11 Best Tree Houses in Kerala to Stay with the Nature

The tree houses in Kerala are some of the best places to be for tourists. If you have been planning on staying somewhere private and away from all the city hustles, then the god’s own country Kerala has something perfect for you, tree houses. Some of the tree houses in Kerala have been absolutely brilliant, with affordable to luxury price range and built with boards and bamboos. They are some of the best masterpieces in the tropical coast.

To give you a clear picture of the Kerala tree houses, we prepared a list that you can visit to relax and chill around nature. We select three locations in Kerala that have amazing tree houses: Wayanad, Munnar and Thekkady. Let us get your journey started.


1.  Hiliya Resort

The first impression is everything as they say and we want to bring to your notice one of the best tree house in Kerala to be, the Hiliya Resort. It is the finest treehouse in Wayanad, and you will often find travel sites recommending this place for all the right reasons. You will find classic clean rooms, a brilliant view, all amenities, open terrace and car rental services.

Cost per Night: Starts from INR 3,200 (Tax excluded)
Where: Kenichira, Near Sulthan Bathery

2.  Vythiri Resort

The second on the list is one of the luxurious tree houses in Kerala, and you are going to love it. It is among the finest and located just around a mountain stream, to make your mornings beautiful as ever. The small tree house is surrounded by lush greenery and you will instantly feel calm and at home in this perfect hideaway.

Cost per Night: Starts from INR 12,500 (Tax excluded)
Where: Lakkidi P.O, Wayanad

3.  Jungle Beats Resorts

The third one on our list is a moderately priced treehouse in Kerala. The treehouse is located in a jungle and comes with a quality restaurant and a relaxing spa room. Even if you are not a nature person, you are going to love this place for the greenery and perfect setting.

Cost per Night: Starts from INR 6,300 (tax excluded)
Where: Thanjilod, Via Soojipara Waterfalls, Meppadi P.O, Meppadi, Kerala 673577


4.  Nature Zone Jungle Resort

The name completely complements the setting. This treehouse resort in Kerala has some immaculate beauty and is surrounded by nature. You will get a breathtaking view of nature and get to enjoy some fresh food prepared in the treehouse kitchen. The rooms are cozy and very elegant.

Cost per Night: Starts from INR 6,000 (tax excluded)
Where: Pulippara, Pallivasal, Nullatanni, Munnar

5.  Kaivalyam Retreat Treehouse

If you want a lush view of the tea garden, then this treehouse resort in Munnar just grants your wish. The resort is situated in the tea valleys and has a very tranquil environment to offer. People who want to enjoy a holistic lifestyle will love this place.

Cost per Night: Starts from INR 5,500 (tax excluded)
Where: Moolakada, Pallivasal, Near Pallivasal Tea Factory

6.  Dream Catcher Resort

This tree house in Kerala is located within 20 acres’ cardamom, orange and tea plantation. The name just serves the purpose right and lives up to every tourist’s expectation. The treehouse has very elegant and contemporary décor. You will be treated with a personal staff and Ayurveda spa. To top it all off, you will get a brilliant view of mountains around.

Cost per Night: Starts from INR 4,000 (tax excluded)
Where: Ratnagiri, Tea Company, Bisonvalley Road, Idukki District


7.  Vanya Tree House

This treehouse is one of the most beautiful specimens. It is nestled in between lush greenery and offers all kinds of amenities you would want in a treehouse, a brilliant view of the mountains, fresh food, and Periyar national park in close distance.

Cost per Night: Starts from INR 16,000 (tax excluded)
Where: NH 220, Munnar – Kumily Highway, Kumily, Thekkady

8.  Kalppavanam Heritage

The retreat looks like you're alone in a park, and it is a perfect place to spend time away from the city hustles. You can barely recall the city life you left behind for a holiday, with so many wildernesses around. The neighboring fishing spots are an utterly incredible place to explore, although you get all the wonderful facilities inside the space.

Cost per Night: Starts from INR 5,000 (tax excluded)
Where: Chelimada – First Mile Rd, Thekkady, Kumily, Kerala 685509

9.  Carmelia Heaven

This is perfect for couples or anyone looking to be surrounded by nature. The Carmelia treehouse in Kerala will be appropriate for winter and summer breaks. The place is close to the tea plantation, spices, and orange plantation and you are going to love the view.

Cost per Night: Starts from INR 5,300 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
Where:  Vandanmedu, Idukki, Periyar, Kerala 685551

Recommended Treehouses in Other Areas of Kerala

10.  Holiday Vagamon

Located in the lush green hills of Vagamon, this tree house in Kerala is one of the most visited places. Surrounded and treasured around nature, you will love the setup and the spacious rooms that this resort offers. The place will completely take care of your homesickness.

Cost per Night: Starts from INR 3,000 (tax excluded)
Where: Pullikkanam – Elappara Road, Vagamon, Kerala 685503

11.  Rainforest Tree House

You can easily be around nature and enjoy the backwaters as well. This treehouse in Kerala has everything and more. The green rainforest will calm you and the resort facilities will give you complete luxury. This treehouse is one of the most luxurious treehouses in Kerala and offers incredible surrounding and room for full comfort.

Cost per Night: Starts from INR 14,800 (tax excluded)
Where: P IV/93 A, Kannamkuzhy PO | Chalakudy, Athirappilly

These beautiful tree houses have so much beauty and peace that you wouldn’t want to be back. The tree houses in Kerala will just take your vacation to next level. Make sure you prepare your luggage according to the places and seasons you are planning to visit. These tree houses in Kerala will spoil you with choices and you will definitely find what you are looking for.

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