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Lal Bagh- A Famous Getaway in Bangalore for Nature Lovers

Lal Bagh has an incredibly attractive set-up due to its beautiful flora and fauna, famous ancient glasshouse, annual flower shows, and weekend cultural events. To make sure you are well-prepared before visiting this superb location, take a quick look at some of the important details.

Things to Know Before Visiting Lal Bagh

Lalbagh Botanical Garden
Lal Bagh Botanical Garden
Location- Bengaluru, Karnataka

Timing: 6:00am – 7:00pm everyday

Camera: Allowed

Camera charges: Applicable

Visit duration: Approximately 2-3 hours

Entry Fees: Applicable

History of Lal Bagh, Bangalore

This botanical garden was built and designed according to the Mughals. The history behind this place is quite interesting, which involve two big Mughal rulers. The construction of this garden started in the 1760s, during the reign of Hyder Ali. However, the completion was picked up by his son Tipu Sultan during his reign.

The Botanical garden gained popularity after Tipu Sultan introduced the concept of horticulture in this garden. During that time exquisite gardens were capturing the attention of the crowd, and Tipu Sultan utilized this craze to build a unique Garden. He made sure that the horticulture had some of the unique plants from around the world, for which many plant species were imported from different countries to increase the beauty and uniqueness of the glasshouse.

Exploring Lal Bagh

There are endless interesting facts about Lal Bagh, Bangalore that history buffs would love to read and explore. The unedited beauty of Lal Bagh is its glasshouse, which was modeled after the Crystal Place in London. You will enjoy every glance at this beautiful structure, situated in the heart of the garden. You will be amazed to know that the botanical garden has a unique collection of over 1000 species of tropical plants.

The tour of the botanical garden is incomplete without boating and checking out the beauty of the lake. Another very famous attraction in Lal Bagh is bird watching because it is home to a lot of unique birds like purple moorhen, pond heron, Brahmini kite, parakeets, myna, and common egret. Apart from these interesting attractions, some of the trees are also said to be over 100 years old.

The Gates of Lalbagh

When you are planning to visit Lal Bagh, Bangalore, you must know a few things about its four gates. The entrance is given to the west-end gate, however, the main gate is considered to be the South gate because it opens towards the Lal Bagh main road. The Northern gate will lead you to the glasshouse, which is also the exit from the garden, while the Eastern gate is nearby Jayanagar.

This accurate information about the four gates in Lal bagh will help you find your way easily.

Amazing Preserves in Lal Bagh, Bangalore

Glass Door

The glass door is said to be the major attraction of the horticulture. The glasshouse was built in the year 1890 to keep the incredible plant species in the garden. It truly increased the attraction and beauty of the place 10 folds, and it still holds the same value and crazes among tourists around the world. Another mesmerizing attraction inside the garden would be the flower clock that worked on the electronic Quartz Mechanism. This clock is huge and has a diameter of around 7 meters. The flower clock is incredibly decorated with multi-color flowers.

Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens
Glasshouse in Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens

Peninsular Gneiss Rock

If you haven’t had enough about this garden, then you would love to know about the oldest rock in the world. There is a small monument constructed on top of the rock and it also received recognition from National Geological Monuments. You will love to learn and explore more about the rock during your visit to Lal Bagh, Bangalore.

The Brownie Points of Lal Bagh

The brownie point of Lal Bagh is the place where you will find a lot of items related to horticulture. You will also find a lot of stalls that sell Vetiver handicrafts and flower seeds. You will also find a lot of gardening equipment at the brownie point.

If you are wondering about snacking, then you will also find Hooglu fruits that is sold without any chemical or preservatives. There are some more sweet and savory food items to sink your teeth into.

Events at Lal Bagh

There are some of the annual shows in Lal Bagh that are celebrated with great enthusiasm. If you ever plan on visiting this location, try to plan around the annual events to witness the incredible traditions and culture.

The Flower Shows at Lalbagh Botanical Garden

The Flower show takes place on Independence Day and Republic day every year. This show is conducted to promote awareness about the flowers, cultivation, and conservation of the same. Commoners are welcomed; children below 12 get free entry, while others will have to pay a minimum amount.

Cultural Show at Lalbagh Botanical Garden

This place is full of excitement and events. The weekends at Lal Bagh are no exceptions. Every second and fourth Saturday and Sunday, the government of Karnataka arranges for a “Janapada Jaatre’’. This cultural event aims to promote the folk dance, folk fair, folk music, and folk plays. Troops from all over Karnataka visit this place to take part and showcase their talent.

Some Interesting Facts about Lal Bagh

•    The member of the Mysore Horticulture Society started the flower show 102 years back.

•    The British Empire declared this place to be a botanical garden in 1856.

•    Apart from the Mughal rulers, the British rulers also helped in maintaining the garden.

•    Initially, the garden was a private garden built by Tipu Sultan in just 40 acres and expanded later on.

•    The annual flower shows were also known as the winter show and summer show.

Once you have all the related information about Lal Bagh, you can easily plan a perfect trip to this beautiful location. This place is full of wonder and amazing spots, people with a taste to observe nature will find a home in this place. Lal Bagh is best explored towards the end of the year. Bangalore is mostly hot and humid during summer, and no one wants to get a heat stroke while exploring the huge botanical garden. You may visit this location between November to March to have a pleasant experience.

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