Best Time to Visit Nepal

When is the Best Time to Visit Nepal?

Between September and November, the sky is crystal blue and temperature is so comfortable in Nepal. It is the best time for trekking and many kinds of outdoor sightseeing. Besides, one of the most important festivals of Nepal, Dasain, usually falls in September or October. As for February to April, it is the second best peak season to travel to Nepal. During these months, though the sky is not so clear as in autumn, various wild vegetation starts to sprout and blossom and you have the chance to appreciate beautiful rhododendrons.

Best Months
September to November, February to April
Temperature: 4 - 27℃ (39.2 - 80.6℉), 7 - 27℃ (44.6 - 80.6℉)
Clothes to Wear: t-shirt, sweater, jacket, hiking shoes, sunglasses
Best Season
Autumn, Spring
Advantages: clear sky, fresh air, fantastic natural scenery, cozy temperature, suitable for trekking
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Time Better to Avoid- June to September

It is in the monsoon period, so the weather is hot and humid with great chances of rainy days, which can cause the muddy road and natural disasters like landslide. Most of the famous mountains include The Himalayas are shrouded in the mist, unsuitable for trekking.

Month Travel Season Temperature
2 - 18 ℃ / 35.6 - 64.4 ℉
4 - 20 ℃ / 39.2 - 68 ℉
8 - 24 ℃ / 46.4 - 75.2 ℉
11 - 27 ℃ / 51.8 - 80.6 ℉
16 - 28 ℃ / 60.8 - 82.4 ℉
19 - 28 ℃ / 66.2 - 82.4 ℉
20 - 28 ℃ / 68 - 82.4 ℉
20 - 28 ℃ / 68 - 82.4 ℉
18 - 27 ℃ / 64.4 - 80.6 ℉
13 - 26 ℃ / 55.4 - 78.8 ℉
7 - 23 ℃ / 44.6 - 73.4 ℉
3 - 19 ℃ / 37.4 - 66.2 ℉
Peak Season & Slack Season

Generally speaking, Nepal is a year-round travel destination without the distinct peak or slack season. But the price of plane tickets and accommodation might be higher during their important festivals.

Best Time to Visit Kathmandu: March - May; September - mid-December

The weather in Kathmandu can be divided into four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter. The best times to travel to Kathmandu are March to May and September to mid-December with fresh air, mild temperature and minimal rainfall. The winter nights can be chilly and the summer is hot. This city is the center of Nepal's economy, culture and history, so there are many places of interests worth visiting like Kot Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

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Best Time to Visit Mt. Everest Base Camp: October to November
The best time to go for trekking is October and November because of pleasant weather condition with the cozy temperature, small rainfall, blue sky, fresh air, and high visibility. You should make a detailed plan and be fully prepared before going there. And it would be better to hire a local guide.
Travel to Nepal during Holi
It is a traditional Hindu Festival, and about 80% of people in Nepal are Hindu, so this is a national grand festival for them. It usually lasts for seven days between the end of February and the middle of March. During the festival, people will throw colorful powder and water balls at each other. In recent years, more and more tourists are attracted to join this festival. You should book your hotel and plane tickets early.
Travel to Nepal during Dashain
It is the grandest and the longest festival in Nepal, held every September to October, with the nationwide celebrations lasting for 10-15 days. This festival is held in memory of good wining evil; sacrifice activities are held throughout the country and large-scale animal bloodletting ceremonies are held to worship their goddess Gurga. If you travel to Nepal in this period, you can fully experience different exotic culture.