15 Best Kerala Sweets You Should Never Miss

When people talk about Indian food, they have tons of spices in mind and an extended platter of rotis and rice with greasy curries and more. But what completes these meals? Yes! You guessed it right, the sweet dishes, and when you are in Kerala, you have open ground to try some of the best sweet dishes to sweeten the mood. There are so many Kerala sweets with unforgettable flavors, that you will be kept asking for more.

Let us take you for a ride to the Kerala Dessert land and bring you close to some of the best recipes used and enjoyed by the people for centuries now.

1. Rice Payasam with Jaggery

Rice Payasam already has an amazing taste and when jaggery is added, the taste is enhanced. The recipe isn’t that hard and most people love having this sweet dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They garnish the Payasam with lots of dry fruits, which adds up to the richness.

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2. Coconut Pitha with Mawa

Mawa makes every dish extra tasty, and this Kerala sweet dish is filled with the goodness of mawa. The recipe is prepared with thin sheets of pita filled with the stuffing of mawa and coconut. The delicious stuffing makes this dish a hit.

3. Rava Laddu

When you talk about Kerala Laddus, Rava Laddu is a must. Some tourists consider it as baked energy balls because of its bite-size treats. The dish is prepared with milk, ghee, semolina, dry fruits, coconut and sugar. Imagine all that goodness together!

4. Chatti Pathiri

This sweet dish is a specialty of the Malabar region in Kerala. It is served with thin pancakes and a lot of icing makes it into a layered Lasagna. You won’t regret tasting dish incredible sweet dish.

5. Bamboo Rice Payasam

Bamboo rice is one of the favorite ingredients for making sweet dishes in Kerala. It simply enhances the flavor and gives an intense taste to the dish. After the dish is cooked, the chef mostly garnishes the dishes with roasted nuts.

6. Palada Payasam

The Palada Payasam is another one from the family of rice halwa. This dish is prepared with coconut, rice, milk, and sugar to bring together a simple yet scrumptious taste.

7. Shahi Tukda with Coconut Oil

You might have known this Mughlai dish before, but Kerala sweets have this dish under its most favorite and delicious list. It is served with fried bread or rusk with sweet milk gravy and lots of dry fruits. You must not miss it!

8. Bottle Gourd Payasam

This is another one of the best Kerala halwas - Payasam that you are going to find almost everywhere. You can say that the halwa is the Payasam for them because in the south they hardly make halwa. This dish is prepared with grated bottle gourd and then deep-fried in ghee until it is golden and rich. This dish has a rich and intense taste.

9. Nankhatai with Egg

The nankhatai with egg is made with lots of butter and that is where the secret lies. Also, this Kerala sweet is different from rest of the nankhatai because of the egg enhancing the taste and making it fluffier.

10. Dehrori in Kerala Style

This dish gets a special touch from the locals of Kerala just like every other sweet dish. You will find a special addition of coconut and peanuts in this dish. The complete dish is then garnished with layers of dry fruits, which gives an extremely rich flavor to it.

11. Akkaravadisal in Kerala Style

The dish is also called Akkara Adisil and you are in for a mouth-watering Kerala dessert. The complete dish is garnished with a generous amount of nuts to enhance the flavors; some people even serve it with jaggery and it’s a traditional specialty in the Iyengar community.

12. Milk Rice with Green Gram

The soft and sweet dish is the best dessert you can try at any time in Kerala. This dish is prepared with milk rice and green gram with added sugar and dry fruits to enhance the rich flavour. You will often find the dish to be cut in small cubes with some dry fruits on top. Some even feel, there is no replacement for the dish.

13. Kerala Mawa Kachauri

It might not sound like a sweet dish, but it is basically a form of kachori with sweet stuffing, you can relish the flavor of this sweet dish anywhere in Kerala and each region will give you a different flavor of this Kerala sweet.

14. Balushahi in Kerala Style

This sweet dish of Kerala has a different fan following, and the specialty of this dish are the softness and sweetness. Its taste is simple and yet it will amaze you every single time. The soft texture and the sweetness from the sugar syrup is a brilliant combination.

15. Sohan Halwa in Kerala Style

This sweet dessert is another traditional sweet dish that will keep you asking for more. The sohan halwa is made with grated coconut and coconut milk. You might have tasted sohan halwa, but the Kerala style of sohan halwa is completely different.

We made sure that you get a peek into some of the most amazing sweet dishes of Kerala so that when you are finally in Kerala, you can enjoy the dish. Apart from these selective dishes, we dare you to explore and find out some of your own favorite Kerala sweets to make memories. And when you do find out more about the hidden sweet dishes, let us know about them because we cannot get enough.

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