Top 8 Things to Do in Agra on Weekend

Few cities are blessed to have a history in such abundance and have so many monuments declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Agra is one such city to have mausoleums, mosques, temples, gardens, forests, and even the river Yamuna, each having witnessed their part of history. The tourists find it difficult to cover all the tourist spots that the city offers, as there are so many of them.

The Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, and Agra Fort are all World Heritage Sites. What if you are left with a lot of spare time and don’t know what else to do in Agra? Here is a compilation of to-do things that help you to spend a perfect weekend in Agra:

1. Sightseeing:

First and foremost, of course, is the Taj Mahal. Do not miss the inspiration itself that brought you to Agra. Along with the Taj Mahal are the other mausoleums and famous mosques and Mughal gardens that are so integral to Agra, you cannot miss them. The good thing is that they are all located in the vicinity of each other.

One of the top things to spend a perfect weekend in Agra is to visit the main monuments like the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Jama Masjid, Pearl Mosque, Fatehpur Sikri, Jahangir Mahal, Anguri Bagh, Mehtab Bagh and more. There are some lesser-known places which are equally good to visit. Birbal house located in Fatehpur Sikri; charming Dayal Bagh, the funerary monument of the founder of Radhasoami sect of Sanatan Dharma; Guru ka Tal – the Gurudwara made in memory of the ninth Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur and many more. There are also some very good temples and gardens from the Mughal era which you would like to visit.

Mehtab Bagh
Mehtab Bagh
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

2. Mughal Art Walk:

The guided art walk aims to bring forth the rich art and culture of the Mughal era. The tour starts with a storyteller who walks you around the city along with his heartwarming, crispy, local stories from a bygone era. They walk you to prominent artists and see how things are made. This walk is truly satisfying and a great experience, one of its kinds. The tour includes a walk to the carpet weavers to see carpets being weaved live and a wide range of marble inlay work, and handicraft items being brought to fruition. The highlight of the walk is the opportunity to talk and discuss with businessmen whose families have been engaged in the business for sixteen generations, right from the Mughal era. It is an activity you cannot miss to spend a perfect weekend in Agra.

The tour later takes you to Shilpgram - the craft village, where local artisans display and sell their works. This is a good place to shop sarees, jewelry, silk artwork, decorative items, etc. It is good to wear comfortable clothes, carry a water bottle, camera, sunglasses and sunscreen to be able to completely enjoy this tour.

3. Shopping:

Shopping is a must to spend your weekend time in Agra. Kudos to Agra for still maintaining its oldest markets from Mughal times. Very crowded and chaotic, but reminiscent of the imperial times these are good for evening walk even if you do not intend to shop. However, beware, it is a tempting place and may wake up the shopaholic inside. Famous for leather goods like shoes, belts, bags, jackets, etc. this is a place where caution and bargain are being your armory of the day.

Beautifully embroidered dresses, sarees, silks, jewelry, and other accessories are highlights of these shops. The main markets of Agra are Sadar Bazaar, Subhash Market, Kinari Bazaar, Raja ki Mandi, Shah Gang market, Shoe Market, Naulakha bazaar, and few malls.

Indian Silks
Indian Jewelry
Indian Jewelry

4. Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary:

About 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) from Agra on the Delhi-Agra Highway, is the National Bird Sanctuary surrounding the picturesque Geetam Lake. It houses more than 160 species of migratory birds and many other residential varieties. The Soor Sarovar Lake is where the famous Indian devotional poet Surdas wrote his famous works on Lord Krishna and Radha in the local Brij language. The sanctuary opens daily at 6 am and closes by 6 pm. It is a great place for the kids to picnic and enjoy open spaces amongst the chirping of birds, very suitable for a family to enjoy a perfect weekend in Agra.

5. Street Food Tours in Agra:

If you are a connoisseur, then Agra is your delight. Agra presents such a variety of foods that you can devise your gastronomic tour, visiting interesting restaurants or raiding some great street food stalls. Agra has a perfectly balanced amalgamation of food from many cultures like Hindu, Mughal, Sindhi, etc. This is one place where you can find some of the old forgotten dishes from Mughal influence. The best way to spend a weekend in Agra.

The recipes of some favorites are preserved to date and you get the most authentic super slow-cooked Halim, Mughlai Nahari, Pasandey, and Paye here. For vegetarians, a variety of Kachoris and Parathas and other dishes are to scout for. There are many beautifully themed restaurants that provide amazing dining experiences. However, this tour is incomplete without savoring the Petha – Agra’s very own white pumpkin sweet, also a great gifting option.

Indian Street Snacks
Indian Street Snacks
Tuk-Tuk Tour of Agra

6. Sunset on a Boat:

Unravel the charm of the Taj Mahal through slow sunset while you boat on the river Yamuna and capture the Taj changing hues. This is one of the most mesmerizing sights ever especially the Taj’s reflection on river Yamuna. The cool breeze from the calm waters elevates the experience several notches up. This is a do-not-miss activity, when planning a weekend trip to Agra.

7. Tuk-Tuk Ride:

Be it a hop-on-hop-off safari or a complete city trip, this is sure to send you into bohemia. A Tuk-Tuk is a common mode of transport, which is easily available in Agra to move to short distances. These are found in most of the places in India, makes an interesting ride for you to enjoy a pleasant weekend in Agra.

8. Street Wandering:

Wander through the streets of Agra. A walk in the evening to soak in the city closely is the best way to live its life. Agra is a small city with old-world charm. A word of caution: do not venture out too late in the night and too far from crowded areas. Also, use your discretion in entertaining people especially those introducing themselves as guides or tour operators. It is safer to hire government registered guides than hiring a random one.