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10 Best Jaipur Foods to Try

Visit Jaipur for polo and enjoy horse riding, for its festival of kites and fill up with colors taking flight and hearty kite fights. But don’t just fill up yourself with just this. There’s Jaipur’s food to be tried and savored. Each morsel dipped in culture and the goodness of rich heritage that Jaipur is made up of.

Jaipur is counted for its food as it is for its culture, heritage, craftsmanship, and imperial imprints from the past. If you are a food lover and cherish good food times then Jaipur is the place for you to venture out and try exquisite food from palaces and streets alike. This is an experience of a lifetime that will have you returning for more.

Hearty Jaipur Meal

Jaipur Cuisine

Jaipur cuisine is influenced by the rich abundance of spices, especially chilly, in this region and the warlike lives its ancestor lived. The water-scarce region produces the best variety of really fierce chilies and cooks with less to no water, the mystery behind its super-hot and fiery gravies.

Also since unavailability of fresh green vegetables, a lot of dishes are made of meat, grains, and are lentils based. The food from this belt has a higher shelf life and could be eaten without heating it, as against the Indian food that requires heating before eating. Jaipur and Rajasthan as a whole are known for hospitality. It is an experience to be a guest at a restaurant or a family, to be pampered with good spicy food that thrills the palate.

Here is a guide that covers the best Jaipur foods from the local chulhas of remote villages to the poshest kitchens that serve drool-worthy local cuisine both rich and from the Earth.

1. Kachori:

Pyaaz ki Kachori
Crisp Kachori
Jaipur has its own numbers of varieties of kachoris to tickle the taste buds. Urad ki kachori (stuffed with soaked and fried lentils), fried crisp and flaky, is served with fresh thick curd and is flavored with asafoetida, a common street food. This is Jaipur’s favorite breakfast. The other variety of kachori is the onion kachori (stuffed with fried onion and mashed potatoes) and accompanied with green chutney. Yummy.

2. Mawa Kachori:

A bit out of line from the spicy kachori clan is this sweet delicacy. Filled with mawa (milk dried to solid consistency) and dried fruits like almonds, pistachios, and cashews, this is an authentic Jaipur sweet. Sugar syrup lends it its sweetness and saffron add the aroma and nice color. In all, it is a must-try Jaipur food.

3. Bejad roti and curry:

A wholesome lunch or dinner, this is a dish full of nutrients and a complete meal. The Bejad roti (Indian bread) is famous at Chandpole market and is made of a mix of barley flour, chickpea flour, and wheat flour into a soft dough and cooked in clay ovens.

It is best served with garlic chutney, green pickle, and buttermilk. However, what enhances the experience is the potato and onion curry in Indian style cooked in cream. Keep your tummy ready for this gastronomic roller coaster ride and you cannot miss one of the best Jaipur foods.

4. Dal Baati with Churma:

Specially prepared bread, shaped like a ball and deep-fried, is served with sweet and sour daal (lentil) with lots of ghee. Dal baati, green chutney, and lightly sweet churma is the lovely trio that is going to fill up for a long time.

5. Junglee Maas:

This is meat fried in pure ghee and added with a lot of red chilly. Goes well with Bajra (millet) roti, junglee maas is succulent, soft meat preparation, perfectly cooked to melt in the mouth. This one is the best Jaipur food to try for the meat lovers.

6. Laal Maas:

Tender lamb pieces slow and long-cooked to a thick, spicy fiery hot gravy. Best accompaniment is the buttered bajra roti cooked in tandoor. M.I. Road and Vaishali Nagar host some of the best restaurants specializing Laal Maas and Junglee Maas.

7. Namkeen Sev:

A variety of sev, eaten as a snack or with curry, this is an omnipresent ingredient used in chaats and other recipes. The sight of sev getting deep-fried is a sight to behold and aroma to keep. This is a dry item and can be stored for several weeks in airtight containers. You can take this back home and savor for a longer time. No wonder it is on the list of the top Jiapur foods to try.

8. Bajra Roti with Lahsun Chutney:

Translated into millet bread with hot garlic paste, this is one to experiment, especially if you are in Jaipur in winters. This one is going to give you warmth to survive Jaipur winter and open up all the seven chakras.

9. Ghewar:

Rajasthan has a sweet tooth and it is evident in the variety of sweets and the time that Rajasthan eats its sweets. Locals enjoy sweets anytime and every time. Sweets like malpuas, and bikaneri rasgullas, ghewar, moong dal ki burfi (flat cakes from lentils garnished with dried fruits) are a part of their everyday life.

10. Mirchi Vada:

Mirchi (chilly) is the dominant spice. Urad dal (soaked lentils fried in cakes) vadas with perfectly balanced chilly are the required kick to freshen up mornings and rejuvenate evenings. These go well with green chutney (paste).

Bonus Tip

Gatte ki Sabji: This is a curry preparation to be eaten with Indian bread or roti. Gatta is prepared using gram flour and soaked in the curry for that rustic flavor. Jaipur can also serve you the offbeat papad ki sabji and also rasgulle (a sweet) ki sabji, definitely for the experimental lot.

No wonder Jaipur is a beautiful city with a proud heritage. The city lives by the adage – there is nothing that food can’t fix. At least for Jaipur people, it does. Jaipur’s taste lasts longer than the memories of its places, after all, being spoiled with choice in food is the perfect form of flattery. And Jaipur knows pretty well how to flatter its guests with best foods.

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