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Egypt Weather

3-Day Weather Forecast of Major Cities
Egypt Climate & Weather Facts
  • Climatic Zones: tropical desert climate, Mediterranean climate, tropical savanna climate
  • Climatic Features: Most part of Egypt is hot and dry all year round with big temperature differences between day and night.
  • Average Temperature: 17-29℃ (62.6-84.2℉)
  • Warmest Month: June, August; Hottest City: Aswan: 26-41℃ (79-106℉)
  • Coolest Month: January; Coldest City: Faiyum: 4.3-18.9℃ (39.7-66.0℉)
  • What is the weather like in Egypt?
    Most areas of Egypt are tropical desert climate with high temperature during the day but a large temperature differences between day and night. The Nile Delta and the northern coastal areas have Mediterranean climate; it is hot and dry in summer from June to September, and mild and humid in winter from December to February.
  • Best time to visit: October to February
Egypt Seasons - Temperature & Clothing Guide
  • Spring
    March - May
    Clothes to Wear:
    Breathable clothes like cotton and linen material in the daytime. Get ready mask for possible sandstorm.
  • Summer
    June - September
    Clothes to Wear:
    Cool summer clothes for the day.  Get ready sunscreen & sun protective clothes for comfort.
  • Autumn
    October - November
    Clothes to Wear:
    T-shirt and shorts for the day.  However, thin sweater or a jacket and jeans for the night in case of cold.
  • Winter
    December - February
    Clothes to Wear:
    Short sleeve top and shorts are OK for daytime. And overcoat or a sweater is needed in the evening.
Monthly Weather of Egypt - Temperature & Rainfall
Sandstorm in Egypt
Every year from late March to May, there is a sandstorm call “Pentecostal wind” by local people, which carries sand and gravel and bring great inconvenience to tourists.
Regional Weather of Egypt
Southern Egypt
  • Major Destinations: Aswan, Luxor, Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada
  • Weather Review: Southern Egypt has a tropical desert climate. It is always dry and hot, especially in summer, with large temperature differences between day and night, strong sunshine and many sandstorms.
  • Travel Recommendation: The best months for traveling to the Red Sea is from June to September. The sea water temperature is the most comfortable during this period, so it is excellent to snorkel and dive in the Red Sea. Lying on the red sea beach, tourists can feel the warm sunshine and fresh sea breeze.

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Northern Egypt
  • Major Destinations: Cairo, Alex
  • Weather Review: Northern Egypt has a Mediterranean climate. Mild during the winter with abundance of precipitation. In summer, though, it is hot and dry with little rainfall. Cairo's climate combines the characteristics of Mediterranean climate and tropical desert climate. Because of the feature of Mediterranean climate, the temperature in the coldest month is less than 10℃ (50℉); meanwhile it has much more rainfall at this time. However, the precipitation in other months is very little and the temperature is very high, which is also very similar to the tropical desert climate.
  • Travel Recommendation: The climate is mild with less harsher sunshine during December to February, the peak tourist season.  Visitors will not feel hot walking on the seaside avenue in Alexandria in the afternoon due to the cool breeze.
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