Purana Qila, Delhi (Old Fort)

Purana Qila, also known as Old Fort, was built by Humayun and Afghan ruler Sher Shah Suri in 1538. Its architectural style belongs to the Indian-Islamic style. Located to the wild east of the Indian Gate at Mathura Rd near Delhi Zoo, Purana Qila is the oldest fort in New Delhi, and from a distance you can see the sturdy and magnificent red sand doors of the ancient castle.

What to See at Purana Qila

It is rectangular in shape and covers an area of 1.5 square kilometers. In this place, you will fully appreciate delicate paintings on the wall, and rare serenity atmosphere because there are fewer crowds than other attractions and many areas within Purana Qila are not allowed for public entrance. The ancient gates lead to a garden inlaid with monuments.

The two symmetrical corner towers of the South Gate are very chic. The Cunna mosque, surrounded by green trees, is a manifestation of Mughal's early architectural style. Purana Qila is famous for its old library, called Sher Mandal, and Humayun's died unexpectedly on the stairs of it.

Purana Qila also has a mosque - Qila-i-Kuhran Mosque/Mosque of Sher Shah from the 16th century, which has a complex and intricate pattern style and is very distinctive. The moat in front of Purana Qila is a turquoise lake (old Fort Lake) with pedal boats on the lake for rent. Every night at 19:30, there will be an English commentary of the sound and light show for tourists to tell the past story of Purana Qila.

Tips for Visiting Purana Qila

1. Purana Qila is the residence of the second generation of Mughal King Humayun's, not far from the Indian Gate and the Humayun's Mausoleum, so tourists can visit three conveniently together.
2. Whether Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, or any other religious believers can come to this place to pray and meditate.
3. Surrounded by a moat, it is suitable for tourists to canoe.

How can you reach Purana Qila

1. Take bus at Kashmere Gate Station in the center of New Delhi, close to the bus terminal, Interstate Bus Terminus.

2. Take bus from some important stations, such as ISTB in Sarai Kale Khan and Connaught Place.

3. Take subway to Pragati Maidan, then walk to it

Entry Fee
Rs 250 for foreigners
Recommended Time for a Visit
1-3 hours