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Aswan Transportation

Before reaching your destination, in fact, before even planning for a vacation, the first thing that disturbs you is transportation. Now that you have finally decided to visit Egypt and all the surrounding destinations, then let us help you know more about Aswan transportation. The tourist often gets confused and overpay for getting around or even reaching Aswan. You get various options for transportation like taxis, cars, ferry, trains, subway, and other chartered vehicles.  Since the taxis here do not have any meter, make sure you are settling the price before climbing on the cab.

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Local Transportation

You will find the local transportation convenient but not as convenient as the private one. Aswan is not a huge city, it is reasonably small and on top of which you get various roots to reach various places. Most of the city is easily reached and accessible to the public. Train and taxis can easily cover the city. The routes and fare are reasonable, and you will often find a good deal with taxis and enough trains routes to take you to popular destinations in Aswan.

We have divided this topic into 2 different parts, how to reach Aswan? And how to get around in the city, here is everything you need to know about Aswan Transportation.

1. How to Reach Aswan?

By Air

Aswan Train
Aswan has its own international airport with domestic and international terminals. The airport has flights to and from major cities. The airport is called Daraw Airport and it is around 16 km (10 mi) southwest to the center of Aswan.

Estimated Price:
The lowest flight for Nile air will cost you around $45 to cover the distance between Cairo-Aswan.  (The prices may vary in different seasons)

By Train

You must have heard about the famous sleeper trains that run at night, and they serve from 5 pm in various timings to cover most of the main routes in Egypt including Aswan.  The train serves good food and it even has air condition based on the prices you pay.

Estimated Price:
The first-class train between Cairo-Aswan will cost around LE81 ($15/GBP9) per person. However, the prices will vary based on the services and seasons.

2. Getting Around in Aswan

Once you have reached Aswan, and got an idea about Aswan transportation, you will need to know how to get around in the city without overspending, and that alone is an art to learn. We will give you the three major modes of Aswan transportation that most of the travelers use while exploring the city.

By Felucca

The very simple example of Felucca is that they are Egyptian Wooden boats in various shapes and sizes with canvas sail. The reason why you should definitely take the Felucca fir a ride is that Aswan has the boarding point. The price of riding on a Felucca is customized based on the season and number of people.

Felucca in Aswan
Felucca in Aswan

Taxi in Aswan
Taxi in Aswan

By Taxi

Taxi is one of the cheapest modes of transportation in Egypt, you can take an all-day taxi tour at an affordable price near Aswan at around LE10 to LE20. It will be a complete value for money and you will enjoy the ride.

By Chartered Vehicle

If you like cycling, then Aswan transportation has something special for you. There are some locations you can explore near the train station of Sharia As Souq. You can pay around LE20 a day for a bike and take it for a ride to explore the surrounding. You will find various bike rental services that offer different prices for a different bike, and to give you a heads up, they are all affordable. To add up to Aswan transportation, you will also see microbuses on the major roads.

Hope these details about Aswan transportation can help you to decide and plan better; do not forget to carry essentials and most importantly, your sun block cream to protect you from harsh sun rays. We do not want anything to come in between you and exploring the city.

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