Rajasthani Cuisine - Never Ending Platter

Rajasthan is not only famous for its vivid colors, magnificent and captivating palaces, but it is the paradise for every food enthusiast and famous for its lip-smacking cuisines. Food prepared in this royal land of Rajasthan possesses the essence of royalty, love, and spirituality. The local cuisine of Rajasthan offers mouth-watering delicious food for hippie travellers and never deludes your hunger. Forgot about diet and burning extra calories while you are on the Rajasthan tour. Here is the list of the scrummy Rajasthani cuisines that takes your craving to the next level.

Fundamental Ingredients of Rajasthani Food

Beans, lentils, corn, barley, millet, are the must added ingredients of Rajasthani cuisine. Bajra, gram flour, bread, and Ghee (dairy product) are the prerequisites of regional dishes. The dry climate of the Rajasthan causes less availability of fresh fruits and veggies. Rajwadi people are more inclined towards vegetarian food, yet they prepare scrummy non-vegetarian food also.

Rajasthani Fundamental Ingredients

Rajasthani Recipes

Cooking is an artwork, and particularly, Rajasthani Cuisine has the Royal sense of the Rajput era. The residents have received and developed a novel method of cookery and formed culinary. Several factors like environment, social, cultural, historical, and geography, etc. influences the Rajasthani cuisine. Due to the scarcity of water, the food which is available in places like Bikaner, Barmer, and Jaisalmer contains butter (Ghee), milk, and buttermilk.

Experience versatile sweet to savory dishes, including tangy punches to yummy starters. Also, you can have mouth-watering sabzis and crunchy bread. Chutneys, achars, and other stuff fascinate your gut. Besides this, the delightful desserts and lush, crunchy delights are the cherries on the cake that anyone falls for them.

Regional Specialties

Every city has evolved its food and taste, Jaipur is renowned for its Mishri Mawa, Kalakand, and Ghevar.  Bikaner is famous for Bhujiya, Papads, and Badi. Also, the lean mutton of desert goat has ranked as the popular fare. You can visit Bharatpur; if you want to relish sweets, you can go to Ghevar in monsoon season. Satisfy your yearnings of barbeque at Mewar or Udaipur. Aside from this, tackle the hot weather of Rajasthan by sipping lassi in Jodhpur. Also, you can taste Malpauas from Pushkar, if you are visiting Bikaner, then never forget to grub Rassgollas.

Maharajas - Junglee Maas

It is one of the outstanding dishes of Rajasthan developed by the maharaja of Salwar. In biblical times, royal Maharajas of Rajasthan had the passion of hunting and caught the specific non-vegetarian culinary by cooking the hunted animals.

Curry Based - Laal Maas

It is the choicest non-vegetarian dish of Rajasthan made with a yogurt-based sauce and hot Indian spices. The vibrant red color and fiery taste of the dish pulls every non-vegetarian lover. If eaten with the Indian flatbread or flavored rice increases its taste.

Masala Chhach Rajasthan
Masala Chhach
Classic - Dal Bati Churma

It is the excellent and legendary recipe of Rajasthan and made up of whole wheat and soaked lentils. The Bati’s are crispy and round dumplings prepared after roasting over firewood. The dal has the flavor of seasonings and varieties of lentils. Such thoroughly prepared dal-bati served with sugar or jaggery offers a healthful and delectable meal.

Masala Chhach / Buttermilk

It is the essential part of Rajasthani food. It is a kind of blessing received to comfort the body in dry and hot desert conditions. It restores the body’s requirement for liquid, and one can have it after breakfast or lunches.

Sparkling - Ghevar

It is a signature dish of Rajasthan that completes every festival and occasion. It is blended dessert consist of flour, milk, Ghee, and doused in sugar syrup, and can be accompanied by almonds, pistachios, and saffron. It is available in different varieties as Plain Ghevar, Malai Ghevar or Mava Ghevar, etc.

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Mouth-Watering  Mohan Thaal

One of the creamy yet delicious Rajasthani royal dessert that can quickly tempt the taste buds. It is made up of mawa, flour, milk, and desi ghee. It has a great historical background in Vaishnavism and was served as one of the items of the Chhappan Bhog.

Kachori India

It is a fried puff pastry originally from Jodhpur. Kachori is morning or evening snack item available in variants as pyaaz kachori or mawa kachori. Both of these kachori’s best accompanied by sauces. Savory and sweet taste and aroma of the snack attracts the fitness freak foodie.

Bajra Ki Raab

One of the delicious yet healthy soup of Rajasthan. Bajra flour, dry ginger powder, jaggery, ajwain, and butter gives a rich taste to this soup. If you want to keep your body warm and active, you must have this soup in winter.

Traditional - Gatte Ki Sabzi

It is a folkloric food prepared by using steamed gram flour (besan). The tangy smack of this dish arises from curd and a lot of other Indian spices. It tastes best with Indian flatbread. It is a nutritious food, and in ancient times it was prepared for the soldiers to satisfy their nutritional requirements.  

Best Stabilizer - Boondi Raita

It maintains the level and influence of spices of Rajasthani food. So, regionals prefer the spoon of Boondi Raita instead of having water. It is refreshing, delicious, and healthy prepared by mixing the fried chickpea flour, yogurt, and fresh mint.

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