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Aswan Nightlife

The most that any traveler gets about exploring the nightlife in Aswan is sitting on a rooftop terrace and admiring the moon in the clear sky, or enjoying a three square meal in a Nile-side restaurant. However, you are going to unfold some of the great treasures of the night in Aswan. We prepared some of the incredible things to try and a few handpicked restaurants that you should not miss when you are visiting Aswan.  Let us begin the night journey:

Night Shows

Light and Sound Show at Philae
Light and Sound Show at Philae Temple
People have a very different view when it comes to exploring at night. You will be surprised to know that as the sun goes down in Aswan, the city becomes lively; you will love the intruding night shows that reflect the interest folklore theme of the show. If you love knowing about archeological and cultural facts, then the night show has a lot of history to offer.

Another incredible place to be after sundown can be the stunning Philae temple complex. They have some of the spectacular light and sound show to astonish any viewer. The show follows some dramatic theme and stunning multimedia representation along with living narration for every focus.

Apart from the light and sound show, Aswan nightlife also offers something special to the music lovers. You can attend some live music performances in places like Ferial Gardens, famous Nubian starts, other vocalists perform in this place, and if you are lucky, you will be able to witness their performances at night.

Night Cruises

Night Cruises on the Nile
Night Cruises on the Nile
When you are in Aswan, do not miss the Night cruise. This is the best way to get away from city life and crowd and spend some time amidst water and beautiful moon. You will love the calm and gleaming cruise ride in River Nile. These cruises have packaged and you will have to make the booking if you are willing to enjoy a night away.

Bars and Clubs

There is so much to explore in the evening in Aswan that you will be surprised by the option. To give the tourists a brilliant experience of the Aswan nightlife, most of the restaurants and bars have something special arranged for the evening and midnight. There are several places to go like the Tower Bar, New Cataract Hotel’s Night Club. These places do not just offer good food but also a great mode of entertainment. You can enjoy small dance performances, music, and tap feet in the night disco.

Three Recommended cafes and Restaurants for nightlife in Aswan-

1. El Pasha Coffee Shop

You must have seen this café in most of the hang out places in Aswan. The café is famous for having the seating arrangement in the water edges and that for the premium seating.  They brew fresh coffee serves with Hookah of your choice, because of its breathtaking view of the River Nile and delicious food, this place is perfect for an evening hangout.

Where- Corniche al-Nile, Aswan

2. Rooftop Terrace

This is another rooftop restaurant that has an amazing ambience and is most favorite for tourists. This place contributes a lot to the nightlife in Aswan for all the right reasons. Try to reach this place before sunset to get the view of the incredible sunset and spend some time chilling.

Where- Shar' an El Fanadek, Aswan

3. Panorama Bar

This is a contemporary bar and the seating arrangement in this place will spoil you with choices. They have seating in four different sides, out to the tombs of the nobles, up or down the river, or across to the cornice. The USP of this place is the panoramic view of this place.

Apart from these, Aswan also has a night market that busies after sundown. The market in Aswan are filled with locals and tourists, you will find shops of all kinds selling various items. The visit to the night market will be an adventurous one, however, to make sure you are not overpaying, make sure you haggle.

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