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How to Travel from Delhi to Jaipur: Air, Bus, or Train

Delhi, the capital city of the country and Jaipur, the ‘Pink City’ of the country are two important vertices of the ‘Golden Triangle’ in the country which comprise of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The most planned city visited with or after Delhi and by people residing around Delhi is Jaipur due to its vicinity as compared to various other famous centers of the country.

The journey from Delhi to Jaipur can be covered by three options - Airways, Roadways, and Railways. Every mode of transport has its own pros and cons depending on the type and number of travelers. See also 4 Best Weekend Getaways from Delhi

India Gate
India Gate, Delhi

City Palace, Jaipur
City Palace, Jaipur

Delhi to Jaipur by Airways:

Away by the aerial distance of 241 km (150mi), travelling to Jaipur from Delhi by flight takes the shortest time as compared to other modes of transport. Delhi has the Indira Gandhi International Airport, which caters to the airway, and is situated at a distance of 20 - 25 km (12-16mi) from the center of Delhi in a southwest direction from the city.

The time of the flight journey, with the direct route, will be from 55 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes. The major operating airlines which offer flight services from Delhi to Jaipur are Air Asia, IndiGo, SpiceJet and Air India. The price of the air ticket from Delhi to Jaipur, when booked in advance, for the economy, will ideally begin with INS 1299 and extend to INS 7000 and more depending on the flight services and time of the flight journey. However, when the booking is done last minute, the price for the flight ticket will begin from INS 2500 and extend up to INS 10,000 or more.

The cost of the air ticket is subjected to increase depending on the festivities such as Holi, Diwali, Christmas or New Year. It might also vary for different days of the week, like, on the weekdays from Monday night to Friday, it will be less expensive and from Friday to early Monday morning, it will be more in comparison.

On covering the journey from Delhi to Jaipur, the aircraft arrives at Jaipur International Airport, which is based in the Sanganer region near Jaipur, which is at a distance of 12 kilometres from the centre of Jaipur city.

★ Delhi to Jaipur by Roadways:

Delhi to Jaipur by Bus
Delhi to Jaipur by Bus
A very important element of travelling from one charming city to another is ‘Romancing the roads’. So, from a solo traveler to a group of family and friends, buses can be the classic mode of transport to visually observe the alteration in the weather, roads, people, trees, fragrances, and the surrounding environment.

So, travelling to Jaipur from Delhi via bus is an interesting mode. Around 192 buses travel from Delhi to Jaipur throughout the day and night. These include buses from private tour operators which include deluxe buses and Volvo, and roughly 30 buses which are a mode of public transport under Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC).

The total time of the bus journey, which covers a distance of 268 km (167mi) on the road, will be around 5 hours to 7 hours and 30 minutes depending on the route, a number of halts and the dropping and boarding points involved in the journey. On some buses, there is a halt of 20-25 minutes for refreshment.

The price of the bus ticket varies according to a number of factors which include the type of seat or sleeper chosen, whether the bus is A/C or Non-A/C and whether the bus is operated by a private company or Rajasthan state transport services. For RSRTC buses, the ticket fare ranges from INS 272 - INS 900, which is subjected to the choice of seater or sleeper.

For private tour operators, the price of the ticket varies from INS 209 - INS 1300. It depends on the brand of the private tour and the selection of the seat. The major bus operators are Gujarat Travels, Shakti Travels, Mahalaxmi Travels ISO 9001.2015, Maharani Travels, Dashmesh Travels, Goldline Super Deluxe, Expresso, Gulzar Tours and Travels, Vijay Tours and Travels, Rishabh Travels and many more. The higher prices are subjected to the luxurious services provided like charging point, water bottle, Wifi, blankets, pillow, reading light and CCTV surveillance.

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★ Delhi to Jaipur by Railways:

Delhi to Jaipur by Railway
Delhi to Jaipur by Train
The railway journey of a minimum distance of 288 km (179mi) from Delhi to Jaipur is covered by about 29 trains on a weekly basis. Delhi has a number of stations that have the route towards Jaipur - New Delhi Station, Old Delhi Station, Delhi S Rohilla, and Shahdara. The time taken for the trains to complete the journey from Delhi to Jaipur may vary from 4 hours and 35 minutes to 9 hours and 35 minutes, depending on the speed of the train and the route taken by the train.

A definite number of 10 trains traverse the journey from Delhi to Jaipur on an everyday basis. Some of the popular trains are Jammu Ajmer Junction Express, Ranikhet Express which starts from Kathgodam to Jaisalmer, and Ajmer Shatabdi which starts from New Delhi to Dauria. Ashram Express which has the journey from Delhi to Ahmedabad, Mandor Express which travels from Delhi to Jodhpur and Yoga Express which travels from Haridwar to Ahmedabad.

The price of the railway ticket depends on the type of seat from second sitting to A/C three-tier, A/C two-tier, A/C one tier and Sleeper. So, the price range for the tickets is INS 213 - INS 1386. Travelling from Delhi to Jaipur is one of the divergent experiences. For the fastest journey from Delhi to Jaipur, the airway is the apt mode of transport. For the most economical budget, railways is the age-old classical mode, which can be highly preferred when travelling in a group.

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