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Things to Do during the Monsoon in Kerala

Kerala has two-monsoon seasons. The first monsoon starts in June and ends in late August. It is the southwest monsoon, so endowed with lots of rains. The second monsoon begins in mid-October and it ends around mid-November. It is dry northeast monsoon. The average temperature during the monsoon seasons remains between 20-35°C (68-95°F) and the total rainfall ranges between 2,250 and 2,500 mm. However, it still stays under control. The weather remains pleasant during monsoon except the increasing rainfalls. In early times, the monsoon in Kerala was considered to be the off-peak season, but things have drastically changed over the years and people consider visiting especially during the monsoon season. The time of monsoon in Kerala is the best time to experience some of the activities like the Ayurveda treatment, sightseeing in different destinations like Wayanad, Bekal, Idukki, Thekkady, Kovalam and so on.

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Things to Do during the Monsoon in Kerala

★ 1. Enjoy Onam Festival

Onam Festival is the main festival of this season, celebrated in August or September. It is a joy to be in Kerala during the festival of Onam. Onam is a harvest festival and one of Kerala's most significant festivals that is celebrated on a large scale. You will be able to see the folk dances such as Kathakali and Mohini Attam, witness Kalaripayattu - the world's oldest martial arts style, decorated elephants, flower decorations, traditional games and extravagant feasts, and you will be able to relish Kerala's rich cultural heritage. The festivities continue for about 10 days, and certain rituals during festivities are celebrated in every part of the state and beyond.

★ 2. Go for an Ayurvedic Treatment

To get the Kerala Massage and Ayurvedic care, people specifically visit Kerala. The ideal time to undertake these therapies is actually best suited during the monsoons. The local people state that according to the ancient practices of Ayurveda, most of their ancestors suggested on practicing the treatment during the monsoon season for best results. The weather remains great, with some humidity, cool and dust-free surrounding, which allows the opening up the pores of our skin, and making the therapy more effective. The post-treatment cycle is also important for the body because when you start to heal. The blissful, calm, and stable monsoon weather enhances the process.

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★ 3. Explore the Beauty of the Lush Green Hills in Mattupetty

Mattupetty is a picturesque place to capture the monsoon beauty! This hill station, situated in the Idukki hills at an altitude of 1700 meters, is also famous for its dam and the stunning lakes. When you take a walk, you will come across cascading mountain ranges which are at their greenest.

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★ 4. Chill in the Relaxing Backwaters

Without travelling to the backwaters, the trip to Kerala is not complete. You are highly recommended to employ and sail a conventional houseboat down the 900 km stretch of backwaters, which can be done even during monsoon in Kerala. You will be able to enjoy the authentic South Indian food in the boat and just enjoy the stunning view of the marine life such as otters, crabs, turtles, and gorgeous birds of various kinds flocking around. You will also be able to relish the special dishes like Toddy, which is best enjoyed when cruising and enjoying your way into the inert parts of the backwaters.

Tips for Travelling in the Monsoon in Kerala

★ 1.  Safety First When Traveling to the Hill Stations

When it rains in Kerala, the hill stations around the state look picturesque and if you are a nature lover, you will fall in love with it again. They are going to be green, some varying colors of grey, and lush bottle green. However, you might come across with a couple of lurking risks. Make sure that you have the requisite equipment and professional guides coming with you if you are planning for a trek, because it can be risky to take off by yourself.

★ 2.  The Seas are Rough

Be careful with the seas and everything close to it. It is always better to be on the safe side. You can try to stay in hotels and resorts that can give you a complete view of the sea. You will enjoy the lightning streaks, the choppy oceans, and moonlight.

★ 3.  Solve the Trek Hassles

Do you prefer going for a trek in the monsoon season? You can, but you just have to suit up properly. Make sure you are carrying a nice raincoat, some protective footwear, and easy-to-go food.

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★ 4.  Carry Protective Bags

Now, going out in the rain with your cameras and other gadgets can be risky, so you have to make sure that you are carrying the protective bags to keep the expensive things safe.

★ 5.  Choose the Right Car and Drive Carefully

While choosing the ride, make sure you are selecting the right vehicle, because just any car will make things risky, and you don’t want an accident in the middle of your memorable trip.

★ 6.  Eat Moderately and Properly

No matter how tempted you are, just make sure you are eating moderately. Avoid food from outside and carry your own water for safety.

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★ 7.  Do Your Research Beforehand

The important thing about travelling during the monsoon in Kerala is the research work. You can have all the fun only if you have done your homework before heading out for the trip.

Hope you follow the tips to make the most of your trip.

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