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A Practical Guide on What to Pack for Egypt Travel

Egypt is fascinating, and almost always included in the bucket list of travel-hungry explorers. The Egypt trip could be an adventure of a lifetime for you. You will be greeted by heat, humidity, dehydration, and constant thirst for water. Overall, a lot of the adventure depends on Egypt packing list. It is primarily an Islamic country with a conservative bent of mind. The Coptic Contingency group is equally traditional. Ideally, in Egypt, it is recommended to wear something that covers your knees and shoulders. Moreover, women should stick to this rule more strictly (and try to avoid crop tops and too-short shorts).

Women can wear summer dresses and western wear in cities like Cairo or inside the coastal resorts of Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh. But, in the southern regions of Egypt, a revealing outfit might call in unwanted attention or catcalls.

Before sorting out your Egypt packing list, you have to remember a few things:

The Climate Ranges from Dry to Extremely Dry

Since Egypt is located on the Saharan Desert plains, the weather mostly varies from dry to extremely dry. Occasional showers are expected.

1. Sand is everywhere

Again, being a desert country, you can expect sand everywhere while touring Egypt. You will find it stealthily seeping into your shoes and clothes during your trip. Better you make peace with it, as soon as possible.

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2. High temperature

Even during the peak tourist season, the mercury will climb. During the mid of the day, the temperature could rise to 40? / 104? (and that is a favorable climate in Egypt). You might feel exhausted and should hydrate yourself more often.

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3.  Wearing moderately conservative costumes

Being an Islamic nation, your Egypt packing list should include attire that covers your body. Western guests, especially women, can wear summer dresses and swimsuits inside their resorts at Hurghada, and Sharm El-Sheikh. However, while sightseeing sticking to conservative dressing is recommended.

4. Drink a lot of water

Since the weather is dry, with excessive heat, you will feel dehydrated and thirsty more often. Try to carry water along with you while traveling. Although reliable tour operators often include drinking water in their tour package, there is no harm in carrying hydrating liquids (water, or juices) along with you.

5. Tight spaces

In Egypt, sometimes come across tight spaces during your sightseeing ventures. Especially while exploring the pyramids, you might have to pass through constricted quarters, humidity, and heat. People with claustrophobia or difficulty in the tight square, need to keep this in mind while planning the trip.

What to Pack for Egypt?

One of the prime pointers for Egypt packing list, or any other travel itinerary, is packing in a pair of face masks and sanitizers for your travel. In the current world scenario, these are must-haves.

Now, let’s talk about choosing the right travel baggage and what to pack for Egypt including electric plugs in Egypt. If you are a solo traveler, then investing in a good travel backpack could be a lifesaver. For travelers with kids or couples, choose certified sturdy baggage that can pack your essentials as well as clothing without much hassle.

Carry-on baggage is highly recommended for family travelers and couples. Also, try to invest in a waterproof variant, to protect your clothes from getting wet. Shopping enthusiasts can carry an extra duffle bag for shopping pursuits.

Apart from that, you have to carry a few essentials to protect your electronics. Travelers from the United States will require a converter and a universal plug for charging most of their gadgets. Try to invest in super lightweight and small plugs that do not take up more space in the bag. Headphones, or earplugs, are recommended for long flights. And, get yourself a travel gear organizer to seamlessly organize electronic cables including electric plugs in Egypt tour.

P.S: A note to European travelers, the power outlets in the country do not come with circular receptacles. Do factor in this point while packing your electronics and outlet adapters.

List of Toiletries to Pack

Being a frequently visited destination for tourists, you will find most of the toiletries at a local shop. But, if you are too much attached to your brand, or do not want to spend time on toiletry shopping, then here are the few things you can pack in your travel kit.

•  Sunscreen
•  Face and body lotion, and Face wash
•  Moisturizer
•  Toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss
•  Deodorant
•  Medications
•  Body wash, shampoo, and conditioner
•  Feminine hygiene products
•  Hairbrush, scrunchies and hair ties

What to Pack for Egypt - Clothing List

This is a general outline of clothing to include while packing for Egypt. You can tweak the list accordingly.

Clothing for Women (For 10 days trip)
3-5 Pairs
Walking Shoes (Flip Flops are optinal)
1 Pair
Ankle-length pants (Loose fitting preferred)
2 Pairs
Ankle length skirt (Optional)
1 Pair
Tunic style tops (Preferably wrist length with modest neckline)
2 Pair
Scarves (Lightweight)
2 Pairs
Scarf Pin
1 Pair
1 Pair
2 Pairs
Swimsuit with cover up (Optional)
2 Pairs

Clothing for Men (For 10 days trip)
Underwear/Boxers/ Briefs
3-5 Pairs
Walking Shoes (Flip Flops are optional)
1 Pair
Ankle-length pants (Loose fitting preferred)
2 Pairs
Tee Shirts (preferable a mix of long and short sleeves)
3 Pairs
Long sleeves shirt (Optional)
2 Pairs
1 Pair
Swim trunks (Optional)
1 Pair
2 Pairs

Apart from this, you will need some warm sweatshirt for cool evenings. Also, try to pack in hats into your luggage for sun and heat protection.

The Egypt packing list can continue for eons, and yet on your travel, you might get hassled. Ideally, dressing respectfully is a good idea. Also, indulge in hiring an experienced guide and reliable travel insurance.

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