Where to find the best Agra Petha

Agra is considered to be the city of love but its love for food cannot be ignored. If Taj Mahal is for your eyes then petha sweet is for your mouth to savor. It is considered to be a custom to bring a box of petha whenever one visits Agra. There can be seen a large crowd who purchase this translucent sweet at railway stations. How much do you know about the petha and do you know where to find the Agra petha? Let’s see.

Origin of Petha

Petha’s origins are traced back to the Mughal Empire. Shah Jahan who is known for his love towards his wife had a liking for desserts as well. He ordered his royal chefs to prepare a translucent sweet resembling the purity of Taj Mahal’s white marble thus came about the famous Agra petha. This sugary-sweet dish was also used as a refreshment to workers involved in the construction of the opulent Taj Mahal.

Ingredients of Petha

Why are they translucent? It is because of winter melon. The ingredients used in petha are sugar syrup, lemon juice, and alum powder. The sweet could look like a hard stone with a sparkling layer of sheen over it but once you touch it, petha gives you a spongy feel. The juicy nature of petha is worth reminiscing for the entirety of your life.

Flavors of Petha

Petha comes in multiple flavors such as cardamom petha, cherry petha, rose petha, and chocolate petha. Chocolate petha is a recent addition to the array of flavors which have existed over the centuries. It has many medicinal values attached to it such as regulating blood pressure in heart patients. People affected by jaundice can also eat petha for improvement of health. Petha is also good for growing children who need nourishment.

So, where should you purchase the Agra petha? There are many shops in and around Agra catering to the same as the demand is always high.

Best Pethas

Panchi Petha

However, Panchi Petha is considered to be the oldest and renowned petha shop existing over half a century in Agra. The original Panchi Petha shop exists in Sadar Bazar which was started by Pancham Lal Goyal in the year 1950. The chances are you could encounter hundreds of shops named Panchi Petha in Agra but most of them copy the original one. So how to identify the fake ones? There are many shops that use the signboards saying their shop sells authentic petha. Don’t miss the authentic Panchi Petha, one of the best pethas in Agra.
Location: Main Market, Saudagar Lines Rd, Sadar Bazar, Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Branches: Sadar Bazaar, Noori Gate, Dholpur house, Naulakha crossing, Tilak Nagar, West Patel Nagar, and Hari Parvat crossing.

Gopal Das, Pethewale

This shop is considered to be one of the best snack shops for tourists to visit and have nice munch on different delicacies available. Samosas are pretty famous here for their combination with spicy green chutneys and dhoklas are purchased and eaten in abundance by both locals and outsiders alike. In recent times people are preferring this shop over Panchi Petha because of the better taste their sweets offer. The petha prepared here is considered as one of the best pethas in Agra.
Location: Johri Bazaar Road
Branches: Only one branch in MG road

Other places to find good petha in Agra

There are many other places that offer a variety of street food along with petha. Places such as Seth Gali, Sadar Bazar Chat Gali, Shah Market and various other places which turn in to food street at dusk sell petha. These places can be so crowded that you can be thrown off the radar. However, it is worthwhile for you to find what you think the Agra petha.

The sea of people can be intimidating, it is indeed quite an exhilarating experience if you want to explore the different colors of Agra. Safety in terms of both your belongings as well as food hygiene is a critical concern for many tourists. Don’t worry, always keep an eye out for your belongings and keep them close to your body. If you are allergic to certain ingredients, make it a point and ask the shopkeeper about the same. If you are visiting Agra in the summer do have a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. Try to avoid buying unpacked sweets or the ones that are kept in open.

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