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Chor Bazaar: A Full Guide to the Best Flea Markets in Mumbai

One of the largest markets and one of the famous attractions in Mumbai, Chor Bazaar or the ‘Thieves market’ is the biggest flea market in the country. Apparently, the name of this market was Shor Bazaar during the British period but the word ‘shor’ became ‘chor’ as the British people mispronounced the word. So, the name Chor Bazaar.

A shopper’s utopia, Chor Bazaar in Mumbai, is the place where you can find all kinds of goods. From antiques and electronics to fashion and vintage furniture, this bustling marketplace in Mumbai is one of the busiest places where you can buy second-hand goods at quite a reasonable price.

The locals say that if you lose anything in Mumbai city, you can buy it back from Chor Bazaar. You will find many shopaholics hunting through the goods available at expendable prices. If you are a good bargainer then the shop-owners agree to sell the goods at a lower price.

See Hundreds of Used Products on Sale

Whilst, Mumbai Chor Bazaar is the perfect place for those who want to go shopping on a less budget and don’t really care about from where they are buying it, they need to know that most of the second-hand goods are available here.

Old Handicrafts, Mumbai
Old Handicrafts
Here you will find stuff that may have been stolen in the past, you never know!

Vintage goods are famous for Chor Bazaar and the old-world antiques will charm you the most. And you also don’t want to miss the mouth-watering kebabs selling on the tiny streets of Mumbai Chor Bazaar. If you are into old music records, you can find a couple of shops that can offer you records as old as 100 years!

When we were kids, we used to play this game of treasure hunting right? Shopping in Chor Bazaar is exactly like treasure hunting where you literally have to rummage through stuff to find the one you want or need. There is a fascinating myth about Queen Victoria that once her violin and some other things went missing and later it was seen on a sale at Chor Bazaar in Mumbai.

How to Reach Chor Bazaar, Mumbai

This famous place is located on Mutton Street amidst the market area between S V Patel Road and Maulana Shaukat Ali Road. The closest local railway station to this market is Grant Road station.

The shops in Chor Bazaar open from 11: AM to 7:30 PM. every day except Friday. If you wish you can visit the place on Friday. The place comes alive with the Juma market where vendors cram the lanes since morning and to get the best stuff at a very less price, you have to get there early in the morning.

Chor Bazaar is quite popular as some Bollywood films have been shot in the alleyways of this narrow street. There are two sections of this Chor Bazaar named the Mini market and the Juma market. At the Minimarket, you will find old posters and stuff related to the Bollywood industry and in the Juma market, you will find tools, furniture, and hardware.

Shop till You Drop

Indian Antiques
Indian Antiques
This 150-year-old market has a lot to offer to its customers. Looking for old handicrafts and antiques? You can find a variety of it at the Mansoori Curio Shop, at 32 Mutton Street. If searching for ornaments or trinkets, take a look at the Little Stuff Trinkets shop at 107/A Mutton Street where you will find all sorts of trinkets even made out of bronze.

You can also find a collection of bronze horns, bells, vintage kettles, and vintage birdcage.

The bronze statues of gods and goddesses are available in the market in all shapes and sizes, while some of them are quite old and embellished. Have a look in the vicinity of 95-120 Mutton Street. Lamps are also in demand at Chor Bazaar. Some old and vintage, some replicas, there are plenty of unique options to choose from such as the kerosene hurricane lamps, colonial-era lamps, crystal chandeliers and glass lamps in eye-catching color choices.

There is this Camera House at 137 Mutton Street that sells a broad range of vintage miniatures like trucks, cars, motorbikes, signs, and planes. Old biscuit tins are also there in the shop. Chor Bazaar has a place for spare car parts where you can find all sorts of car parts such as gearboxes, motors, wheels, steering wheels and turbos at a cheaper rate.

Reaching Chor Bazaar by Bus

If you plan to travel by road to reach this market, you can take the local MTDC buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws. It will take you directly to Chor Bazaar taking approximately 25 minutes from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. If using the trains, the closest is the Grant Road station where travelers get off here and then walk towards the market. Trains towards Grant Road leave from CST and also from the Central Junction station.

Looks Interesting? Here Are a Few Things to Keep in Mind

•  Take care of your belongings as there are pickpockets in the market. Keep your wallets safe.

•  There is no parking place for visitors to park the vehicles some distance away from the bazaar.

•  Dress decently. The bazaar is located in a conservative Muslim society so avoid wearing exposing clothes and uncomfortable footwear.

•  It is recommended to explore the market in a group.

•  The items bought from Chor Bazaar don’t have a guarantee period, mostly electronics that will give up in a few months or a year.

•  If travelling, try to buy items that are easy to carry. Because if you ask the vendor to ship heavy goods, it might never be shipped to you. So for tourists, buy the item and ship it yourself to the desired location.

Chor Bazaar is a very popular market in Mumbai so it should never be missed! Giving the old-world Bombay vibes, Chor Bazaar is a place where you can pick some good deals for yourself.

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