What Else Do You Want to Know about Nepal Souvenirs?

Tourists are attracted to Nepal due to its lofty mountains and stunning nature sites. However, people visiting this region don’t only return with a camera full of memories, but they also stuff in their bags with the unique varieties of Nepal souvenirs that are available in Nepal only. If you are planning for a Nepal trip, then mark this post to follow it while you shop in Nepal. Check out the ten most preferred souvenirs that are suggested by uncountable tourists over the years.

1. Spices

The food in Nepal is known for its exotic taste, they have some of the unique mix of flavors and spices which hold immense significance. Some of the spices can also be bought as a Nepal souvenir. There are dried Turmeric, unique Himalayan pepper, chilies, and many such spices which are widely bought. There are many ways you can buy those spices; it’s available in raw form or in a powdered form. These brilliant mixes of spices are used in tea, main course dishes, and some consumed directly.

2. Tea and Herbal Products

Nepal is famous for selling and manufacturing some of the best herbal products. You will find very refined tea in Nepal and the flavors are quite different than in any other region. The varieties of tea include Earl Grey, oolong, masala, green, silver tips, golden tips, and many others. These varieties of tea are available in beautiful packets; you must try some of the milk tea in any restaurant.

3. Pashmina Shawl

The Nepalese call it a Pashmina but it is well-known in the world as Cashmere. Pashmina is known to be the world’s most luxurious fabric. The shawls are handmade with the hair of mountain goats found in the Tibetan plateau. The finished product made with such hard work is warm and very comfortable, and also one of the best fashion statements around the world. Shawls are not the only thing found at its best in Nepal, you will also love some of the cardigans, stoles, and blankets in the market.
Pashmina Shawl

4. Lokta Paper Products

When creative items are concerned in Nepal Souvenirs, there is Lokta paper made with rice husks. This can be amazing items for Nepal souvenirs; the industry involved in manufacturing has experienced major changes. You will be able to find photo albums, lampshades, wallpapers, and handbags prepared with Lokta papers. There are other items like calendar, notebook, gift, diaries, loose paper, and gift boxes.

5. Handicraft

Handicraft is considered one of the best things in Nepal. Creativity and innovation run deep on the streets of this country. You will be able to find carved wood, Terracotta puppets, and many other items in Nepal. These craftworks are considered one of a kind and they are bought and sold in thousands every day. Just take a piece of advice and avoid buying antique pieces as they are illegal to carry out of the country.
Nepalese Handicraft

6. Khukuri Knife

Out of all the other items, the Khukri is considered to be a brilliant example of Nepali craftsmanship. This knife is used by some of the famous Gurkha soldiers in every village. These knives are found in most parts of Nepal but you will find some of the special ones only in the capital of Nepal. Kathmandu prepares these Khukuri in different designs for namesake especially for tourists, and if you want a daunting souvenir for your loved one, then going for this piece will be an appropriate thing to do.

7. Thangka Paintings

The Thangka paintings are sometimes the only reason some travelers are actually visiting Nepal. Thangkas are traditionally made and it’s a hand painting done on cotton or silk canvas. These forms of paintings are also known to be a famous symbol of the rich Nepali culture of the country. It’s simply perfect to hang it on the wall; these crafted pieces can only be recognized by a true art lover. It takes a long duration of time of around six- eighteen months to complete one Thangka painting.

8. Statues and Masks

Statues and masks can be one of the easiest to carry Nepal souvenirs to bring back home. It is also considered one of the important epitomes of Nepalese culture. You will find various statues of Buddha in different kind. These statues are prepared from brass, bronze, clay and other products, these items are used as showpieces to adorn the interior. Some even considered these statues of Buddha as a lucky charm.
Unique Masks

9. Singing Bowl

The singing bowls are known as one of the best things to take back home from Nepal. The qualities and ideas behind the singing bowls are amazing; these bowls are made with metals and create a soothing sound when the rims are rubbed with a wooden stick. The sound and the action itself is said to contain healing powers and are widely bought by the tourists. You will be able to find the singing bowl in various sizes and designs, the shape of these bowls are perfectly symmetrical and the machine-made are highly decorated as compared to the handmade ones.

10. Tibetan Prayer Flag

The Tibetan flags are very common and you will notice those flags in almost every street. These colorful flags flutter everywhere in the country and are also called dar Cho, the flags contain secret payers and mantras which are said to increase life and fortune, wealth, health, and peace of mind. The flags are placed everywhere so that it flutters in the wind and create a spiritual vibration around the country. A tourist buys these flags to hang them in their houses and selective area to imitate the positive energy.

You must know another thing before hitting the markets for shopping; haggling is perfectly okay in Nepal. In fact, the prices of most of the items are mostly high and it is important to haggle as a tourist. Apart from this selective item, there are many other things that you can buy as a souvenir. Also, have a great time shopping in Nepal.