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Bangalore Palace - A Central Attraction of Bangalore

The Bangalore Palace, Bangalore is famous for its architectural beauty. This brilliant monument is spread over 45,000 square feet and it’s currently one of the major and central attractions in Bangalore for tourists. This palace was built in the year 1878 by the rulers of Wadiyar dynasty with an amalgamation of Tudor and Scottish Gothic architecture. The structure of this monument perfectly reflects the royal culture in every possible way. You will find beautiful carvings outside and inside the monument, which reflect the untold stories from the past. Don’t forget to put the Bangalore Palace in your itinerary if you are looking to explore majestic architectural beauty in Bangalore.

Bangalore Palace – A Quick Glance

Bangalore Palace
Bangalore Palace
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Timing: 10am - 5:30pm (Mondays closed)

Entry Fee: Rs.25

Architecture Style: Tudor Revival architecture

The Creative Contribution

The Bangalore Palace, apart from being the central attraction also has a lot to contribute to the culture and traditions. This palace holds regular cultural events, rock shows, and wedding functions.


The folk tales describe that the king got his inspiration from the Windsor Castle of London. You will be amazed by the beauty of the interiors. Before taking you for an in-depth tour of The Bangalore Palace, Bangalore, take a glance at some of the interesting spots of the palace. You will be mesmerized by the fairytale ballroom and beautiful paintings done by Raja Ravi Varma. The vine-covered walls look unreal and its Durbar Hall further enhances the beauty of the interior. At just one glance you will be able to observe the lavish elegance of one of the powerful South Indian dynasties. If you are wondering about the language barrier, then you can take a sigh of relief because the management has an audiotape to help the tourists understand the history easily.

Take an In-depth Tour of the Bangalore Palace

You will be surprised by the appealing beauty of this place. The Decorations reflect the diverse and elegant taste of the king because it’s focused on every factor, from wild spoils to elegant chandeliers.

  The Spiral Staircase

The interior of this beautiful monument has a wooden spiral staircase. The antiques and the artifacts on the wall make this staircase stand unique. There is also an exclusive touch in this staircase which is the custom made three-legged stool. It was specially made to fit in the side of the staircase.

  The Durbar Hall

Durbar Hall is probably the most beautiful portion of the palace but unfortunately, people are not allowed to enter the portion. You can observe the beauty from a distance and be mesmerized by it. The hall has a lovely set-up with majestic royal furniture, shining chandeliers, big windows, and a separate partition for women.

The partition was made for women as they were not allowed to mingle in same proceedings. The partition is done with a simple curtain instead of any Jhalis or Jharokhas.

  Wild Exhibits

People, who love to explore wild spoils, will enjoy this section of the palace. There are stools made out of elephant’s legs, if you are not surprised yet, then wait until you come across a preserved real elephant’s trunk.

  Maharani’s & Maharaja’s Courtyard

Once you visit the courtyard, you will find a lot of empty rooms. These rooms are beautiful and fairly big, though you won’t find many intricate interior works inside the rooms; they still look beautiful with striking chandeliers.

The Maharaja’s courtyard is also very attractive with colorful Spanish tiles, and tiled bench which will drive your attention the moment you enter. You must carry a camera to capture the royal moment of resting on the beautifully tiled bench. The Maharaja’s courtyard also has a fountain, which was the gift from the king of Spain.

  The Chandeliers

The chandeliers light up the place. You will find colorful pieces in the entire palace and it’s a work of art. They are not fairly big but go perfectly well with the decor of the Bangalore Palace, Bangalore.

  Bangalore Palace Ground

The surrounding ground around the Bangalore Palace has held many cultural events. There has been an uncountable visit of international celebrities like Backstreet Boys, Don Moen, The Black Eyed Peas, Enrique Iglesias and many others.

Other Attractions

Once you enter the Bangalore Palace, there are a lot of things that will drive your attention other than the interiors. Here are some of the things that deserve a click.

•    Office of Maharaja

•    Beautiful surrounding garden

•    The back story of beautiful paintings

•    The wardrobe of the royal family

Some visitors might demotivate you by their reviews, but if you don’t want to miss the beauty of this majestic monument, give it a visit. There are enough attractions in Bangalore Palace; you will have a great time no matter if you are visiting it solo, with family or friends. Here are some of the travel tips that you must be familiar with before visiting the palace.

Five Important Travel Tips

•    The Bangalore Palace is still owned by the royal family and is open for public visits between 10:00 AM to 17:30 PM
•    You will have to pay a reasonable amount as an entry fee, and the audio guide is included in that fee. You will be able to find the audiotape in English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Kannada, German and Italian
•    You will notice several restrooms while exploring the palace and it’s available for public use. You won’t find any restaurant or eating joints inside the palace, but there are plenty of places outside.
•    The audio tour that you will be handed will be of 40 minutes, and you must complete the trip within that time.
•    Make sure you have a clear idea about clicking pictures. You will need to pay to click pictures, and filming is also charged a minimal amount. The guards are strict about maintaining the privacy of the palace.

These details about the interior and other surrounding attractions must have given you a complete idea of the place. If you are planning to visit Bangalore, don’t leave without visiting the Bangalore Palace, Bangalore. It will give you a royal vibe and some excellent memories to cherish. Overall, this place is worth a stopover.

Visit the Royalty!

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