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Hurghada Travel Guide

Hurghada Travel 1 photos

Name: Hurghada
Area: Stretches for 36km (22 mi) along the seacoast
Population: 261,714
Language: Egyptian Arabic
Country: Egypt
Currency: Egyptian Pound
Time Zone: UTC+2 (EET)
Religions and Beliefs: Muslim

Lies in the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt, Hurghada spreads for 36 km (22 mi) along the sea coast. Hurghada was founded in the early 20th century and it was crucially a small fishing village. Hurghada is now a developed tourist town that attracts European and other foreign tourists. The tourists can enjoy the sightseeing while enjoying the Hurghada travel and these resorts also prepares some adventure excursion for the tourists. These includes snorkelling, diving, wind surfing, scuba diving etc. Various tour and travel companies also developed for the same reason, who also plans desert safaris and cruise rides to the beautiful Islands of Hurghada.

Hurghada Map
Best Places to Visit
All Hurghada Destinations

Hurghada tourists from all over the world for its attractive water bodies, large spread of warm deserts, beaches, outstanding islands etc. Hurghada travel plans will also be incomplete without the visit to the Bedouin villages, some adventurous diving and snorkelling and cruise journeys to the island. Hurghada travel can be a package of comfort and adventure with the colourful and unique destinations. There are various tour and travel companies in Hurghada that are ready to help the tourists to enjoy the Hurghada tour. Situated in the Red Sea along the shoreline of Hurghada, Giftun Islands is great places to amuse yourself with varieties of fishes and colorful corals in the clear crystal water.

Best Time to Visit Hurghada: April-June & September-November

Hurghada is a winter escape for many foreign tourists who chalk out their Hurghada travel plan to enjoy the warm hot weather of Hurghada. The best time to visit Hurghada is between the month of April and June or between September and November. The temperature during these months are not extremely high and the hot temperature is at a moderate range of 28 degrees Celsius (82.4 ℉) to 35 degrees Celsius (95 ℉). The temperature of the water rises up to 29 degrees Celsius and it is perfect for enjoying swimming or sun bath.

7-Day Hurghada Weather Forecast

Ranking List of Hurghada Food

Tourists must try some traditional Egyptian food while on a visit to Hurghada. There is various local restaurant that serves the delicious traditional dishes. The Egyptian cuisine is famous for its breads. Basbousa is a traditional Egyptian dessert that is made topped with nuts and soaking syrup. Fattah is a common dish of Egypt that one can try while enjoying their Hurghada travel journey. It is a rice delicacy that is traditional served with various other ingredients and tomato sauce. Also, Bataw is one of the staple breads that tourists can try.

  • Om Yassin KitchenEl Kawthar, Hurghada. Om Yassin literally means Yassin’s Mother and this place aims to serve some authentic Egyptian food imbibed with the local, homely taste. It is famous for its Fattah, stuffed pigeons, grilled chicken and Egyptian Desserts.
  • Star FishSheraton Road, Hurghada. This is one of the known seafood restaurant of Hurghada that serves fresh prawns, calamari, clams, etc.
  • Thai GardenEl Mamsha, Hurghada. This one of the old restaurants of Hurghada and it is famous among Hurghada locals. This restaurant is famous for its fresh ambience and delicious Thai food.
Where to Stay in Hurghada

The above three hotels are well-reviewed for you to stay in Hurghada. Hurghada travel plan will be incomplete without a stay in the luxurious, beautiful resorts and hotels of Hurghada. Titanic Royal is located by the Red Sea and is one of the most finest and luxurious hotel in Hurghada. The beaches are an important part of the Hurghada travel and tourists often try to stay near the beaches like the Orange beach and Albatros White beach. The resorts also lie near the beaches and tourists can choose one from them.

White mini vans called mini bus area available within Hurghada for the use of the locals and for the tourists. These mini buses a common in Hurghada and they usually travel from one destination to another, following a particular route. The mini buses usually charge a fare f 2 Egyptian pounds on small rides. The taxi services are also common in Hurghada but tourists must be careful with the fares. The fares usually range from 10-25 Egyptian pounds, if one travels to some nearby destination. It is advisable to that tourists must decide the fare before taking a ride as the taxi drivers can be deceptive especially with the foreigners. Long distance taxi rides are also available.

Tourists can easily travel from the Hurghada airport to the city. It is a 12 min journey from the airport to Hurghada. One can hire a taxi that will cover this 7.4 miles and will charge a fare of 46.05 Egyptian pounds to 55.52 Egyptian Pound.

Top Shopping Markets
  • Sheraton Street:  First Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt. This street has various local shops and tourist can gather some souvenirs from this market. The place is less crowded and one can enjoy a comfortable shopping experience.
  • Ad-Dahar:  Second Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt. Tourists can collect some jewellery made from silver, coral or other precious stones from the Souq area of Ad-Dahar.
  • Senzo Mall:  Hurghada, Red Sea. This is one of the most famous mall of Hurghada. It houses various supermarkets, cinema halls, restaurants, various popular retail bands etc., making it a perfect spot for families and it also has a pay area to entertain Kids.

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