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Hauz Khas Complex

The Hauz Khas Complex is situated in South Delhi. Steeped in medieval history from the 13th century Delhi Sultanate and a part of Siri, the second city formed by the Khilji Dynasty, the name Hauz Khas comes from the Farsi reference of lake for the royals. The fort that stand now is just a specimen of the erstwhile glory of craftsmanship of those days, though most of the structure stands in fragments brandishing the past glory, remnants of which are found in literature and cinema.

Timings & Entry Fee

The complex is open from Monday to Saturday (10:30 AM and 7:00 PM). There is no entry fee. It is closed on Sunday.  The best time to visit this place is in April, August and November. Away from the regular Delhi din, you can spend 2-3 hours at the Hauz Khas Complex.

Top Attractions to Visit

•    Madrasa
•    Pavilion
•    Firoz Shah Tughlaq's tomb
•    Hauz Khas Village
•    Deer Park
•    The Reservoir

The Siri fort was built to fortify the city from the Mongol invasion and later was connected to the Jahanpanah Township built by Mohammad Bin Tughlaq. Said to be an old extension of Delhi, the fort still stands prominently, flaunting its old architectural brilliance. The palaces look majestic and the doors exhibit the fine artistry of the times. The gates of the bastion exuberate the powerful influence of the Khilji and Tughlaq rulers that still find presence in the old broken walls of the Hauz Khas Complex.

1. Madrasa

At the end of the reservoir is a L shaped structure which is a seat for Islamic learning. The tomb of Firuz Shah (Tughlaq dynasty) is in the northern end, close to mosque.

Tourists usually sit around the tomb and the mosque to enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake. The architectural beauty is such that stairs from every floor lead to the river. Tombs surround the river area with their undisturbed calm.

2. Pavilion

With ancient inscription and a reminder of the past grandeur, the pavilions of varying shapes and sizes document details about the graves adjourning them. A well maintain garden acts as a peaceful resting ground for the those buried. A pillared chhatri also stand in the garden but is almost in ruins today.

3. Mosque

An open-air prayer hall also called the mosque is in the northern end of the Hauz Khas Complex. There are a few grilled windows from where you get a vantage e view of the reservoir.

4. Tomb of Firoz Shah

A staunch follower of sharia policies, his tomb bears witness to his religious beliefs with carvings and inscriptions. The tomb has two doors one that leads to the tomb and the other that goes from the tomb to the cenotaph placed in the tomb enclosure. The dome's ceiling is decorated with preaching from the Quran on gold medallions. Large steps connect the tomb and the river. There are four graves in the chamber belonging to his two sons and grandson.

5. Hauz Khas Village

This is a boulevard that amalgamates the education center, some perfectly maintained gardens, shopping pockets, stately residential complexes. The AIIMS and the Jawaharlal Nehru University are among the top institutions that occupy space in this beautifully maintained part of Delhi.

6. Deer Park

Home to many animals like the deer, rabbits, peacocks, guinea pigs this park also has a variety of migratory birds. The reservoir is a good reason to attract the plumed inmates to this part of Delhi.

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As evening falls you can watch the light and sound show in the main Hauz Khas complex that takes you back to the historic events that went in the making of this fort. Also, its fall is dramatically illustrated and is a fine evening entertainment for onlookers.

How to Reach

Hauz Khas Complex is 13 km (8 mi) away from the Delhi Secretariat.

By Bus

The nearest bus station is ISTM Bus Station. There are no direct buses. The bus service starts as early as 5:30 AM and is available till 1.00PM. Frequency of the bus is in every 15-30 minutes. Fares are INR 10 per 4 km (2.4 mi) and increases by INR5 after every 4 km (2.4mi). For travelling on your own within the city, Delhi transport offers a Green Card from DTC. The fare is INR 50 for AC Buses.

From the Delhi Secretariat take a bus (DTC Bus No. 783) to Dhaula Khuan and then another bus to ISTM (DTC Bus No. 511 A). From here you will find Auto Rickshaws that bring you to the Hauz Khas Complex.

By Metro

Alight at the Hauz Khas Metro Station on the yellow line Metro. The metro station is at a distance of 950 meters (0.6 miles) from the fort so you can easily walk till the fort. The first train arrives at 5:30 AM at the Central Secretariat and the last train is at 11.00PM. You can also get down at the Green Park Metro station. See also Delhi Metro

It will take you around 18 minutes. Price INR 15 per head.

By Taxi

You can take a taxi from your destination. Taxi fares are INR 25 for the first kilometer and then the fare increases by INR 14 per km. In AC taxis the fare increases by INR 16 per km (9.9 mi). From the Delhi Secretariat you will be charged from INR100-INR 200 depending on the traffic.