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Delhi to Jaipur by Bus

Jaipur and Delhi are both the attractive and alluring destinations for travelers. Travelling between Delhi and Jaipur has become quite easy in the past few years. The easy road connectivity, the increase in the number of trains and flights has made it quite easier to travel to Jaipur. Traveling Delhi to Jaipur by bus is convenient and affordable. There are many online private and government bus services that are provided to travelers.

Delhi to Jaipur Bus

If you’re travelling from Delhi to Jaipur bus, there are almost 170 buses that are running between the two places. It takes about 6 hours to reach from Delhi to Jaipur and there are various buses that are being run by the RSRTC such as the express bus that departs at 00:30 hours from Delhi and the last RSRTC bus is the Volvo from Delhi to Jaipur that leaves at 23:58 hours from Delhi.

Most people travel from Delhi to Jaipur by bus as Delhi is the main spot for foreign tourists to land at the international airport. You can take an airport shuttle service to reach the bus station and from there you can take the bus to Jaipur. And when in Jaipur, there are two bus stations in Jaipur where you can board the bus from, Narayan Singh Circle and the Sindhi Camp bus stand.

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How and Where to Book Tickets

Online applications have now provided the feature of booking the return tickets at an affordable price, similar to flights, that makes it easier for tourists to travel.

Delhi to Jaipur bus is a pocket-friendly and convenient deal as the Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) runs air-conditioned and non-air conditioned buses connecting Jaipur and Delhi. Deluxe buses are also made available by RSRTC. There are many private buses running from Delhi to Jaipur. These private Delhi to Jaipur bus cost you extra bucks but the journey is surely comfortable and fun.

You can visit the RSRTC website and book online tickets directly from the website. The RSRTC provides the e-ticketing services where you can sign in with your email account and log in for fetching details related to the bus services. The RSRTC mobile app is also available that you can download for accessing and booking the bus tickets. This ticket booking system helps you find buses and route information and also help you check the availability of seats and the price range for the buses.

There is a secure payment and cancellation system that will help you to quickly book or cancel the tickets with a single tap. With all these online application platforms coming up, it has become quite easier for travelers to search and book buses between Delhi and Jaipur or other parts of Rajasthan.

From ordinary buses to express, deluxe, A.G. Gandhi Rath, A.C., and A.G. Sleeper to Volvo- Pantry, Volvo-Mercedes, Volvo-LCD, Volvo-Pantry, and VOLVO- LCD-Pantry bus services are available for all category of passengers. There are 5,000 public buses and 56 depots across the state of Rajasthan and 3 depots outside the state i.e. Ahmedabad, Indore, and Delhi.


The fare ranges from ₹299 to ₹399 based on the type of buses. The A.C. buses provide amenities such as water bottles, blankets, pillow, charging point and reading light.

Safety Tips to Follow

However, during a bus ride for long distances, while talking to people use your discretion and don’t carry a lot of cash around with you. Make a photocopy for your passport or documents and keep them handy. And while travelling either long or short distances, make sure you know the detailed route while travelling, Note all the emergency numbers with you to be safe just in case some mishappenings happen. In India, 112 is the all-in-one emergency number, for fire its 101, for police its 102 and for an ambulance, the emergency number is 103.

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