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Crawford Market, Mumbai

Crawford Market is in the north of Victoria Terminus in Mumbai. Officially named Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai, it is the biggest market in Mumbai, and the biggest shopping paradise for Indian residents. Supplying all kinds of goods, Crawford Market can meet all the needs of local residents. Every morning, fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, flowers, as well as other products coming from all directions are displayed and sold at here. What’s more, there exist perfume and cosmetics in the small shops nearby. For tourists, Crawford Market is a perfect place to wander and buy the exquisite objects, to taste special fruits growing in India, and to select costumes with Indian style as souvenirs.                    

A Building of both Gothic and India Architectural Features

Crawford Market is an imposing building with a special style of architecture. From the appearance, looking like a medieval castle, Crawford Market is a magnificent Gothic building, however, it also incorporates traditional Indian architecture. Combining the beauty of Western Europe and unique architectural style of Indian, Crawford Market is a paradise for shoppers. For those who travel here at the first time, they may don’t believe this special building is a market until they enter it and discover the mystery of Crawford Market.       

What to Buy in Crawford Market

Soft leather bags with embroidery using golden and silver threads

Local artisans specialize in making leather handbags, ornaments and other leather goods, which are worth buying. Especially, handbags and ornaments decorated with manual embroidery applied golden and silver threads can leave deep impressions to ladies.


With strong ethnic and religious features, woodcarvings are worth buying for tourists who in favor of exoticism. Tourists can buy woodcarvings as a souvenir or as a gift sending to others.      

Indian Spices

When it comes to Indian food, the dishes in Indian must be rich in spices to show their flavor and mystery. If you are fond of this kind of flavor, you might as well go to some markets in Mumbai to buy some local spices for cooking. It is certain to be a very good choice.

Indian Spices
Indian Spices
Indian Jewelry
Exquisite Indian Jewelries


Jewelry industry develops quickly in India, and tourists can find many exquisite jewelries with cheap prices in local markets of Mumbai. It is a good choice to buy some and send to friends and family members.

Darjeeling Black Tea

Black tea growing in Darjeeling of India is very popular with overseas tourists. The color and taste of tea vary from month to month. Black tea is sold in two forms: stored in cans and sell retail. As for those canned black tea, specific tea period are marked on the outer packing. Black tea picked in May is excellent, tourists can buy some and have a taste.     

Assam Black Tea

As a type of tea grown in state of Assam, northeastern of India, Assam black tea is famous for its strong fragrance, thick drinks, malt flavor, clear and bright color and lustre. Assam black tea picked from June to July possesses the best quality, while, that picked during October to November has more pleasant fragrance. It is advised to combine Assam Black Tea and milk together and taste the most delicious Assam Black Tea.

How to get to Crawford Market

1. From Victoria Terminus, passengers can walk for about 900 meters (980 yards) to get there.
2. Passengers can take bus 37, 63, 192, 303, 306LTD, 309LTD to get to Kurla Depot station, then walk south for about 5 minutes to get there.
Entry Fee
Most stores open from 9:00 - 20:00, while some shops open at 10:30. All of stores are closed on Sunday afternoon.
How Much Time to Spend
1 -2 hours

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