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Mouthwatering Street Food in Goa

Goa, the beautiful beach state of India, is a popular holiday destination and is often visited by Indian as well as international tourists. The food and colorful culture of this beautiful state are often ignored by tourists. The following list mentions popular street food in Goa – that will leave you asking for more. Starting from exotic bread to spiced meat curries, Goa has something to offer for its every tourist.

1. Vada Pav

One of the popular Maharashtrian street foods, made its presence felt in this beach-state during the early 80s, and since then it has become one of the most preferred street food in Goa. An Indian alternative to the burger, stuffed deep-fried cutlet served with Goan Pav (bread) is a hearty snack and quite easy on the pocket.

A preferred snack among the locals, a plate of Vada Pav is served with cilantro chutney (dipping sauce) and hot chilies.

What is it: A vegetarian snack

Preferred drink: Lime cordial or Nimbu Soda

2. Misal Pav

A healthy Misal Pav is one of the favorite Goan breakfast items and is considered as a good alternative to spicy Pav Bhaji. Being nutritious and spicy, you could find this dish being served at Goan households or eateries in the morning.

Usually, Misal is made from mixed sprouts, lentils, moth beans, and the mandatory bread (Pav). Some eateries have introduced brown bread as a healthier alternative to white bread for customers counting calories.  

What is it: Vegetarian breakfast     

Preferred drink: Indian buttermilk or Chaas

3. Ras Omelets

The Ras omelet is a popular street food in Goa and is served with aromatic and spicy gravy (Ras). Traditionally, this recipe is sold in a Gaddo or local pushcart stalls and was served with fluffy Goan bread or Pav.

Due to its intense flavors and rich taste, all thanks to chicken xacuti gravy, the Ras omelet is regarded as cult favorite. 

What is it: Non-vegetarian breakfast or snack (contains eggs)

Preferred drink: Indian buttermilk or Chaas

4. Goan Poee or Poi

This street food in Goa is a guilt-free affair and filled with nutrients the Goan Poee is a wholesome affair. Made from whole-wheat and bran flour, it gives a perfect company to Indian curries, tea, and sweet dishes. One of the ideal places this wholesome goodness is from the traditional bakeries and stalls of the streets.

Also known as the Goan Pita, Bakri, or cuniachi poee, this type of local bread has a hollow cavity that can where the spiced patty is placed.

What is it: Local bread

Preferred drink: Tea or coffee (preferably hot)

5. Pork Vindaloo

One of the popular dishes of the streets, the spicy and flavorful street food Pork Vindaloo is one of the most sighted Goan dishes. A mix of Christian recipes made with the Indian spices creates an aromatic affair – creating an explosion of flavors in the mouth.

Popular street food in Goa, one can find people lining up at the stalls to taste the spicy goodness. Usually, Vindaloo is served with rice or bread.   

What is it: Non-vegetarian side-dish

Preferred drink: Indian buttermilk or Chaas

6. Choris (Goan Sausages)

The Goan Sausages or Choris is a popular breakfast item of this colorful state. Made from pork sausages, one can find local vendors heading to the market with a platter of these delightful items. Usually eaten with fresh bread, the dish is quite filling and is readily available in the streets.

What is it: Non-vegetarian side-dish

Preferred drink: Indian buttermilk or Chaas

Exploring the street food in Goa can cause an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Since Goa is frequently visited by international tourists, the spices are often toned down without compromising the taste. However, you can always ask for extra chilies to spice up the dishes.

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