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Pemayangtse Monastery - Famous Buddhist Monastery near Pelling

Every stone of this monastery reflects the interesting story from the bygone era. This Buddhist shrine is a perfect place to find peace and tranquility. The lush green surrounding of the place gives a very unique and pleasant environment to the location. The Pemayangtse Monastery is also known as the second oldest monastery in Sikkim. If you are planning your weekend around nature and solitude, then visiting this place will be the best option.

This Monastery is said to be 300 years old and it is highly suggested for architectural enthusiasts, every brick of this place reflects the unwavering faith and rich culture of the Buddhist followers. Take a quick glance at some of the important details about this monastery.

Quick Look

Location:  near Pelling, the northeastern Indian state of Sikkim
Established in:  1705
Timing:  9am-6pm
Festival celebrated:  Chaam, 28 -29th of the 12th Tibetan month.
Founder:  Lama Lhatsun Chempo
Entry fee:  INR 20

Reaching Pemayangtse Monastery

The famous Pemayangtse Monastery is around 2km (1.2 miles) away from Pelling, and around 110km (68miles) away from the capital Gangtok. You will not have to worry about transportation to this monastery because there are plenty of cabs available.

Best time to visit: If you want to experience the famous festivals of this place, then you must visit this location between March and June.

Back Story

Chador was a very religious person of this region and the history of this temple is very closely linked with the reign of Chador Namgyal. In the early days, he took several initiatives to spread the message of Buddhism in Sikkim. He was so serious and dedicated to his religion that he decreed to turn every three sons of the Bhutia family to be a monk in this monastery.


Before you read about the stunning architecture of this place, you must know that it’s situated at an altitude of 6840 feet, visiting a monastery at this height will not only give you a stunning surrounding view, but you will also be able to get the view of the snowcapped mountains. The surrounding of the Pemayangtse Monastery includes the stunning Kanchenjunga peak.

The interesting fact about the incredible architecture and engineering of this monastery is that it has passed the cruel test of time and natural calamities. The structure looks quite impressive and the main prayer hall is built in an unreal area of around 1500 square feet. The place has several statues, doors, windows, with some vibrant colors on the doors.

Things to do in Pemayangtse

If you love unfolding ancient stories of the past, then exploring the ancient manuscript and scripture in the halls along with the woodwork and pillar carvings will completely spellbind you to start with. You can also visit the Rabdentse ruins, which is a famous tourist site. People looking for some peace and tranquility in life will surely find that in the calming Pemayangtse Monastery.

Surrounding Attractions of Pemayangtse

Sikkim is one of the best tourist attractions in India, and when you are visiting this spiritual shrine, you are suggested to make plans for some of the other locations too. Here are some of the brilliant places for you to explore.

1. Khecheopalri

If you have had a list of things to ask for, then make sure you are carrying that while visiting the lake because this lake is also known as the wish-fulfilling lake. The lake is in a close distance from the monastery, it is around 24km (14miles) which can be easily covered by any local transport. It is called the holy lake not just by the Buddhists but also by the Hindus in Sikkim.

2. Sangachoeling Monastery

After the Pemayangtse Monastery, the Sangachoeling Monastery is the oldest in Sikkim, it was built in the year 1697. The monastery was built by Lhatsum Chempo, and it also comes under the list of the largest monastery in Sikkim. This Buddhist shrine is just opposite to the Pemayangtse Monastery, and it is located in the high ridge. The meaning of the temple stands for 'the land of divine teaching'. The entry to this monastery is strictly restricted to Bhutia and Lepcha communities

3. Rabdentse Fort

Theirs is an unreal beauty in the Rabdentse Fort; the Monastery is situated in 1km distance from Pemayangtse Monastery, and it was also the second capital of Sikkim 1670 to 1814. The destruction took place and the Nepalese army ruined the fort completely. The remaining structure is still considered a part of the Buddhist pilgrimage circuit.

4. Khangchendzonga Waterfall

If you want to step into a state of relaxation, then visiting this amazing waterfall near the Pemayangtse Monastery will be a perfect option. The fresh gushing water from the cascade will prove out to be visually therapeutic to mind and soul, the view of the flowing water that goes through the green vegetation will spellbind you. The waterfall is fed by the melting glacier that forms a stream close to that area. This stunning view will become even better if you step into the base of the fall. Overall, this location will perfectly summarize your trip.

Availability and Travel Tips


You are advised to carry your own cash and do not rely on the banks and ATMs in Pelling. This town has only one ATM, which is the State Bank of India, so to avoid any shortage of Indian currency. Carry enough cash to suffice the journey to Pelling.

Mobile Connection

You will only be able to get a network from two network providers that are from Airtel and JIO. However, even these networks fluctuate from time to time.


To escape any trouble in transportation, you can easily follow the regular traveling ways used by the locals and other tourists. You can try three of these transportation ways in Pelling to explore the famous locations.

Half-day Shared taxi package

Private taxi package

Full-day Shared taxi package

These details will help you in getting around Pelling safely. Also, hiring a car rental instead of public transport will save a lot of time to do other activities. Have a great trip to this picturesque location. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture some of the brilliant views.

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