Indian Visa Requirements – Passport, Form & Others to Prepare

To apply for an India visa, you need to fulfill the visa application requirements and prepare forms, photos, and various documents in advance. The requirements for applying for an India e-Visa have something similar to the requirements of a regular visa to be obtained from an India mission, but they are not the same exactly.

India e-Visa Application Requirements

Documents required for all types of e-visa:
1. An online completed India Visa Application Form
You need to fill in the blanks following the direction on the website of India Immigration Bureau. Note that the personal information you put in should be consistent with that on your passport.

2. A scanned copy of the bio page of your passport (to be uploaded when applying online)
Format: PDF
Size: 10 ~ 300 KB
The passport should be valid for at least 6 months.

3. A digital passport style photo (to be uploaded when applying online)
Format: JPEG
Size: 10 KB ~ 1 MB
Background color: white
The length and width of the photo should be equal.
The person in the photo does not wear a hat or sunglasses. A head covering is allowed for religious reasons.
The photo should be taken within the latest 6 months.

Additional requirements for e-Business visa:
A copy of the applicant’s Business Card or a letter from Company which can prove the purpose of this travel. Size: maximum 3 MB. Format: PDF, JPG, or PNG.
The applicant should be able to answer questions regarding the dispatching and receiving organizations.

Additional requirements for e-Medical visa:
A copy of a letter from the hospital in India which advises the need to go there for medical treatment.
The applicant should be able to answer questions regarding the hospital to be visited.

Additional requirements for e-Conference visa:
A political clearance from the Ministry of External Affairs of India.
An event clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs of India.

India Visa Application Requirements at the Consulate or Visa Center

Those applying at an Indian consulate or visa application center need to complete the application form online as well. The different thing is that their application will not be submitted directly online. Instead, they need to get a printout of the application form, and then bring it along with other supporting documents to the consulate or visa application center.

The supporting documents mainly include your passport, recent passport style photo, and proof of your legal stay or residence if you are applying outside of your home country. Other documents may also be required to justify your visiting purpose. They vary in accordance with your visa type. For example, if you want to apply for an India student visa, you also need to provide a Letter of Acceptance issued by a recognized Indian educational institution. If you apply for an employment visa, you may need a cover letter from the related business entity.

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