Have You Tasted These 7 Best Indian Food?

Regardless of where you go, one of the most crucial aspects of culture is its gastronomy. If you truly want to experience the local culture of a place like India, it is imperative to indulge in the local cuisines. That being said, the land of spices has some brilliant options to savour and at the end of the trip, it will become really difficult to list only a few as the favourite ones. The following 7 best Indian food are most recommended.

1. Kashmiri

Kashmiri cuisine is predominantly a meat-based best Indian food. Mainly mutton, you can also find some mouth-watering menus with goat's meat and chicken.  Saffron and Kashmiri chillies are widely used in the recipes that imparts the rich red colour as well as make the food efficiently spicy. 

The abundance of dry fruit such as dried dates, walnuts, and apricots serve as a big inspiration for the Kashmiri connoisseur.  Cottage cheese or Chaman is a well-liked accompaniment to many veg as well as non veg dishes. Since there are some fresh water streams, fish like trout is seen as a delicacy.

You can also find a generous serving of fresh fruits such as plums, strawberries, cherries and apples which are cultivated here given its cool climate.

Unique Indian Food

Must try dishes

•    Rogan Josh
•    Modur Pulav
•    Matschgand
•    Yakhni or Yoghurt Lamb Curry
•    Dum Olav
•    Kashmiri Muji Gaad

2. Punjabi

You can hardly find any other folks with such robust appetites as the Punjabis! And just like the community, the Punjabis food is also simple but sizeable with no unnecessary frills or exotic accompaniments. The tandoori cooking is celebrated as one of the best Indian foods globally. The half-buried huge earthen ovens with a coal fire lit below it is used to make these special dishes.

Connoisseurs can find the imbibed aspects of the external influences in its cuisine, most of which comes from the Mughals. Nans and parathas, and Rotis made of maize flour which are the staple food of people here. 

Makki Ki Roti (maize flour bread) and Sarson Ka Saag(mustard leaf gravy) is the signature dish along with a glass of Lassi.

Must try dishes

•    Chole Bhature
•    Tandoori Chicken
•    Chana Masala
•    Murgh Malaiwala
•    Paneer Tikka
•    Dhaba Dal
•    Machli Amritsari

3. Mughlai

The Mughuls left a long lasting influence on Delhi's cuisine having being the rulers for such a long time. With its rich sauces, ginger flavoured roast meats, butter-based curries and mouth-watering sweets – food lovers fancy Mughal cuisine all across the globe. To find the irresistible recipes, you have to try the royal cuisine in Delhi.

Must try dishes

•    Haleem (Khichda)
•    Reshmi Kebabs
•    Biryani
•    Mughlai Paratha
•    Rogan Josh
•    Qeema Matar
•    Malai Kofta
•    Murgh Musallam

4. Bengali

Bengal's greatest contribution to the food heritage is its wide spectrum of sweets. Rasogullas, Gulab Jamuns, Anarkali, Malai Sandwich, Cham Cham, Chena Murki, Rajbhog - the list of the sweet dish delicacies seems endless. 'Mishti Dhoi' or yoghurt is one of the musts in every Bengali home and is expected to be associated with any pious occasion. 'Singadas' or crisp samosas are something that guests take while visiting someone’s home.

Apart from the snacks and sweets, fish is something that is almost synonym to Bengalis. You can learn about a variety of styles adopted to cook fish. Whether marinated in spices or cooked in curd, the best Indian food is going on for ages now!

The use of panchphoron i.e. five basic spices which has zeera, kalaunji, saunf, fenugreek and mustard seeds is the specialty of Bengali cooking. Generally, Bengali food has a very subtle balance of sweet and spices that is a definite treat for anyone who is having it for the first time or umpteenth time.

Must try dishes

•    Aloo Potol Posto
•    Alur Dom
•    Ilish Macher Jhol
•    Shukto
•    Mutton Biryani
•    Aam Pora Shorbot
•    Sandesh

5.  Maharashtrian

Maharashtrians are meat eaters. This best Indian food includes some flavoured vegetarian delicacies but mostly you will find hot, aromatic meat and fish curries. Rice and Jaggery are used to make the crunchy, crisp sweets of which the most exotic ones are 'Konkani' and 'Malwani' cuisines. They originate from the coastal parts of this region and are predominantly sea-food based.

Rice is the staple food grain and you can find a wide variety of vegetables in their regular course.  Fish and coconuts are equally common as ingredients. Peanuts and cashew nuts are extensively used in cooking the vegetables and the main cooking medium is peanut oil.

Kokum, most commonly used appetizer-digestive item, is served chilled and is also called the Sol kadhi. The common ways to eat all non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes are with boiled rice or with bhakris. Special rice puris are called Vada and Amboli, are presented with the main meal. Puran Poli is the most popular dessert.

Must try dishes

•    Vada Pav
•    Shreekhand
•    Ukdiche Modak
•    Aluvadi
•    Misal Pav
•    Pav Bhaji

6. Rajasthani

The ancient princely state also has a lot to offer as a part of their royal cuisine and the meat delicacies are incomparable even today.

Rajasthani cooking is inspired by the availability of ingredients in the desert region and also by the war-like lifestyles of its inhabitants. Dried lentils and beans are staples of the Rajasthani diet, and gram flour is an integral cooking ingredient.  The breads are made from Bajra and corn and Bajre Ki Roti (millet bread) and Lahsun Ki Chutney (hot garlic paste) are the staple diet of the locals. In the desert belt of Barmer, Jaisalmer, and Bikaner, cooks still use very little water and in place use buttermilk, milk, and clarified butter.

Must try dishes

•    Dal Bati Churma
•    Mohan Thaal
•    Laal Maas
•    Mawa Kachori
•    Mirchi BadaMohan Maas
•    Kalakand
•    Pyaaz Ki Kachori

7. Hyderabadi

If you are looking for the spiciest and hottest of all Indian cuisine, try the cuisine of Andhra Pradesh. It has all the influences of the Hyderabadi cuisine with its Mughlai influence along with the Andhra style. The liberal use of exotic spices and ghee makes the Hyderabadi cuisine distinct than the rest.

Must try dishes

•    Mirchi ka Salan
•    Hyderabadi Biryani
•    Dum Pukht
•    Hyderabadi Marag
•    Keema Samosa
•    Paaya
•    Maghaz Masala
•    Boti Kebab

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