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Did You Know about These Amazing Egyptian Facts?

Home to one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, Egypt has always been a fascinating destination for tourists and explorers. Serpentine Nile, touching the great uncharted Sahara Desert, passes at a lazy pace over the timeless cities like Giza, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria before falling into the Mediterranean Sea.

Here are some exciting Egypt facts that can leave the guests surprised.

1. Ancient Egyptian History

•  Egyptian women had legal and financial rights

Ancient Egypt was a progressive society, where women had legal and financial independence just like men. Women could enter the workforce and get equal pay as their male counterparts. Similarly, women had the right to divorce her husband, and demand adequate compensation for the same. Evidence has been found that ancient Egyptian couples agreed in a mutual prenuptial agreement to protect their assets post-marriage.

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•  Pyramids were made by hired labors

While talking about facts about Egypt this one needs a mention. In ancient Egypt, laborers were hired to build the pyramids. These laborers worked as an organized sector and received grains as payments. There have been records of workers hosting strike on receiving inadequate payments, and organizing sit instill their demands were met.

Great Pyramids, Egypt
Great Pyramids, Egypt

•  The process of embalming or mummification of the king took almost 45 days to complete

The process of mummification of the king, or Pharaohs, was a long and time-consuming. It took almost 45 days to complete and ended with the mummified king’s body transferred to the golden sarcophagus. Followed by that, in a grand procession, the glittering casket is moved to the pyramids – the final resting place of the king.

•  Egypt was a principal allied base during World War II

Here are a few interesting Egypt facts for World War II enthusiasts. The country was one of the prime military bases for the Allied forces in the Middle East. After the outbreak of WWII, Egypt severed its connections from the Axis forces (a move influenced by the British crown, according to many). Also, native Egyptians participated in the war and fought along with the British soldiers.

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2. Facts about Egypt Geography

•  The longest river in the world

Nile River – the longest river of the world – passes through Egypt before falling into the Mediterranean Sea. These two water bodies meet at Alexandria (one of the most important historical port towns of Egypt).

Nile River, Egypt
Nile River - The Longest River of the World

•  Suez Canal built in the 3rd century B.C.

The modern structure of the Suez Canal was conceptualized and designed by French architects Ferdinand de Lesseps, and Alois Negrelli in 1854. However, ancient records point out that Egyptian Pharaoh Senusret III had built the earlier model of the canal that was built in the early part of the 3rd century B.C. The ancient canal connected the Nile River and the Red Sea and was frequently used by the ancient Egyptians.

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•  Cairo is the largest city in Egypt

The national capital, Cairo, is the largest city of Egypt spreading across the 386,662 square miles. Cairo, located on the banks of Nile, receives a large number of tourists each year. For many, it is the place to start the Egypt tour since the capital city is well-connected to the rest of the country.

•  Majority of the Egyptian population belongs to Arabic descend

Among other facts about Egypt, the majority of the population belonged to the Arabic descend. These settlers came into the country in the 640 B.C. Also, Arabic is the primary language of the country. While Classical Arabic is the official language, the informal version of the language is spoken in the colloquial form on the streets. See also Language in Egypt

3. Egyptian Cuisines

Local market in Cairo
Egyptian Bread

•  Bread has always been the staple food of the Egyptians

Egyptians love their bread since time immemorial. The ancient records and Egyptian hieroglyphics are filled with images of bakers baking and people buying bread. Also, farmers in ancient times grew the number of crops including wheat, rye, and barley. Another one of the interesting Egyptian facts is that ancient Egyptians loved their beer made from barley. They also knew about preserving meats and fishes, using herbs and spices.

•  Legume and vegetables are the main constituents of Egyptian meal

Vegetables and legumes are one of the prime constituents of Egyptian meals. In the coastal regions, fish and seafood are consumed more frequently. Cheese, bread, and falafel are consumed more often in an Egyptian household.

•  Appetizers are a popular part of the Egyptian meal

Meze, a middle-eastern appetizer, is often served at the beginning of the meal along with the bread. Among the appetizers, Baba ghannoug, Salata Baladi, Hummus, Tehina, and Goulash among the few.

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4. Egypt facts on Monuments

Abu Simbel in Egypt
Abu Simbel in Egypt

•  The Great Sphinx is an ancient marvel

Egypt is home to some of the ancient engineering marvels like the Great Sphinx, Great Pyramid, and Abu Simbel. These ancient monuments were made as tombs for the kings, as a final resting place for the rulers.

•  Abu Simbel

The two massive rock temples in southern Egypt, Abu Simbel, was built on the banks of Lake Nasser. Originally these two temples were carved out of the mountainside. But in the late 1960s, the entire monument was shifted piece by piece to its current location.

•  The beauty of Karnak cannot be defined in words

Although in ruins, Karnak is an impressive landmark of Egypt. One of the important religious landmarks of ancient Egyptians, the temple comprises of many smaller complexes used for different purposes besides praying and worship.

Egypt is a fascinating country full of interesting facts and wonderful titbits. Here, people are warm but a bit traditional in their views. Tea is a customary beverage, and people love their dips and bread. Exploring the dunes and beautiful landscape of the country, you will be surprised by the facts about Egypt.

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