Har Mandir - Visit the Ancient Hindu Shrine in Bikaner

Junagadh Fort in Bikaner is famous for its brilliant architecture. Har Mandir in Bikaner which is considered as the oldest Hindu Shrine in Bikaner is one of the very important additions. This temple is popular among the locals as Shri Laxminath Temple, and people have some primeval and incredible beliefs tied to this ancient Hindu Shrine. The structure of this temple is comparably smaller from the other Hindu temples in the area, but the back story of Bikaner Har Mandir is very interesting. You are highly suggested to visit this temple while you are in the Junagadh Fort.


Location: (Junagadh Fort) Bikaner, Rajasthan

Address: Vaidya Mangaram Colony, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

Deity- Combined representation of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi

Visiting time: 5:00 am to 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm (All days)

Famous for: architecture and ancient Hindu traditions

Surrounding attraction: Palaces, museums, sunset point, sunrise point

The idea of a perfect tour filled with history, tradition, and spirituality can be found in the Har Narayan Mandir. This temple is one of the centers of attraction in the famous Junagadh Fort.  Any tourists visiting the location to explore the beauty of the Junagadh Fort always stops by at this ancient mandir.

Junagadh Fort

This fort stands independent of any introduction. Junagadh Fort is vast and offers some of the very famous and interesting attractions; it has museums, ancient temples, palaces, and brilliant gates to give a perfect location to visit. Countless numbers of tourist visit this fort to capture the architectural beauty and incredible tradition of Hindu culture. This fort was built by Raja Rai Singh, which now serves a famous tourist attraction.

People with a taste for photography will love to visit this ancient architecture. The structure is a blend of Mughal, traditional Rajput, and Gujarati style. The mesmerizing gates of the fort give a glimpse of the architectural beauty. These gates are huge and made of red and yellow sandstones. One of the main gates in the fort - Surah Pol (sun gate) is built with yellow sandstones.  Unlike the other gates, which are built with red sandstones, the Suraj Pol reflects the sunrise quite incredibly.

History of Har Mandir, Bikaner

Har Narayan Mandir is the famous attraction of Junagadh Fort and apart from this title, this place also has an interesting historical background. This temple served as a private temple for the royal families. This ancient temple was utilized to celebrate major festivals in the olden days. Festivals like Dussera and Gangaur were celebrated wholeheartedly. However, some of the minor and more personalized events like birthday and wedding functions were also celebrated frequently. Recently, Har Mandir is the hub for celebrating many festivals like Nirjala Ekadashi, Janmashtami, Ramnavami, Diwali, Geeta Jayanti, and more.

People in the early days gathered to worship the weapons and horses on Dussera. The temple surrounds the celebration by worshipping the deity Lord Vishnu and his life Lakhmi. It is also considered as the oldest temple in Bikaner and holds tremendous importance for the people of Bikaner.

Architecture of Har Mandir in Bikaner

Har Mandir looks exquisite because of its brilliant white structure. The temple is well-kept and it has preserved the beauty and artistry of the temple in every possible way. You will witness beautifully carved idol and stunning interior in the temple.

Surrounding Attractions

Apart from the famous Bikaner Har Mandir, the surrounding places of this temple are also quite interesting. You will come across many exquisite palaces and museums that every first-time visitor must explore.


The ancient palaces reflect extravagance and brilliant interiors. You will come across many palaces in close distance to each other and they hold immense beauty and grandeur, every palace has a back story and represents an event or a theme.  

Karan Mahal

This Public Audience hall was built in the year 1680 by Karan Singh on his victory over Aurangzeb. The reason why it’s mentioned on top of the list is its exclusive interior, beautiful gardens, and other small details that make this palace one of the famous attractions around Har Mandir.

Phool Mahal

The Flower Palace is a beautiful architecture to explore and it was built by Raja Raj Singh.

Anup Mahal

Anup Mahal is also known as the administrative headquarters of the kingdom. This palace is a multi-storey building, and the beauty of this palace is enhanced by the wooden ceiling, inlaid mirrors, and Italian tiles in the interior.

Chandra Mahal

When it’s about spacious and brilliant interiors of the room, the Chandra Mahal serves the purpose. This palace is designed lavishly with gold plated deities and some of the famous paintings inlaid with expensive stones.

Ganga Mahal

This palace is famous for its Darbur hall; it houses numerous exhibits of war and weaponry with some World War I airplanes (biplane) on display.

Badal Mahal

This Mahal is an extension of the Anup Mahal, and it represents all the paintings. The art from well-known artists hung on the walls gracefully. You will love to visit this palace if you are a fan of art and paintings.


The Junagadh Fort Museum was established by Maharaja Dr. Karni Singh in the year 1961. This museum exhibits some of the famous pieces of Sanskrit and Persian manuscripts, miniature paintings, royal costumes, jewelry, portraits, headgear, and dresses for idols.  You will also enjoy witnessing the armory from the medieval era. This museum is well kept and reflects some of the royal, artistic and extravagance approach of the royal family.

Travel Tips

Travel light and wear a hat

Visit in the winter season (November to February)

Wear loose clothing, cover your head while visiting the temple

Carry your own water bottle

Wear comfortable shoes as the Junagadh fort is vast

Remember the climate of Bikaner, and pack your stuff accordingly. Har Mandir is a must to visit when you are Junagadh Fort, and there’s no second thought about it. Follow the travel tips, and explore the surrounding locations to know some ancient history and Heritage of Bikaner.