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Is It Safe to Travel to Egypt?

The interesting thing about Egypt is that it has been and still is on most of travelers bucket list. People just want to explore this incredible place with tons of ancient historical attractions and gigantic pyramids in the capital of the country. Does that sound attractive to you? Well without any second thought, no one would disagree that the place has a certain charm that has enhanced tourism to this place. However, there are often a few episodes that compelled us to produce this topic on Egypt, people are constantly worried about their safety and want to know just one thing: is it safe to travel to Egypt?

If you are thinking about planning a trip to Egypt, then you came across the right post to clear your doubts. Everybody has a different concept of safety, and it highly depends on the traveler too, whether you are travelling solo, with a partner, or with friends/friend. To start with, we created this post keeping in mind all the categories of travelers. So you opened this post with a question in mind “is it safe to travel to Egypt?”, then you are about to find out the answer.

Why People Will Warn You over Traveling to Egypt?

Before you find out the answer to the question, you ought to know why people say what they say. Why people are scared to travel and the reason why there is so much rumor about the safety in Egypt. The danger that is created for a long time now has roots from back in 2011 or 2014. We collected some important incidence over the years that has created this question is it safe to travel to Egypt? These events will help you understand the reason.

•  May 2, 2014, is the day when a bomb was found on a tourist bus in Sharm El Sheikh, and resulted in killing one tourist and four people were seriously injured.

•  October 31, 2015 – the tourism peace between Russia and Egypt were interrupted because a Russian plane was bombed while it was leaving Sharm EL Sheikh. As a result, Russian discontinued and stopped all the flights since then.

•  January 8, 2016 – there was an attack on the tourists at Hurghada and the same was repeated in 2017 when a German stabbed many tourists on popular site. This really affected the tourism in Egypt.

•  December 29, 2018 – there was a bomb attack again that killed around 3 Vietnamese on the popular Pyramid of Giza.

•  May 19, 2019 – again a bomb injured few tourists near the popular site of Giza.

These incidences have changed the mindset of many people willing to travel to Egypt.

How Safe Is Egypt Anyway?

We mentioned the incidence so that you have a background to why people ask is it safe to travel to Egypt, and now you know why. There is another side to this story, and the truth is that over a decade now things have got better and the country made a lot of changes in the security system for tourists and the locals as a whole. To give you the good news after the elaborate description is that Egypt now 100% safe to travel, and the country has seen healthy growth in its tourism for years now. The large part of the country, especially, the capital welcomes tourists from around the world with open arms. Egypt is safe when you are well prepared with your travel destination in the country and safety measures for being a smart explorer.

1. The Egyptians are said to be very friendly and are passionate to help others when it comes to difficult situations. They are mostly much grounded and have a deep love for their country which signifies they wouldn’t let anything wrong happen to their guest from another country.

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2. The country is in dire need for tourism and over the decade they seem to have realized this fact.

3. The small cities like Aswan and Luxor are very disconnected from controversies and problems, you will find honest people trying to make their living by small businesses.

4. It sounds weird but most of the people in smaller cities are pretty much disconnected from the revolution happening in the country.

5. The tour operators and taxi drivers are friendly people trying to help you explore the country without any wrong intentions.

Now if you travel to Egypt, you will find extensive security everywhere and no funny business anywhere near the popular tourist destinations. The registrations and bookings have alternatives online and you will be amazed how organized they are.

Best Time to Visit Egypt

To make sure you are having fun during your visit is a planned thing. If you plan to visit Egypt at the right time, then you will able to enjoy exploring the country in the best possible way. To give you an open suggestion, visit Egypt between October and April, the temperature is moderate and you will be able to visit places without cursing the sun.

Safety Tips for Egypt

Since your core question is it safe to travel to Egypt, and we hope we answered that question for you, here are few safety tips that we assembled to give you something to take back home. You just need to be a little mindful when you are exploring the country. In simple words, be careful, alert and prepared.

•  Do the research ahead of time
•  Don’t be skeptical to get a cab
•  Join a tour to save time and money, and its considered safe for solo travelers
•  Travel with a companion
•  Dress modestly and act a little conservative for an easy travel journey

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These details will help you clear any second thoughts you had over visiting Egypt. Be mindful of visiting places and prepared for good or bad. Carry your essentials and take your camera along to capture the brilliant architecture of this ancient country. You will love every bit of Egypt as every nook and corner radiate with ancient history and culture.  

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