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Delhi to Jaipur by Car: Best Route Plans, Fare Details, and Tips

Jaipur attracts tourists from across the world, being a site of historical and natural importance, this place can keep everybody interested. Jaipur is accessible by air, road, and railways. For foreign travelers, New Delhi Airport, formally called Indira Gandhi International Airport, is the nearest international airport if you are not arriving Jaipur directly by air. Jaipur International Airport also has flights to and from many other countries.

India Gate
India Gate, Delhi

Maharaja City Palace, Jaipur, India
City Palace, Jaipur

Traffic Ways from Delhi to Jaipur

Once you get down at Delhi Airport, there are three ways to reach Jaipur – air, rail, and roadways. There are many entry points from various parts of the country apart from Delhi. The closest being Delhi and Agra. However, you can reach Jaipur from practically any part of the country as the city is well-connected by all means of travel.

Looking at the traffic, the Indian Railways runs more than 20 direct trains to serve the ever-growing traffic between the two cities. Trains take around 4 hours. This is an optimal way since the train fares in India are the lowest of all the three ways to reach Jaipur. Delhi and Jaipur are directly connected by flight too. The flight takes only an hour to touch Jaipur base. Flights take less time than any other conveyance but are the costliest option. However, the road trip from Delhi to Jaipur by car is well worth trying.
Car Tour from Delhi to Jaipur
Car Tour from Delhi to Jaipur

Delhi to Jaipur by Car

Taxis in Jaipur are mostly preferred by independent travelers who want the flexibility to work around with their itinerary. Hiring a self-driven car is an option along with the driver driven. Self-drive on a long route may leave you tired and not able to enjoy the tour. Delhi to Jaipur by road is about 268 km (167 mi) via the National Highway 48. It is a 5-hour journey from Delhi to Jaipur by car. The roads are butter smooth and a long drive lover’s delight.

Fare from Delhi to Jaipur by Car

Fare from Delhi to Jaipur by car may vary depending on the car and comfort you choose, but on an average, you can expect to spend around Rs. 4,000 for a round trip.

Best Route from Delhi to Jaipur by Road

The trip from Delhi to Jaipur by road is full of attractions that a road traveler can enjoy as pit breaks. This is one reason people prefer traveling by road. The bus ride may not give you this flexibility though. For this, a private or rented car is recommended. On the way, 45 km (28 mi) from Delhi and 15 km (9 mi) from Gurugram, is Sultanpur National Park and Bird Sanctuary. If you have kept some time aside for these added attractions this park opens at 7.00 am and closes at 4.30 pm and is closed on Tuesdays. The park can be covered in minimum 2-3 hours. However, for an ardent bird lover, a complete day may be insufficient.

Sultanpur National Park and Bird Sanctuary
See Birds in Bird Sanctuary

Further at 70 km (43.5 mi) from Delhi is NeverEnuf Garden by Indian Railways. Interesting place for another pit stop. This garden runs scale model trains in a magical Lilliputian world. The world here is reduced to a scale of 1:22.5 and is a real-life ‘Gulliver travels’ plot. If you can manage to get the kids out of this place, 30-45 minutes it takes in the minimum to plan your exodus.

If you have more time, it is worth spending here. At around 35 km (22 mi) before Jaipur and close to Neemrana Highway is ancient Vrindavan Palace. Historical, architectural and religiousness all in one place. These are well-maintained gardens surrounding the old Radha Krishna temple inside. Next stop is Jaipur, of course.

Easy Route via Agra

Another easy road trip is through Agra. Jaipur is 240 km (149 mi) from Agra by road and it takes around 4 hours to reach Jaipur. With some extra time in hand and your own/rented vehicle, you can visit Fatehpur Sikri at just 35 km (22 mi) diversion from Agra. The bus journey may get a bit uneasy especially during summers because of unbearable heat in this region. Travelling from Agra to Jaipur in a taxi can cost you around Rs. 4,000 for a round trip.

During summers train or air route is preferable. There are many direct trains between Agra and Jaipur, on an average of three trains per day of the week to cover the distance in just 4 hours. You can find, Express, Superfast, and Shatabdi trains plying on this route. Flights are via Delhi - no direct flight from Jaipur to Agra- which means it will take at least 7 hours.

Rail and flight booking has been made easy by many travel companies. Indian Railways offers a secure and convenient online ticketing service through IRCTC for railway ticket booking. Should you need to travel at very short notice then the railways offer Tatkal Scheme under which tickets can be booked one day in advance. This is charged at a premium rate but quite handy in case you have an emergency, have planned late or want to make any last-minute changes.

Tips to Hire A Car:

Rent a Private Car
Hire a Private Car in Good Condition
•  Always hire a car or taxi from a reliable and well-known service. Two major taxi service providers in Jaipur are Ola or Uber.

•  Local cab services may cost less, but are not always properly trained in customer handling, and may not be reliable. Radio cabs, on the other hand, are safe and GPS tracked. They take the smallest routes and have fixed per kilometer charges which again is monitored.

•  Book taxis through mobile apps for peace of mind and do it one or two hours in advance to handle any last-minute cancellations.

•  Small, medium and large cars are priced at different amounts per kilometer. Choosing a car as per the number of people traveling may save some money for you.

•  The rates include fuels, state taxes, and insurance. Driver’s daily allowance (for food and accommodation may be added on to the tune of Rs. 200 – 500 per day).

•  Cabs hired from hotels are usually expensive.

•  In case of any untoward incident like a car breakdown or any discrepancies between what is agreed and being served, the business is to be held responsible and not the driver.

•  Some drivers may want to be friendly and inviting. This could be for various reasons. Keep your eyes open.

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