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8 Best Places to Visit in Agra with Family

Agra is a city that lies on the banks of the river Yamuna in North India. It has attained worldwide fame because it is the location of the Taj Mahal, one of the most stunning monuments dedicated to love ever built. However, the city is home to a number of monuments that are sure to awaken feelings of passion and give family members, and especially children, a glimpse into the past. Here are 8 of the best family-friendly places in Agra for you to have a great family trip.

8 best family-friendly places

Agra Fort
It is situated at a distance of 2.7 kilometers from Tajganj and was the capital of the Mughal dynasty under Akbar the Great’s reign. It was built around the late 16th century in the Islamic style of architecture. The fort was built entirely from red sandstone which was brought from Jaipur. The color of the sandstone used to construct the fort earned it the moniker, the Red Fort of Agra. It is a massive structure that covers an area of almost 3 kilometers. The Fort complex is surrounded by a massive 70-foot tall wall. There are a number of structures from the Mughal area located inside the fort complex which makes for an interesting viewing experience.

Agra Fort in Agra
Agra Fort
Fatehpur Sikri
Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri
Also known as the City of Victory, Fatehpur Sikri is a fortified city that was built during the 16th century under the reign of Akbar. It is a 40.3 kilometers drive from Tajganj and is a must-visit site for history buffs and religious people. The World Heritage Site is undoubtedly one of the best family-friendly places in Agra, home to a number of monuments which make the hour long journey from Agra worth it. It was built by Akbar to honor the Sufi saint Sheik Salim Chisti who prophesied the birth of a male heir to Emperor Akbar.

Tomb of Salim Chisti
The tomb after whom the Emperor Jahangir was named is situated 41.9km from Tajganj and is in Fatehpur Sikri complex. The tomb was constructed by Akbar to mark his respect for the Sufi saint whose prophecy came true. The tomb of the saint is encased by white marble and is one of the finest examples of Mughal architecture in India due to the intricate carvings on the marble building. Don’t hesitated to add it on the list of best family-friendly places in Agra.

Buland Darwaza
It is also known as the Gate of Victory, which is another tourist site that is located in Fatehpur Sikri complex. It was built to celebrate the Mughal Emperor Akbar’s victory over Gujarat, 40.8 kilometers away from Tajganj. It stands 54 meters tall and is the highest gateway in the world. It is made from buff and red sandstone and is symmetrically built.

Jama Masjid or Jami Masjid
It means Friday mosque and it was built using red sandstone and marble in the mid-17th century. It is 3.9 km from Tajganj and is one of the largest mosques in the world. The design of the mosque is unique in the way that it contains a fountain in the center which is then supported by four kiosks that are located in the courtyard. Special prayers are performed every Friday at the mosque making it a religious monument and a huge number of devotees arrive to attend the prayer, an interesting family-friendly place in Agra. The main entrance of the mosque is through the eastern facing side.

Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid
Buland Darwaza
Gate of Victory

Kinari Bazaar
One of the best family-friendly places in Agra that has something for the whole family is Kinari Bazaar. It is a warren of narrow streets that surround the Jama Masjid Mosque and is home to a traditional market that sells everything from handicrafts to spices and even jewelry. It is a popular destination to shop for various items. An odd elephant or buffalo can also be spotted while wandering the streets looking for your next purchase. The malai lassi found in the bylanes is sure to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Aram Bagh
It is the oldest Mughal garden in India and is 7.7 kilometers from Tajganj. Aram Bagh was built in the early 16th century by Babur, who was the first Mughal Emperor of India. It also served as a temporary burial site for the Emperor. The garden is in the Persian style which consists of abundant gardens and rivers flowing through them. As one of the top family-friendly places in Agra, it will be especially soothing in the afternoons when the adults can take a much-needed rest in the shade offered by the different trees while the children can frolic in the garden.

Guru ka Tal
This is a Sikh pilgrimage site reputedly built over the site where Sikh guru, Sri Tegh Bahadur was martyred for refusing to give up his faith. It is on the Sikandra highway and 11.6 kilometers from Tajganj. A gurdwara is built at the site and hundreds of devotees gather every year to offer prayers to the guru. The architecture of the site is similar in style to the Mughals and is constructed from red sandstone.

Getting there

Agra is situated at a distance of 233 kilometers from the national capital, Delhi and can be reached by either road, rail or air. The Agra airport operates flights to locations in India with more locations being added soon. It is known as Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay airport and is 9.9 kilometers from the city center. The Agra Fort railway station is 2 kilometers from the center of the city and trains to various parts of India can be boarded from here. Buses can be boarded at the Agra Idgah bus stand which is at a distance of 2.3 kilometers.

Where to stay

The different tourist sites in Agra are spread over a large area and will require alternative modes of travel to reach all of them. However, Tajganj, which is the area that is home to the Taj Mahal complex, offers travelers with different budgets different choices of accommodation. It is also an area that is the most toured in Agra. Fatehabad road which is the main road running through the area has a variety of choices of accommodation that include the Sterling group of hotels and the Radisson group to name a few. Guest houses are available throughout the area for different rates. The Uttar Pradesh Tourism Website has a list of budget paying guest accommodations that are approved by the government and a list can be found on its website.

Travel in and around Agra

The distance between the different tourist spots in Agra is long and hence hiring a taxi or a local rickshaw would be the right thing to do. The different vehicles have different rates and can be rented on a daily basis as well. Always go to licensed centers and operators to hire vehicles based on your requirements to avoid any problems. Bus services are available as well to travel from monument to monument.

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