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Delhi National Zoological Park

The Delhi National Zoological Park houses over 1,350 animals form over 130 species from around the world. The zoo provides a very suitable climate, which proved to be close enough to as a natural habitat for most of the animals. The place is gigantic, which stretches over to 176 acres. It was opened for visitors in 1956 and now stands as a great example for other cities to develop their zoological park in a similar way.

The park is brilliantly maintained and receives a huge number of tourists every day. The place offers eating outlets, library, interesting activities, and trolley cars to move around and explore the place. The place is filled with various species like Gir lion, leopard, hyenas, African wild buffalo, zebra, and giraffe are just a few examples of a huge wildlife collection to start with.

★ Important Highlights about the Delhi National Zoological Park

The visiting hours are divided into two categories

• 1st April to 15th October: 9 am- 4:30 pm.

• 16th October to 31st March: 9:00 am-4 pm.

Note: Remains closed on Friday and national holidays

Entrance Fee

• Indians: INR. 40 (Adults), INR. 20 (Children)
• Foreigners: INR 200 (Adults), INR. 100 (Children)

Camera Charges

• 50 per day for Still Camera
• 200 per day for Amateur
• 2000 per day for Documentary
• 20,000 Feature Film

★ Exploring the Zoo

The entry itself will show you fascinating animals, and you will have your eyes fixed on creatures like Spider monkey, Hippopotamus, Chimpanzee, Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Lion, Swamp Deer, and Brow Antlered Deer.

However, moving forward into a deeper location will also introduce you to some of the other inhabitants of the zoo like Blackbuck, White buck, Chinkara, Deer Brow, leopard, Hoolock Gibbon, One-horned rhinoceros, Lion Tailed Macaque, Himalayan black bear, jaguar, wild boar, Indian Porcupine, zebra, and Indian rhinoceros are also found here among others.

Apart from these incredible creatures, you will also come across beautiful birds and reptiles in the zoo. The migratory and regular birds are common, and you will be lucky to come across Indian Hornbill, storks spoonbill, peafowl, and eagles.

In the center of the zoo, you will find the underground reptile house, which has different reptiles, such as Indian rock python, Indian star tortoise, common rat snake, Diadem snake and Indian sand boa, Indian cobra, and others.

★ You Must Not Miss Exploring

•Indian Grey Hornbill
•Rosy Pelican
•Red Whiskered Bulbul
•King Fisher
•Little Erget

★ Interesting Facts about the Zoo

1. The zoo has a mobile vehicle to help the tourists and the people inside the zoo in transportation.
2. The zoo also has a satisfactory library that provides all necessary information about birds, species, animals, and the history of the zoo.
3. The zoo was established in 1952 to deliver recreation to the crowd and attract tourism in the country.
4. The National Zoological Park was originally called Delhi Zoo.
5. Indira Gandhi was an active member behind the establishment of the zoo.
6. The park has more than 200 varieties of trees and stands strong with descriptions.   

★ How to Reach?

1. DTC Bus:

You will find various buses circulating towards Delhi National Zoological Park. Here are some of the bus number that might come in handy, 894A, 445, 374, 405, 402, 403, 419,423, 425,429, 438 and 966.

Estimated price-

4km- INR 10, INR5 for kids
4-8km- INR 15, INR 8 for kids
8-12km- INR 20, INR 10 for kids
12km and above- INR 25, INR 13 for kids

2. Metro:

Pragati Maidan Metro Station and CGO Complex are the closest metro stations from Zoo. See also Delhi Metro

Estimated price- INR 13-20

3. Autos / Cabs / Taxis:

Ask anyone about Delhi travel, and they will tell you that auto, cabs, and taxis are the easiest mode of transportations, All of which are easily available in all the popular tourist destination. You will find various taxi services in Delhi and auto near the zoo at affordable rates.

Estimated price- INR160-200

NOTE: The cost of travelling is mentioned as estimation for a single individual. The prices may vary based on your travel route and number of people.

★ Must-know Instructions

• You will have to depend on the eating counters inside the zoo because except for baby food or milk, any food items are strictly prohibited.
• Make sure your kids are not teasing or hurting any animals intentionally or non-intentionally because it is considered a punishable offence.
• The filming and camera charges are mentioned on top, but you will also need permission from the management of the zoo for filming or documenting inside the property.
• Winter is considered the best season to visit the zoo because taking a walk and exploring the huge place is easy under the dip winter sunlight.

The zoological park is a brilliant place to explore wildlife and even better if you are visiting with family and friends. The Delhi National Zoological Park in every way resembles the natural habitat for the animals. It is not just a great place to explore the natural beauty but also a reserved shelter for various species. The zoo constantly runs a breeding and conservation program to help the endangered species to survive.

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