9 Delicious Kerala Street Foods to Try While Travelling

When it comes to Kerala street foods, the choice is incredibly rich. With a variety of cooking styles in non-vegetarian to vegetarian delicacies, Kerala cuisine is touched by the simplest to the most complicated flavors both of which find memorable resonance in your palette. The tastes are one which cannot be forgotten in a hurry and we are sure that once tasted, you will look for restaurants outside Kerala, searching for the same flavors. Here’s a list of the most delicious Kerala street foods to try.

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1. Kerala Porotta and Beef Curry

A mouthwatering offering and a must-try when you are in Thiruvananthapuram. A strict non-veg fare, the delicious flavors of the beef mixed with the thin layered Porotta is an unbeatable combination. You can feel the flavors of the curry and the crispness of the bread with every morsel. This is the most popular dish in the Good Morning Hotel in the city. The shop starts its sale from 06:30 AM and makes 700 pieces of Porotta, but this Kerala Street food can be sold out within an hour. So you have to hurry if you want this for breakfast.

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Price: Rs 80/- a plate
Good Morning Hotel Address: Karamana Bus Stop, Thirumala Road, Karamana Junction, Prem Nagar, Karamana, Trivandrum

2. Sadhya

This is a midday meal and a great favorite among locals and visitors alike. A variety of small helpings on round banana leaves cut out on the plate. This multi-course meal is eaten with rice. A sheer vegetarian delight offering small helping in minuscule containers. The platter contains dal, mango chutney, bitter gourd chutney, papadum, banana gooseberry chips, pineapple chutney and lots more. This thoroughly delightful course is served everywhere in Kerala including the streets. You could try this out at Mother’s Veg Plaza. The healthy Sandhya ends with a sweet version of a rice dessert called Payasam.

Price approximately: Rs. 160/- per meal

3. Fermented Rice Pazhamkanji

The leftover rice is fermented and allowed to get a tangy taste. It is then mixed with curd and mashed cassava, bird’s eye chilies, onions, gooseberry pickles and some more ingredients and given a delightful flavor. You really have to taste it to know what is talking about here. So, the next time you cross through Kilimanoor, stopover at Janardana for Pazhamkanji. Remember this is a breakfast meal and a must to be added to Kerala street food list.

Price: Rs. 65/ piece
Hotel Janardana Address: SH 1, Kuriyodu,

4. Tata Dosa

Though the batter is that of a normal dosa, the shape is completely different from the normal ones. In fact, it is no bigger than an American pancake and looks somewhat similar to that. These dosas are not crispy but fluffy and light. Unlike the normal dosas served with sambhar and chutneys, these are served with watery chutney. Sold in many places, Varkala’s beachside restaurants make it quite different.

5. Puttu

Steam rice delicacy made in cylindrical shapes and is layered with finely grated coconut. It is served in the streets paired with chicken curry. A delectable breakfast meal as popular as idli or dosa. Locals just like to accompany it with a hot cup of strong flavored coffee. It pairs well with fish and prawn curry too.

6. Kerala Seafood

Kerala is known for its extensive seafood spreads and they are sold all around the cities and towns. If you are travelling by road from Alleppey to Thekkady you will come across the New York Toddy Shop that served the most authentic Kerala flavors. Their seafood is extraordinary. While keeping the freshness of the fish and crabs seasoned in the most refined curries, the flavors blend easily inside the mouth. The gravy is infused with delicate spices and the coconut cream gives a light creamy taste to the dishes. Combine these dishes with appam and a special fermented coconut wine that is served with this and you get quite a memorable Kerala street food experience.

Price: Rs 500/- for two with alcohol
New York Toddy Shop Address: Champakulam - Kandamkari Rd, Kuttanad Taluk, Kerala 688503

7. Dosas

Though Dosas are sold all over South India, the ones from a roadside tuk-tuk are quite incredible. You will just have to catch them selling as they move from street to street. So be on the lookout. Their dosas are mixed with eggs and spiced with chilies, onions and grilled. The egg added to the batter makes the taste quite outstanding. It is served with tomato chutney. As there is no fixed place to find them so when you are in any Kerala street, look for this Kerala street food, egg dosa on a tuk-tuk.

Price: Rs. 6/ piece

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8. Milk Shake

The South Indian version of milkshake containing ice-cream and milk with many different flavors make this quite a favorite. Try this at VH Avil Milk and discover flavors like nutty dry fruit. The components include honey, puffed rice, cashews, dried fruits. The special comes with crushed coconut ice, basil seeds, chopped fresh kiwi and coconut ice cream. You can ask for other fresh fruits too.  

Price: Rs. 37
VH Avil Milk Address: Kurukathani - Kottakkal Rd, Choothupara, Kottakkal, Kerala 676503

9. Paal Payasam

During the festive season in Kerala, you will find vendors in pop stalls sitting with this sweet delicacy made from milk, coconut cream and rice. Garnished with dry fruits and flavored with fresh cardamom, this sweet dessert is a favorite with the locals. It is served both hot and cold. If you are in Thiruvananthapuram during Onam, you will be sure to spot this local delicacy in the streets.

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Price: A cup costs just Rs.20

Every destination has its specialty street food and Kerala is marked with its own traditional flavors. There is a large variety to choose from and every corner has something delightful to offer. Tasting the traditional food and street food are the best ways of knowing a region better. Not only can you taste the local flavors but also mingle with the local people which gives you a better idea of the destination. I hope that these Kerala street foods guide would help you to look out for these items even if you cannot make it to these specific street corners. Enjoy your stay and keep healthy.