How to Apply for an India Tourist Visa - How to Apply, Requirements, Cost

Except citizens from a few countries including Bhutan, Nepal, and Maldives, almost all tourists need to get a visa to sightsee, visit friends or attend short-term yoga courses in India. Tons of countries now have access to the e-visa India, which is very convenient to apply online and usually valid for one year. If you don’t belong to those countries or you want a multiple-entry tourist visa with longer validity, you still need to get a traditional visa at the consulate or designated outsourcing agencies.

What are the requirements for India Tourist Visa?

The required documents for applying India travel visa include:
1. Your passport with a remaining validity of at least 6 months and two blank pages or more
2. Online application form (See the screenshots of the sample form)
3. Passport style photo
4. Flight ticket for return or onward journey
5. Tour details and accommodation proof

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How to Apply for India Tourist Visa - 4 Steps

1. Complete the online application form on the website of the Immigration of India and print a copy.
2. Prepare other required documents.
3. Post the application to the consulate or agency or submit it in person.
4. Make the payment and collect your passport and India travel visa in person or by post.

If you apply for an e-tourist visa, please follow the steps below:

1. Complete the online application form. Upload your passport copy and recent photo as per the specifications.
2. Make the payment online.
3. Check the email with an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).
4. Get the e-Visa stamped on your passport upon arrival.
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How Much Does an India Tourist Visa Cost?

Traditional Visa:

The India tourist visa cost varies depending on your nationality and the validity of your visa. Generally, a 6-month multiple-entry India travel visa costs $60 for US citizens, $129 for UK citizens, $25 for Singapore and Sri Lanka citizens, and $40 for nationals of most countries. Plus, they need to pay the service fee and reference fee, and postage if applying by courier.

E-tourist visa:

The prices can be divided into four slabs in accordance with the applicant’s nationality: 0, $25, $80, and $100.

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How Long Does It Take for the Application?

A traditional India travel visa takes a minimum of 3 working days for processing while an Electronic Travel Authorization takes 3 to 5 calendar days to arrive.

How Far in Advance Do I need to Apply for an India Tourist Visa?

You can apply at least four calendar days in advance of your departure date but not earlier than 120 days in advance. If applying for a normal tourist visa rather than an e-tourist visa, you are advised to spare more time for the processing.

How Long Is an India Tourist Visa Valid?

The traditional tourist visa of India can be valid for different lengths, ranging from 60 days to 10 years. An e-tourist visa often lasts for one year. Despite the validity of your Indian tourist visa, you can’t stay there for longer than 90 days continuously, unless you are a Canadian, Japanese, UK, or USA citizen. Besides, you should leave a gap of two months minimum between two visits. Tourist visa of India cannot be extended nor converted to other types.

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