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Leaving India Empty Handed? Find Out What to Buy in India Mumbai

Formerly known as Bombay, and today's Mumbai is the commercial, financial and entertainment hub of the country. This megacity is mostly known for the Bollywood industry and has too major tourist attractions to list. While one visit is simply not enough to explore the entire city, you would love to get back some souvenirs for the loved one, or at least for yourself.

The following listicle can help you shortlist what to buy in India Mumbai:

•  Decor Items

If you are a street shop hopper, you can look for the wide range of products that exhibits the rich culture of India. One of the most famous shops if the Bombay Store that has unique items coming from different places across India (such as pashmina shawls from Kashmir or the Terracota from West Bengal).

•  Junk Jewellery

You can find the best street jewellery shops in Southern Mumbai area. One of the easiest options of what to buy in India Mumbai are the artificial jewellery which ranges from bangles, necklaces, earrings and more. For cheap Indian artifacts, Colaba Causeway, in close proximity to the stunning Gateway of India is a preferred option. Remember to haggle before you actually buy the delightful antiques, although there are some fixed price shops where bargaining is not allowed.

•  Retro Bollywood Posters

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we speak Mumbai? It is Bollywood, and when in Mumbai, you have to bring out the cinephile in you. Get the retro Bollywood poster which can be a treasured item forever! There are shops that preserve the Bollywood memorabilia and restores them so people can have access and purchase them.

Indian Jewelry
Local Artificial Jewellery
Spice in India
Various Indian Spices

•  Spices

India is the ‘Land of Spices’ and there’s no way you can deny it. And, quite understandably, no trip would be complete without exploring the spice market in Mumbai. From dried chili, cardamom, mustard or any spice powder, find it in Mumbai’s markets. If you love Indian cuisine, it is a must-take home.

•  Kolhapuri Chappals

A pair of the traditional Kolhapuri Chappals will definitely be a delight for others back home. Did you know that such handcrafted show shops are getting fewer these days? These leather slippers are made of vegetable dyes and takes up to six weeks in making. You can support the locals by shopping from the existing Kolhapuri shops s you wonder what to buy in India Mumbai.

•  Wine

Situated in the Western Ghats, Sula’s vineyards host some of India’s finest grapes.  The different microclimates along with the sustainable winemaking practices, you can to take back home some of the high-quality indigenous wines.

Places to Shop till You Drop in Mumbai

Just knowing what to buy won’t help you as you have to know where to buy all these souvenirs from! As many call the city the Mecca of Street Shopping, Mumbai is most definitely a shopper’s paradise. Budgeted shoppers and the self proclaimed shopaholics, keep this list handy to help you guide as you stroll through the streets thinking what to buy in India Mumbai and where to get the stuffs from.

•  Fashion Street

If you are travelling with a true blue Mumbaikar, Fashion Street is where you will find yourself at when it comes to shopping.  The place is famous for first hand copies of Denim brands and informal T-shirts.

•  Colaba Causeway

Looking for the glittery trinkets of the traditional Indian accessories? Colaba Causeway is the ultimate accessory junkie’s paradise. Why not stop for some sizzling kebabs, sandwiches, mughlai biryanis, or juicy shawarmas, while filling up your cart?

•  Hill Road

This place is in Bandra and if you ever fancied a footwear but didn’t want to trade too high, you can find the exact replica pair here. If you excel in haggling, this is where you should be. 

•  Natraj Market

The narrow lanes with dimly lit pigeon holed shops, this is a niche market to get the colourful bandhini scarves at steal deals!

•  Chor Bazaar

Looking for souvenirs at throwaway prices? This is the place to get antiques at dirt cheap prices, after some fun haggling!

Narrow Lane with Local Souvenirs
Narrow Lane with Local Souvenirs
Traditional Accessories
Local Traditional Accessories

•  Crawford Market

Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai or Crawford Market has been here since the late 1800’s till today. Although the place evolved greatly, some of the names of the bi-lanes remain the same -   the Loha galli, Paper galli, and more. As understood, the name suggests what you can find in the area. And, you can literally find everything!

•  Irla Market

Admired for fabrics with stunning prints and motifs, this market is mainly for the ones who have a knck for fabrics. A designer’s paradise, you would love to get lost in the chain of shops called Alfa which is the main crowd puller.

•  Hindmata

As said, one of the best souvenirs is to get the traditional Indian Fabrics, and Hindmata is the ultimate place for the same. Whether you want to buy in bulk or wish to have single pieces for gifting, the search ends here. The authentic cottons, beautiful silks, amazing brocades, trendy polyesters – the market is the best place for garment shopping.

•  Lokhandwala Market

Some of the most popular stars live in this area but that’s not the only attraction, it also houses the street shopping nirvana! The market is very much for the localité with a reputation like no other. Ranging from jewellery, to the knick knacks of various apparels, there is something for every type of shopper who wonders what to buy in India Mumbai. It is not just the stretch of shops but can also get a great spread of street food. Who wouldn’t love to gorge on some spicy Pani Puri or mouth-watering Pav Bhaji while shopping!

•  Gandhi Market

Based in Sion, this colourful market will give you a fulfilling experience for those seeking to shop vivid sorts of fabrics. Get the traditional looms that portray the core of India with the signature motifs, especially with heavy embroidery that can steal the spotlight off any one!

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