Junagadh Fort - Take A Walk Down the Heritage of Bikaner

Junagadh Fort, Bikaner is the amalgamation of stunning medieval architecture and striking interiors. There’s a vibrant beauty in this place that will spellbind you right from the moment you enter. This old fort was built in 1478, but the complete structure was constructed on 17th February 1589. The unique architecture of the Junagadh Fort reflects the rich history of several rulers and a glimpse of foreign inspiration. The astounding structure of the fort is extremely alluring for people who love exploring history and architecture. Here are some highlights to give you a brief idea about its surrounding.

Important Highlights

Best time to Visit: Morning, evening, afternoon

Best months to visit Bikaner: Winter, November- January

Best visited with: Family, solo, group

Entry Fee: Applicable

Camera: Allowed

Attraction at Junagadh Fort, Bikaner

There is a lot to explore in this explicit palace, old medieval structures, stunning museums, and a picture-perfect spot in the interior will spellbind you.


You will notice the astonishing gates on entering the fort. The Junagadh Fort, Bikaner consists of seven gates, and two of the main gates are the Karan pole and the Suraj pole. You should visit the Suraj pole during the sunrise and sunset if you want to witness the amazing sight. The main reason for this is that the other gates are built with red sandstones, the Suraj pole is constructed with yellow sandstones, and it reflects the sunlight in the most magnificent way possible. The other gates of the fort are equally beautiful and mesmerizing.


The most visited and well-known temple of the fort is the Har Narayan Mandir. This temple was visited by royal families in the older days to celebrate the Hindu festivals. Apart from celebrating famous festivals like Dussera and Gangaur, the royal families also celebrated birthdays and marriage functions. Another temple is the Ratan Behari temple that is near the Junagadh Fort; this temple looks beautiful with Indo-Mughal architecture.


There is a lot to see in the palaces of Junagadh Fort, Bikaner, here are some of the examples of the marvelous artistry:

1. Tourists love visiting the Phool Mahal, and it is the oldest fort among the others, it is built by Raja Rai Singh.
2. The Karan Mahal is another beautiful example of architecture, build in the year 1680 over the victory of Aurangzeb.
3. When luxury comes into the picture, The Chandra Mahal will be listed on top. It’s the most luxurious palace in the fort.
4. The Anup Mahal is famous for its sophisticated designs and multistoried building. It was also taken as the administrative headquarters.
5. Ganga Mahal is now used as a museum, but it’s another brilliant palace in Junagadh Fort built by Raja Ganga Singh.
6. The Badal Mahal is dedicated to the beautiful paintings; this palace is also an extension of the Anup Mahal.
7. Bikaneri Haveli is one of the palaces that have a brilliant architectural style.


The museum in Junagadh Fort is brilliant and reflects the rich and diverse taste of Maharaja Dr. Karni Singh ji. It was built in the year 1961 and it consists of several expensive pieces of jewelry, paintings, costumes, etc.

Interesting Facts about Junagadh Fort, Bikaner

•  This fort is said to have the best collection of armory from the medieval ages.
•  Unlike the other forts that were built on hilly terrains for watch over purposes, the Junagadh Fort is built on the plain land.
•  Even after constant attacks from the enemies, this fort remained unconquered.
•  There are 37 astonishing palaces, and several pavilions and temples.
•  You will come across small yet famous temples in the Junagadh Fort, Bikaner.

Things to Do in Junagadh

There are many interesting things to do in this fort, whether you are visiting for the first time or have visited earlier. You can do the following:

•  History lovers will enjoy a long stroll in the museum, there are beautiful historic art pieces displayed to explore.
•  Click picture outside the Junagadh Palace to retain the memories.
•  Check out the silver carriage and carts of the Rajasthan's royal family that were used as a mode of transport.
•  You will also love to visit the armory section that displays the widest collection of weapons from the medieval era.
•  Check out the mesmerizing work costumes of the royals.

Travel Tips for Junagadh Fort, Bikaner

If you are visiting the city which is hot and humid; you will have to take care of the essentials while traveling to Bikaner. Here are a few listed things for you:
•  Wear very comfortable shoes as the fort is pretty big and you will be required to walk to explore the palace.
•  Carry your bottle of mineral water; avoid tap water as it might not suit you.
•  You will be charged for the camera, so you will have to get the camera tickets from the counter.
•  In some portions of the Junagadh Fort, flash-camera as well as the non-flash camera is not allowed. Be careful about the same, enquire properly before clicking.
•  There are temples in the surrounding areas that are open to tourists, and to visit them you will have to wear covered clothes.
•  Avoid wearing body-hugging dresses and cover your head while visiting temples.

Along with this information, here are some details about the surrounding places.

How to Reach

If you are wondering how to reach Junagadh Fort from the surrounding cities, then here is some information about the available routes.

By Road - Bikaner is very well-connected from most of the cities, and you will easily find any transport. Delhi is around 458km (285mi), Jaipur is 354km (220mi), Jodhpur is 235km (146mi), and Jaisalmer is 333km (207mi). You can rent a car, or take government and private buses that operate daily.

By Train - The railway station of Bikaner is connected to major cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Allahabad. You won’t face issues traveling by trains.

By Air - You will find the nearest airport to be around 335km (208mi) away, which is in Jodhpur.

With this relevant information, your travel to the Junagadh Fort is simplified. The stunning architecture of this fort has always been talked about; and some facts are truly astonishing about this fort. If you find an opportunity of exploring this humongous fort, don’t ever give a second thought, pack your belongings and run to visit this historic destination.