, customs and livelihoods of countless residents living in this area. You are going to get some of the most serene views of coconut trees and palm trees scattered alongside, and the view will be an amazing experience of exploring the beautiful environment. The fact that it is still far from the crowds makes Periyar River one of the special rivers in Kerala. Nature lovers are suggested to explore this riverside.

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3. Pamba River

This is another one of the awesome, and a big river that one should not miss out while visiting Kerala. The Pamba Dam is also the state's third-highest dam and now you know why you must not miss visiting the river. The Pulachimalai Hills in Western Ghats is the major starting point of this river, after which it travels through many districts such as Kuttanad, Kozhenchery, and Karthikapally before eventually heading to the great Vembanad Lake. When you are in this scenic place, stand by the temple of Sabarimala on its bank to absorb the beauty of this place.

4. River Nila

River Nila is also known as the second largest river in Kerala after Periyar. This river, which passes through the serene districts of Palakkad, Thrissur and Malappuram, covers a large area and is not yet found easily. A vision that is nothing less than a dream come true is provided by the greenery surrounding this majestic beauty. This riverside has a picturesque location and scenic beauty to explore.

5. Chalakudy River

This river is also known as the Chalakuddy, and it passes through the lovely districts of Palakkad, Thrissur, and Ernakulam. The river is second to Chaliyar if you talk about the length of the river. Chalakuddy River has several major tributaries, such as Kuriyarkutti, Parambikulam, Sholayar, Karapara, and Anakayam. The river begins from the famous Anamalair in Tamil Nadu, and you will also come across the big waterfalls located on its course like Athirappilly falls and Vazhirachal falls. This is what enhances the beauty of this river.

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6. Manimala River

You may notice after following a similar path, this serene river also leads to Vembanad Lake just after it meets the Pamba River. This river has been an important water path for the Central Travancore in recent times, but over the years sand-mining operations have had a detrimental influence on the river bank. This river has its special beauty when it comes to rivers streaming from the Muthavara Hills with its gorgeous surrounding ranges.

7. Kabini River

The Kabini River is also konwn as the Kasbani River, is a tributary of the Cauvery River. The Kabini River flows near Sargur and forms a reservoir after originating from Wayanad. A lot of nature lovers and people who want to witness the beautiful backwaters of Kabini that are drawn to the Kabini reservoir. There are so many things to explore and you would find wildlife across the Kabini Dam, such as leopards, lions, elephants and deer. You could rent a sailboat, discover, and enjoy a stunning view of the backwaters of this place.

8. Bharathapuzha River

Talk about Kerala’s longest river and you will be told the name of Bharathapuzha River. This river comes with the longest length of 209 km (130 miles), and it is also known as one of the most beautiful rivers in Kerala. Due to the inanimate beauty of the river, this place attracts a lot of international and domestic tourists. The river holds cultural importance and another reason why the river is considered with such importance is that there is a temple situated in the banks of the river.

9. Neyyar River

The Neyyar River is one of Kerala's shortest rivers and is 56 km (34.8 miles) in length. The Neyyar River runs into the Neyyar Dam, which is a beautiful location for a picnic with friends and family. The surrounding place is also amazing for a safari; you can visit the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary on the Neyyar River banks to explore the wilderness. You would be able to explore all the nearby places to the majestic river, including Agasthya Mountain, crocodile breeding center, and Lion Safari park. Just take your camera along to click the beauty of this place.

10. Valapattanam River

One of the most travelled rivers in Kerala is the Valapattanam River, and it is the biggest river in the Kannur district. On the bank of the Valapattanam River, you will find the Parassinikkadavu temple situated. Near the river, other famous Hindu temples are situated and it passes through common cities such as Parassinikkadavu, Iritty, and Irikkur. In these areas, boating facilities are available and you can go on a fun boating trip to explore the hidden treasures of this place.

Kerala is blessed with some of the most sort after places that you can ever find. As for the rivers in Kerala, out top 10 list of rivers will let you explore the popular destinations. Carry your camera along and live the moments.

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