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Essential Safety Tips for Traveling to Egypt as a Woman

Whether is it safe travelling to Egypt as a woman? On one hand, Egypt is a great place to go hunting for historic treasures and a great escape for a solo traveller who is immensely interested in cultural immersions. On the other hand, media do confuse women travellers in Egypt being apprehensive about exploring the country all by themselves.

Let us help you with this guide to keep you sorted! For the solo women travellers in Egypt, just keep in mind these few things before you head off for the land of pharaohs.

1. What to Wear on a Solo Trip to Egypt

Wearing revealing clothes must be avoided to keep off unnecessary attention of the locals. In other others, dressing modestly is important. If, as a solo woman traveller, you are planning to explore further south of Egypt, aka Aswan, Abu Simbel and Luxor, make sure to pack a few long-sleeved cotton shirts and full-length comfortable trousers. Keep in mind that desert can be extremely breezy, so don’t wear anything that tends to fly away in wind. See also Abu Simbel Temples

Safety Tips for Travelling to Egypt
Dress Modestly When Visiting Abu Simbel

Egypt Taxi
Pink Taxi for Female Tourists

2. Transportation

Cities like Cairo are extremely safe for women travellers in Egypt. The city has a convenient metro service, with reserved carriages exclusive for women, that makes it easier and safer for women to travel along with the local women interacting about the country’s culture. Pink Taxi is yet another women exclusive transportation option available in Cairo where the cabs have female drivers and feature a camera, an SOS button, and GPS. There are female-only buses running in Damanhur for the complete security and safety of women travellers in Egypt.

See also Aswan Transportation

3. Be Confident about Yourself

You, as someone travelling to Egypt as a woman, must keep in mind that carrying the right attitude is important. It is better to avoid eye contacts with strangers, to unintentionally pass on some wrong signals. Egyptians are known for their hospitality, and anyone would be warm enough to help you regarding anything. However, it is better to approach shopkeepers or vendors or women, than to reach out to random men. Just to be on the safer side.

4. Interacting with Locals

Egyptians are warm and welcoming towards the tourists. They in fact love interacting with the foreigners and do share local stories relevant to a particular place or culture of the country. They don’t mind guiding you the local eateries or some undiscovered nook and corner of the country which only locals do. Do make sure not to miss out such wonderful interactions.

5. Find the Right Accommodation

Sofitel hotel in Luxor
Sofitel Hotel in Luxor
When travelling to Egypt as a woman in a solo trip, do your research about the accommodation. Book the place that is safe to reside and have good reviews. The location must be safe too and easily accessible and communicable from the main hub. Also, ensure that the hotel does have a security check that is a must for women solo travellers. Do collect the hotel’s address and phone number to get back safely in case you get lost on the streets.

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6. It is Good to Learn a Bit of Arabic for Communication

If you are a solo woman traveller in Egypt, learning basic Arabic might help you to communicate better with the locals. Not only it would be easy for you to understand what they are saying, the locals too would appreciate your efforts. You may also carry a language guide to keep it handy, just in case you need it to interact with someone.

See also Language in Egypt

Here are some tips:

•  Salam or Marhaba: Hello
•  Ibtihki ingleezi? : Do you know English?
•  Jameel: Beautiful
•  Ismi…: My name is…
•  Shukran: Thank you
•  Afwan: You are welcome

7. Hide the Eyes

Yes, it may sound unnatural, but eye contact with men in Egypt is often considered as flirting. Avoid that by wearing sunglasses. Not only would it help you to avoid direct eye contacts with local men, if at all, it would also protect your eyes from the harsh sun rays in the scorching summers.

Travel to Egypt
Hide Your Eyes by Wearing Sunglasses

8. Keep Your Valuables Safe

As a solo woman traveller, you have to keep extra cautious with your valuables while exploring Egypt. Make sure your money, jewellery, and important documents are carried in a zipped cross-body sling to avoid snatching on roads. It is also better to make an extra copy of passport and other important documents while travelling. Don’t leave your baggage and valuables unattended.

9. Hire Local Female Guides

When it comes to taking help from guides while discovering the country, go for a lady guide. For a solo woman travelling in Egypt, it is the best idea to be accompanied by a local female tour guide. Though Egypt is a friendly country, it is advisable not to walk alone at some places after the sunset. At such times, it is better to part with a trusted local guide rather than to move alone.

10. Know about the Country Well

It is better to be a solo traveller after being aware of the particular place. Do enough research of the places, people, livelihood, culture, and monuments along with other relevant factors like transport, roads, communication, and money deals before visiting Egypt. While there is internet any time you need it, it is better to check out government sites, travel blogs, and public forums too for better information about the concerned places.

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Some Additional Travel Tips:

•  Keep a scarf while visiting mosques, churches, and religious sites.

•  It is preferably better to sit in the back seat of taxis, and stay alert.

•  Go for drivers and taxis through your hotel where possible, or use Uber, which many local women state that it is safer. Pink Taxi is also a great option.

•  Don’t eat, drink (even water) or smoke in public during the month of Ramadan; it is considered an offense.

•  Make sure to bring your own sanitary products, because finding the same in Egypt can be difficult and pricey.

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