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Delhi Metro Card – How to Buy, Use, and Recharge

The proper metro card can help you save money and time when you travel to Delhi. It is also easy to use benefited from a completely automatic fare collection system. There are currently three types of Delhi Metro Cards, like Tourist Card, Smart Card, and National Common Mobility Card. The following content details Tourist Card and Smart Card.

Delhi Metro Tourist Card – for short time stay

This kind of card is suitable for travelers because they can take metro for unlimited trips on all Delhi metro lines within the valid period. However, the airport express is not included, so you need to buy the ticket separately if you take airport line.  

Two Types of Tourist Cards: 

1-Day Tourist Card costing Rs 200, contains Rs. 150 and Rs. 50 refundable deposit.
3-Day Tourist Card costing Rs 500, includes Rs. 450 and Rs. 50 refundable deposit.
 Note: When you return your card, you can get Rs. 50 deposit refunded. 

How to Use Delhi Metro Tourist Card?

When you enter the metro station, swipe the tourist card at the entry gate. While exiting, still swipe the card at the exit gate and your card balance will be deducted automatically.

How to Refund Delhi Metro Tourist Card Security?

The Electronic balance plus security deposit of New Delhi Metro card is refundable, while processing charge of Rs.5 will be deducted regardless of whether the card is intact. If your card is clean and undamaged, then the balance and deposit will be refunded after 4 working days from the time of submitting the application. The most import thing is to keep your card receipt carefully. It is needed when you want to get refund.

Where to buy Delhi Metro Tourist Card?

Customer Care Centre at any Stations.

Delhi Metro Smart Card – for frequent commuters, or tourists stay for a long time

Delhi metro smart card is valid for 10 years from the time of purchasing or from the time of last top up later. People can buy it from Customer Care Center or Ticket Counter of any metro station. The minimum payable at purchase should be Rs 150, including Rs 50 deposit and the deposit is refundable when you return the card.

Discount when using the Smart Card:

People can enjoy 10% discount by using Delhi Metro Card. If passengers take metro in off-peak hours, they will eligible for an additional 10% discount. That’s to say, passengers can enjoy the total of 20% discount during these periods.

Off-peak Period
From Till
Start of Revenue Services Before 08:00
12:00 Noon Before: 17:00
21:00 Close of Revenue Service

How to Use Delhi Metro Smart Card?

You need to put your card on the reader of AFC gate, and you are able to enter the metro. When you get out of the gate, the fare will be automatically deducted from the card.

Where to Get the New Delhi Metro Smart Card?

1. Customer Care Centre
2. Smart Card vending machine
Note: The card costs at least Rs 150, including Rs. 50 Security Deposit and Rs. 100 value.

Where and How to Recharged Delhi Metro Smart Card?

1. Customer Care Center: People can top up the card at all metro stations, and Rs.200 is the minimum amount for the first recharge. Thereafter you can recharge in multiple of Rs.100.

2. Token Vending Machine: It is available at some selected stations, and the minimum amount for the first recharge is Rs. 100. After that, you only can recharge in multiple of Rs.50.

3. Point of Sale: In selected stations, and people need to recharge by Credit/Debit card of any bank.

4. Auto Top up: In selected station, DMRC-ICICI Bank Combo Card users can recharge the card by Automatic Fare Collection Entry gate. The Delhi metro card will be auto-recharged Rs 200 when the balance of card goes below Rs 100.

5. Business Correspondent of ICICI Bank outlets: There are over 1000 facilities in the city and they only accept cash.

 Note: Rs. 3000 is the maximum amount on the card.

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